Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Pastor Ken…

Welcome everyone.

This morning, I want to read a something and then get into a prayer flow today. I wanted to add some things to what I was talking about yesterday. I don’t know if I said this or not, but prayerlessness creates vacancy in our lives. Which then in turn becomes an opportunity for the enemy. Prayerlessness creates vacancy, emptiness, if you will. And, therefore, opportunity for the enemy to create issues and challenges in our lives. But conversely, prayerfulness fills us with something of heaven in our lives. Somebody also once said that prayerlessness creates need or lack. Ever thought about that? That maybe we are the reason why there’s lack or need in our lives.

“How and why do you say that, Ken?”

Well, as I said yesterday, one of our great purposes, or God’s intention, for us is that we would be here on the earth at this time to ask, to seek, to knock. Because the Lord works in conjunction, or in concert, or He collaborates with us to enter the earth. So wherever you go today, I don’t care if it’s the gas station, something from heaven is on you and you’re going there with that. There’s a presence on you. There’s an authority with you. Just the fact that you have the right to the use of the name of Jesus is very profound and spiritual and powerful.

So where you go, you’re on assignment. Where you go, God is invading that space at that place and that situation. Don’t underestimate your divine calling. Don’t underestimate your impact and the significance of your prayers, your presence. Just whispering the name of Jesus in a situation that perhaps is chaotic can bring hope and peace and send the enemy packing, running in all directions. I mean, after all, that’s what Jesus came to do, right? To overcome darkness and evil with good. And He does that through us. He’s put good in you and He’s put good in me.

And so prayerlessness creates need, it creates lack. We go without. Others go without. The world goes without when we are prayerless… when we are living selfish. In other words, just for our own need and our own agenda.

The last time I checked, my Bible is still emphatically teaches us that we’re called to lay down our lives, because One so long ago laid down His life for us, that we would lay down our lives for Him in turn. I know the world teaches something different that you need to look out for “number one.” You need to focus on your own deal. You need to take care of yourself. But the kingdom principle is converse to that. It says you’re to lay down your life. You’re to forgive. You’re to be generous and not hoard up.

And the truth of the matter is the secret to abundance and a fulfilled life is in surrender. It’s in that connection with our Heavenly Father where we are focused on and attentive to our Father’s agenda. His business is to seek and to save that which is lost, which is to see the world turn to Him. Not because He wants to be God, but because He died for them and He loves them.

And so prayerlessness creates need or lack. Jesus in numerous places said (John 16:23, 24) “And in that day you will ask me nothing, most assuredly I say to you, whatever you ask the Father…” Remember prayer in this day, in this time is directed to the Father in the name of Jesus. Whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give it to you. Until now, you’ve asked nothing in My name.” In other words, Jesus is kind of inaugurating a whole new time and the season in how things are to happen. He said until now you’ve asked nothing in My name. Ask and you will receive that your joy may be full.

Mark 11:24 says “Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them.” And so this is our assignment, whether it’s something on a small scale in your life currently or large scale like we prayed for Israel yesterday or the nations or the end times. God is pouring Himself through His people now more than ever before. And He’s looking for people who will turn their hearts toward Him so that He can show Himself strong on their behalf and on behalf of the Church and pour Himself through them.

Something else I wanted to share as a point of reflection before we pray. It’s from a book, which I’m sure is not in print anymore. It’s called “In His Presence” by E.W. Kenyon. I wanted to read a few excerpts here, just to cause us to reflect, to impart the spirit of prayer, to impart spiritual principles. And E.W. Kenyan is talking about wanting to broaden our scope and go deeper in our understanding when it comes to prayer and our walk with God and what our role is in prayer in this life.

“In His Presence” by E.W. Kenyon

You see, prayer has several elements. It brings you into personal fellowship and touch with the Father and with the Holy Spirit and with Jesus. All three of the Godhead are brought into your prayer life. You are praying to the Father. You are praying in the name of Jesus. You are praying through the Holy Spirit. Your prayer is based upon the Word. It brings this earth heart of ours into contact with the heavenly center of all divine power and activity. You can’t spend any length of time in prayer without being affected by it. The quietness, the unshaken faith, the deep unsounded peace that pervades the Godhead will flow into the pray-er’s life. Said an anxious and nervous mother, “You have to forgive me, my children, but I forgot to visit the Master this morning. And so I lack His quietness and His strength.” Many of us can make that confession that our irritability, our weakness, our lack of insight comes from not sitting in the presence of the Master. One cannot spend an hour in conscious communion with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and the Word without carrying away from that trysting place the fragrance that fills the atmosphere. That fragrance that fills the atmosphere.

Pastor Ken interjected…

So if you smell the beautiful fragrance, that’s the presence of God. That’s the angelic. Maybe online or if you’re in your home or in your car, you might be smelling that. We’ve been smelling that here in the chapel.

Quote continued…

There is a heavenly fragrance about Jesus that lingers with the prayers. They are slow to speak. They’re slow to judge. They are quick to love and quick to help. There is a holy calmness about their lives that challenges the restless ones. They crave the quietness of the Spirit. Again, we can spend time without partaking of their stability and their unshakableness. One who is easily disturbed and who is in the jolts of life is unseated will find new strength and steadiness that will make him or make her a blessing to the world by spending just a little time with the Rock of our strength. You see a few moments with Him tunes us up, fills the battery, adjusts the carburetor, and makes it easy for us to face life’s uneven conditions. It gives us poise and holy dignity in our contacts. Faith makes us an intelligent victor. Faith makes mountains and difficulties take their true position. You can’t sit with God of all faith and all love for one half hour each day without unconsciously breathing in the faith of God.

What would it mean to you if Jesus should come into your home, as He came into the home of Martha and Mary? You would take time to visit with Him. “Jesus answered and said unto him, if a man love me, he will keep my word and my Father will love him. And we will come unto him and make our abode with him.” (John 14:23) If you love Him, invite Him into your home and then get acquainted with Him. Learn to talk things over with Him. Remember He loves you and is interested in all your problems. He will make His Word answer every question. He will make Himself real in your life and home. You see, we are opening channels for His grace to reach the human race. We are God’s under engineers. We are building roads for others to walk upon. Why? Because of prayer. Because of our faith walk.

Our faith life has joined with God’s faith life, and we have become His tilled land. His fellow workers. We are the branches that are bearing the real fruit from the real vine. We are opening channels through which He can pour Himself out on man or on woman. Our ministry is not a failure. We are winning. Our union with Him is beckoning other men and women to dare come in union with Him too. They see failures transfigured into successes. They see men who have been held for years, absolute slaves to narcotics and drink, set free to walk in the fullness of their liberty in Christ. And these in bondage reach their hands out for help. And our Father grasps them and lifts them up and onto solid rock. Of course, that is Jesus. And that is the Word. Come on, you pray-ers. Join this mighty group of intercessors who are making the desert places blossom like a rose.

When we pray, we’re pouring forth water, spiritually speaking, onto dry ground. So that even in the desert places of your life and my life in this world, and wherever we go, you’re giving it an opportunity to bloom with the purposes of God. Come on you men and women who have never made prayer a business. Make your investment of time. Learn the art. Yes, the secret of this greatest business of the age, throw yourself open, let Him pour Himself through you until your home and your business and your associates will feel the throb of His ministry, His life. And the lift of His love. Let me state it with all the simplicity possible that you can’t have prayers answered without having miracles performed.

If you deny that miracles are for this age, you deny the need and the privilege and the benefits of prayer. You see the two-fold value of prayer lies first in sitting in His presence or in direct fellowship with the Father. The second benefit is the answer that comes to us. John says, if we ask anything according to His will, we know that He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, we know that we have the petitions which we have asked.”

Pastor Ken prayed…

Lord, we pray that you would just fill us today. We don’t want to be vacant. We don’t want to be empty. We want to be filled with heaven.

We ask that you would pour forth grace into our families.

Lord, we stand with our brothers and sisters online and we declare unity over their churches in England, over their church community in Australia, in California, in Russia, in Pakistan, in India.

We declare unity over our families and over our households.

We pray for a river of restoration and healing, a river of renewal in the hearts and lives of people that comes directly from you in Jesus name.

We pray for a great gathering now, that you would gather us together.

Starting in your house that you would gather the Church together.

We’re not willing to sit idly by and see the enemy and his trickery and his deception and his strategy through new age and secular humanism and pop culture and doctrines of devils and newfangled witchcraft siphon off and detour and cause believers to stumble and fall away.

We lift up those who are disenfranchised, those who have been disconnected, those who fallen away.

We command the enemy to loose them and let them go.  You cannot have them, Devil, loose them and let them go.

We pray for them to wake up.

We make a way for them to come back… we make a bridge… we build a pathway… we build a roadway for them to come back… come back to Father’s house. Come back to relationship with the Father.

We pray for your Spirit, Lord, to minister to them that your love would surround them today. Some of them were even pastors and leaders. 

We pour forth supernatural water on the dry ground of those people’s lives in their hearts.

Peg led group in worship…

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