Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pastor Ray…

Ms. Annie’s husband, Danny, put a picture out on Facebook of their grandson. He was out by the lake this weekend laying on the dock with his shirt off but right next to him is all this snow. And then there were people out on the lake ice fishing (ha, ha, ha). I was driving through Maple Grove on the weekend and all of the outside restaurants were open. And there were many people eating outside with piles of snow heaped up next to them. That would make a good picture, wouldn’t it? But when the suns out, we got to get out. Right? That has nothing to do with today but today’s a good day too. We are blessed and even if it’s not sunny, we are still blessed.

I wanted to go down through a few things by Reinhart Bonkke. I like his perspective and how he looks at the Word. A lot of his books if you go to the back, he has a list of all the crusades and where they took place. It’s like page after page after page. It’s just awesome.

The following excerpt was taken from Taking Action by Reinhart Bonnke:

What are miracles?

Whatever miracles may be, we must first understand the word miracle itself. The Bible phrase is more correctly “powerful deeds” (energemata dunameon). It is a key word, occurring some one hundred twenty times or so in the New Testament. 1. The Christian faith is all miracle and any representation of it without the power of the Holy Spirit is a corpse.

In many cases we read of “mighty deeds” without any more details. The disciples were never sent out without adequate divine power, not even when Jesus was on earth (Matt. 10:1). Before He left them to ascend to glory, Jesus told them not to leave Jerusalem until they were endued with power (dunamis) from on high (Luke 24:49), which they were (Acts 2:4). From that hour they always went with perfect assurance that they moved in the might of God. Paul said, “I know that when I come to you, I shall come in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ” (Rom. 15:29).

Generally, “mighty deeds” were healings and deliverance. “The multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken by Philip, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. For unclean spirits, crying with a loud voice, came out of many who were possessed; and many who were paralyzed and lame were healed.… [Simon] was amazed, seeing the miracles and signs which were done” (Acts 8:6–7, 13).

Two other Bible words to consider are authority (exousia) and power (dunamis). Christian authority rests on power. The authority of the police, for example, would mean nothing unless backed by all the power of the state. Christ showed that He had the authority (exousia) on earth to forgive sins, but behind it was the power of redemption and His work on the cross, as we sing—“There is power, power, wonderworking power, in the blood of the Lamb.” This we shall see has a very important link with the gift of the working of miracles.

The phrase “the working of miracles” in 1 Corinthians 12:10 is literally the “operations of powers” (energema dunamis). It covers all varieties of signs and wonders, is plural for multiple miracles, and does not specify one particular type of miracle.

In the Old Testament miracles are mainly nature miracles, such as the plagues of Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, the miracles of Elijah and Elisha, and the moving of the sundial shadow in Isaiah. In the New Testament Jesus alone did such things, turning water to wine, feeding thousands with a boy’s luncheon, quelling the threat of the storm, and so on. We are not told that the apostles themselves did any of these things. Healings of the sick and exorcisms were the main signs referred to as “mighty wonders.”

We will dig a bit deeper. The English word miracle seems to convey more to the average person than what the Bible says. Many take “miracle” to mean sheer fairy-tale magic, squaring the circle, or making two plus two equal five—nonsense events. It is from the Latin word miraculum, meaning to wonder at, that we get the English word miracle. It relates more to the magic of mythology than Christianity. Too often English-speaking people think of a miracle as that kind of thing, putting the Bible on the same level as mythology.

Whatever God has done in creation or may do in His sovereign omnipotence, the promise of the baptism with the Spirit does not copy myths, but what Scripture portrays. H. G. Wells’s famous story “The Man Who Could Work Miracles” describes how he first made a candle float upside down, and the flame burn downward, and then went on to destroy the earth with his “faith.” Christianity has nothing in common with fairy-tale fantasy. Everything that Christ did and everything that the gifts enable us to do are all in line with divine and moral purpose, reflecting God’s wisdom.

There were “signs and wonders” produced by the “working of powers,” prodigies beyond human ability expressed in Romans 15:19 as “mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God.”

Pastor Ray…

I want us to be way, way up on what it is that we are expecting to come to pass. Pastor Mac brought it up on the weekend in one of the points. He brought up the point of watching over what it is that we really agree with. You know when we are agreeing with someone, they will say “will you agree with me?” Or sometimes I’ll just say that “I’ll agree with you for ‘such and such’” His point was to agree with God’s plan and God’s will; not some other deal. And so, it just alerted me to be more watchful over what I really, truly agree with. So that when we agree as touching something, it will come to pass. This might not be the right way to say it, but I don’t ever want to waste my agreement and make it seem like the Word doesn’t work. Anyway, that’s our spiritual hors d’oeuvre for today (ha, ha, ha).

The fact that we are here in the chapel is a miracle. The fact that we are all here in the chapel, that is a miracle. For me that is a sign and a wonder (ha, ha, ha). Because I know who I am and I know where I was before Him, before I came in line with Him, with His Word, with His life, with His mercy, with the covering of the blood, with the wholeness of His power and strength operating in me and with the authority that we’ve been given to do what He has called us to do using the authority. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie shared…

The power of God is not the magic of the world, which is deception.

Pastor Ray…

I mean there is no power in the crystals in our chandeliers. People look to so many different things.

I have never forgotten this, in my remembrance, my father had a St. Christopher little plaque and he stuck it on the inside of our car door. I am riding with him and there were no seat belts, there were no blinkers. If you were going to turn, you would stick your arm out of the car. So, he is driving and we are in the country. I am sitting on a wood box in the front seat so I could see. He pulls out at this corner and a car comes over the hill and smashes right into St. Christopher and the door flies open and throws me out in the ditch. My father took the brunt of the crash. He made it through but I think the car was totaled. But he still got St. Christopher out of there and it’s all hammered and smashed up.

I am just saying that there are so many times that we have looked to other things other than the Word. We have to keep our focus on Him and what He said about us and not be in fear about what the future will bring because we know He has our plan. And daily like we do here, we come in, we yield to the Father, we yield to the power of the Holy Spirit. And just yielding brings about change in us that we don’t even know we need. A lot of the times it’s something we are changed by Him but we didn’t even know that we needed to be changed and we didn’t even know what the change was. We didn’t even know that we were changed maybe until later.


I am just so thankful for the authority and for the power and for the presence of the Holy Spirit
You are so welcome in this place
You know what we need more than we know what we need
But You are always faithful, always good, so good, so worthy, so awesome
Holy Spirit, Living God, fall fresh on us again today
We need more, we are open for more, we are yielded for more, we expect more
More of You in our lives, less of us, more of You – hallelujah

Ms. Annie…

I just want to say that what I kept hearing over and over this morning in my spirit was “inside out.” That we are “inside out” people and the world is outside in. They think by having magical… the things of God are not magical like what you were saying. It’s not something on the outside that is going to bring a miracle. They come from the forces of God that are inside and work out. And the world is so deceptive but the forces of God are by His Word and by His Spirit. Hallelujah.

Our healing, everything we need, it comes from yielding to Him inside not from reaching from something on the outside. Amen, amen. That’s why I kept shouting when you said that!

Ms. Annie led us singing I am Changed In the Presence of a Holy God

Ms. Jeani prayed…

He made it so simple, the more of Him, the more we look at Him, the more we behold Him, spend time with Him, the less of us there is
The more we draw near to Him, He rushes in, He crashes in on anything that would hinder us, He just crashes in
He just waits, He eagerly waits to be invited in
So, this morning we keep our eyes on Him
You know it says in the Song of Solomon that just a glance toward Him, makes His heart melt for us
All we do is just glance toward Him, that’s all it takes, He is in love with us
Father, we are so thankful that we can love you because You first loved us
And in Your loving us, we are able to love You – even in Your love for us, we love You
We rely on, lean on, and lean into You this morning
Thank You for the freedom to be completely dependent on the One that is love
The massive goodness of God Who lives in us, Who does everything with us
We are just so thankful for the effortless rhythms of grace, or Your goodness, Your kindness, Your joy, Your strength
Even change, really just requires that we look to You – that’s it, that’s it, that’s it
That’s all it is
So, even today, Holy Spirit, we thank you that you reveal to us the simplicity and the power of Your love for us
The only thing we ever strive for is to enter into rest
And so we do, we enter in and rest in You

Brother Mike…

As Pastor Ray was talking, the Lord kind of showed me something. And as Ms. Annie was sharing, He showed it to me again. Where I was reminded of the scripture “that some trust in horses and chariots but we trust in the name of the Lord.” And there were two things that stuck out to me in that. One, the world looks for something outside but we trust in His name. But the thing is, the other part is that we all are looking to trust in something. You know the world is seeking and looking to, you know like Pastor Ray was saying, crystals or symbols or things like that. They can be reminders but they are not what the actual truth is. In that, the world is hungry to trust in Him because from the beginning of the world He loved us. I was reminded that John 3:16 doesn’t say “for God so loved the Christians that He sent His Son.” No, “God so loved the world.”

Thank God He put that desire in each and every one of us. But as we learn to really trust in Him, the world will see that they can trust in Him, they can see what real trust is. Even looking through the Old Testament there were so many times when whoever the king was and he would be trusting in different idols and things like that. Then the prophet or the man of God would trust in the Holy God and our God would come through and the king would be “Wow, He is God.” Now they kept going back to their gods but they still recognized the power of the GOD.

And so, I just pray over the Church now that we could really see the power of God’s love in our lives. But that we can be able to speak that into other people’s lives, not in the sense of “Well, you are so lost that you need God.” No, you need to see how much God loves me and I can love you then in that way; that His love really permeates everything, that we trust in His name because it is truth.

Pastor Ray…

In this time right here I just had this sense from the Holy Spirit, just a kind of a knowing that there is a perfect way for each one of us to walk, there are perfect plans, but when we miss it, that by His Spirit, He’s prepared other ways for us to come through. It’s not over, He’s not watching in such a way “Oh, they missed it, too bad.” But His love for us has made ways. It’s almost like this, there is more than one door, there is more than one way. We believe to do the best way, to follow Him in the best way and do what He has called us to do but where we miss a door or miss an opportunity, He’ll work it so that there is still a way. Even if we needed to step back or come back in from the wrong step, He’ll make a way. He is the way maker for each one of us.

Thank You that there is always Holy Spirit’s way, there is always a way
You made a way for us today, You made ways for us tomorrow
You have made ways for our nation to walk in Your ways, walk in Your plans
You made ways where as a nation we have missed it there is still a way

Continued praying…

Heavenly Father, we lift up our country, our president
Lift up this connection between President Macaron in France and the United States and our president
There is some connection that has maybe not been so strong before
But there is a connection for these days that we are living in
We hold these meetings this week, all of these connections to the nation of France and the US
We take none of it casually; it’s not whatever, its God’s will and God’s plan and His steps for our nation to take
Where we as a nation we have missed it, there is still a way
Heavenly Father, we lift up our country, our President, this connection between President Macaron in France and the United States, our President
Moving out through some new areas or arenas or different steps maybe then we have taken before
By the blood of the Lamb, we have overcome as a nation – we are one nation under God
We thank You, Lord, for those that came first, those that planted the crops in the ground of America
Those that came for religious freedom
We declare this morning, it will not be taken away – freedom is America’s way, God’s plan
Hallelujah, thank You, Father
That’s why there are different keys, different doors, different opportunities but God has lined them up, lined us up and by the power of the Holy Spirit we see things and know things that we need to see and we need to know
We believe that for our leaders, for our President, for our Vice President, for the positions of authority

I just have such a sense that there are so many answers, that we can’t miss it
When we miss it, we still can’t miss it
Because there are so many answers, there is an answer for everything
There is a change for everything, there are turns

Ms. Jeani…

The furtherance of the Church where the impossible is literally impossible
Further and further and further, the former and the latter, the best is not only yet to come, it is here
Walk in it, operate in it, go up, go up, stay up and go up further
Further, further, far and above, far and above you would ever dare ask or think
The Father says “I dare you to ask! I dare you to think!”
Far and above, further, further, further – that you can only ask for in the Spirit
So now receive from Me the grace to not be surprised by My goodness
By the suddenlies, the sudden recompense of the Lord of Hosts, the Most High
Further than you have ever gone today, today, right now – not out there in the future
Today is the day that I made! Will you rejoice? Will you be glad in it?
We say “Yes!” We say “Yes!”
Yes, we rejoice! Yes, we are glad – we are glad today!
We thank God for the connection with President Trump in France, thank God for the massive unity with President Trump with France
We thank God for France! We thank God for the church in France!
We thank God that You love France! You love the church in France!
And the love of God that never fails covers the church in France! The love of God that never fails penetrates the church in France, penetrates her purse, her purse is overflowing, her purse buys all that is needed and more to prosper in France, the church prospers in France, prospers, prosperous, blessed, blessed, blessed – today!
We tell those properties to open up today
We tell it to be easy, we say to that property “You are already done! You are already finished! Show up! Show up!”
We thank You, Father, for that, that Your perfect will and plan which is far and above all we would ever dare ask or think for the church in France is massive and it is crashing in on France
The love of God, the blessing of the Lord that makes the church in France rich without any sorrow
We call you rich! We call you strong! We call you a fortified city!
We call you the fortified city on the hill – church in France!
The church in France, you shine with signs and wonders
I see the people of France running into the church! And we see it today
We see it now, not tomorrow, not next week, but right now
Father, we lift up right now Pastor Marie and all of her staff
We call her strengthened, we call her vision renewed, we call her bolder
We call the boldness of her, the bold joy in her, joy unspeakable, healing coming from her hands
Father, You said that all the she does prospers! That You bless the work of her hands!
And so based on that, we call the work of her hands BLESSED!
Overflowing, ongoing, commanded blessing of the Lord!
And the world notices, it is so massive the world can’t help but notice
It is the Cleopatra coming into Song of Solomans sphere of influence and getting on her knees because she is so amazed at the wealth
Father, we thank You right now that the blessing that overflows Pastor Marie and her church right now
The think that You have called her to, Daddy, it causes France to come to her knees and to receive Your goodness
The blessing without sorrow
Father, even right now the rich in France, they have riches but it has sorrow to it
Father, I thank You right now, that Pastor Marie and her church, they demonstrate the blessing that makes you rich without sorrow
It is what France is crying out for
We thank You for that right now, we thank You for it today
Today, today, today, today, today
Holy Spirit, You wash over that place, You’re not just making a way – the way has been made
We praise You and we thank You that You have already made the way
That You cause man to move on Your behalf and on Marie’s behalf today
You say “Yes and Amen” So that the people that must reap get in the right place
I see men that have opposed her saying “Yes!”
I see men that have opposed her saying “What more can we do for you?”

Prayer for the PULSE Event May 18

Thank You, Father, for Your breath, for You breathing on our cities Lord
For the uniting of our churches Father, for Your plans for this time and season
We lift up the unity of the body of Christ here in our state
Thank You, Lord, that You are blowing on the Churches, that Your Spirit is causing us to come together
And we are lifting up May 18 as an appointed day!
Moving over us, Father! By Your Spirit!
Your churches coming together in one accord
To make a sound! Let us symphonize to bring a sound of change to our region, our state
Thank You for the unity of the churches – Your body, Father!
All the numbers, all those that are called to come – thank You for moving on them
Moving on them now, Lord! Oh, stir up that expectation!
That we would be Your Church! The ones that are called according to Your purpose!
Known for our love and unity with each other
One voice, not a body divided but a body UNITED – here in Minnesota!
We are thanking You, Lord, for that SOUND going out NOW!
That aligns the hearts and minds in ONE ACCORD! Our eyes are on You, Jesus!
We are coming together, Father, under Your Spirit of love and unity
Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Father!
More! More! More – we are thanking You!
More being added to Your body because of the sound that is going forth!
Coming together to lift You up in the name of Jesus! Jesus being declared in and through our cities!
And we thank You, Father, for all the signs and the wonders that shall follow the declaration going forth through Your united body
For this purpose! On May 18 to make a sound!
A sound of liberty! A sound of liberty!
A sound that would cause those who don’t even care, that aren’t even paying attention to be alerted and know that they have a need!
That the hunger would be stirred up in them for what they were created for and that’s the love of the Father!
So I decree today, Father, that the PULSE UNITED event is FRIUTFUL!
And it brings the change that needs to be brought forth!
Because we are making that SOUND!
By decree! By decree! We decree it in the name of Jesus!
That Your glory, Father, would not just be manifested but it would be recognized
Alert these cities! Alert this state! Ooooohhhhh!
Oh, let the God Who answers by fire be God!
We thank You, Lord, for Your Fire falling on Minnesota!
Burning off all that would obscure the knowledge of You!
You are the only true God, the only true One Father
The One that we are hungering after!!
That the God that answers by fire be seen, thank You, Lord!
By decree! We decree this thing!
Oh, fall on their face and declare “Oh, God, You are the God of Minnesota in the name of Jesus!”
And there will be rejoicing in the streets! We declare “Rejoicing in the streets!”
Yes, salvation is ringing! Healing and wholeness and restoration!
In our streets which are streets to dwell in, hallelujah!
We thank You, Lord, that they are all repaired! Our streets are repaired in the name of Jesus!
Glory! Glory! Glory!
We break the back of fear in our cities the name of Jesus!
And we release everyone into the Love of the Father
No spirit of fear but soundness of mind! Thank You Lord
Power, love, and a soundness of mind!
Thank You, Jesus, hallelujah

Ms. Annie led us singing See His Glory

Pastor Ray…

We see it, we expect it, we expect to see more of it
We expect to see it in the stadium, outside the stadium, and in our cities
We are expecting the glory, a move of Your precious Holy Spirit
We can say “Revival is breaking out” but the Church would be awakened in our cities
And that we’d be different, we’d be changed, these cities would never be the same again
Adjustments would be made and changes would come more toward Your will and Your way for our cities
These cities, Minneapolis and St Paul
In advance, we thank You so much for it, Lord
For what will take place, for all of the people that will come
Come one way but leave in another way – changed by Your precious glory
We thank You for it and give You glory and honor and praise and thanksgiving
For this is the day that You have made and we will continually rejoice
And we are glad, we are happy, and we are thankful in Jesus’ name, Amen
Thank you…

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