Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Ms. Annie led us singing In the Presence (of Holy God)

Pastor Ray…

Thank You for Your manifested presence today. Even years ago I can remember being changed in His presence and I’ve never been the same. Forget the religious ways. I am about ready to just lay down here.

Whatever it takes, do it Lord. We need Your presence.

Ms. Annie…

I want to always be a new wine skin. Jesus said they put the new wine in the new wine skin. Every day I want to go and get fresh manna and I so want to make myself a new wine skin. I will never forget the wine from 25 years ago because when the presence of God comes, it’s spiritual substance and it changes the spiritual substance of our spirit’s DNA. We’re never the same. Somehow every day He gave us the ability to have more and more and more… And that’s what we long for.

We just say, “Lord, make me a new wine skin that we may receive more or You.”

Ms. Annie led us singing I Need You More

Pastor Ray…

Thank You. You are with us. Your presence is here. You’re changing us because we know that’s Your plan, Your will. Change us, bring us up. It’s Your presence in us that manifest Your ways and plans. Thank You for Your presence. Hallelujah.

The following was given by Kenneth Hagin in 1997 in St. Louis Christian Center:

Number one: The Holy Ghost meeting is where the Word is taught or preached. That’s the foundation.

Number two: A Holy Ghost meeting is where the Holy Ghost is in demonstration and is leading and guiding and manifesting Himself.

Number three: A Holy Ghost meeting is where the needs of the people are met, and the joy of the Lord is manifested in the people.

Pastor Ray…

When we leave a Holy Ghost meeting it should be with joy.

When we meet for one hour, we don’t just minister to those in the meeting. We send out our supplies and prayers for others. We keep declaring outward but what we sow we reap. If we just yield to Him, His Word, and be led by Him, He will meet the needs of people everywhere. We do that this morning, Father.

We are in this meeting right now; it will never be the same. Wherever you are watching, you see it that way too. Let’s not put any limitation on our prayers – just be led and speak by the Spirit from our hearts, our heartfelt prayer, the blood and we are anointed because He said we are.

We pray out over the earth
You know their names, we plead the blood over them
Critical conditions – 911
No, stop in your maneuvers even before they might have happened
Someone has not been able to shake away from the enemy’s ways
We declare those bondages broken in Jesus’ name
We stand on the Word, the blood of the Lamb, and the name that is above every other name—Jesus
Freedom from those things that have stopped you or resisted what God has called you to
Some things have not shaped up, we say, “Be right! Shape Up in Jesus’ name!”
No limits, boundaries—praying out into all nations
Freedom – the favor of the Lord going before
Open, open, open, a sudden change, a sudden turn
Out, out, outward we cover, we watch, we stay up there on that higher place and watch over
Turning in the right way, the right direction
No more, not any longer! Free!
Busting out of those old ways
Thank You for the touch of Your presence
Revivals breaking out! Thank You, Lord
What was broken shall be restored – shalom, shalom
An alignment in the name of Jesus

Ms. Annie led us singing in tongues

Pastor Ray…

I am just sending this out. It might be to some people that don’t even know someone is praying for them.

Do not quit. Believe what you know to believe.

I, sayeth the Lord, am on the scene and working on your behalf. I am working on your behalf so do not stop and do not quit speaking by faith. And begin to see it materialize in the realm of the natural. And you shall see it and you shall walk in the fullness thereof and it shall completely unfold for you. And you’ll know it’s from Me because there was no way you knew how to do what you were believing to do. Stay strong. Stay steady, and stay fixed.

Thank You, Father. Thank you, Lord.

Ms. Annie led us singing the Spirit

We receive every Word You have spoken, Lord
We believe and we hold fast to Your promises
We won’t let go, we won’t let go – no we will not let go
We will hold onto You, we cling to You, run after You and we believe
We believe in You, Lord, we believe
And by faith we receive, we receive
All things are possible, that’s what we believe

Brother DJ…

When Dwight Thompson ministered at our church years ago, I brought a friend of mine. His name was Darryl, a rough guy. Dwight was teaching how sin starts out with something small, our thoughts, and then how it become bigger and bigger. He asked the congregation if anyone had a pack of cigarettes. Darryl had a pack in his shirt pocket and he was bold enough to raise his hand and go forward.

Dwight said, “Give the pack to me.” He asked Darryl to stand with him until he was done with his illustration. Dwight put a cigarette to his mouth and pretended to smoke. The first time he inhaled, he coughed and coughed. He said, let’s try a second time. There was less coughing. Then he tried a third time and even less coughing. He was getting used to smoking and the sin was getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

So, Darryl is standing there waiting for Dwight to finish. But Dwight turned to him and said, “Hey! You don’t need these cigarettes!” And he threw the package up in the air and all the cigarettes fell on the floor. He came back and sat by me and I said, “I will buy you a new packet after the service.” But during the rest of the service Dwight kept walking over those cigarettes and declaring they were under his feet.

After the service I took him to buy a new pack. But Darryl said, “You know what, I don’t need the cigarettes. I have no desire to smoke.” That was 20 years ago and he has never smoked since.

Oh, Father, we thank You and we praise You. Lord, I thank You that today You are delivering people from cigarettes. Same power that healed and delivered Darryl that day from cigarettes – today is the day you will quit smoking in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Ray…

When you said, “Today is the day, no more cigarettes.” I heard, “Today is the day, no more marijuana.” That’s just what I heard.

Freedom and victory from every bondage that the enemy would hold us down with. Freedom and victory to move out ahead and do what we have been called on to do in Jesus’ name.

I love that picture of walking on those cigarettes. We’re free so there is joy as we exit the building today. Hallelujah.

Thank You for coming and praying with us.

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