Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ms. Mary led us singing WayMaker

Ms. Barb…

He is working. He is continually working. His angels are working. Glory to God He never stops, He never ceases! Working in this Church, working in this body, in these people, in this earth. We magnify You! You are holy! You are good! You are faithful! You never stop! You never stop! You never stop! And You are never going to stop! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!

Your blessings, they never stop coming! Glory to God! Worship Him! Worship Him! He is worthy of our praise! Oh we worship You. We worship You.

Ms. Mary…

♪ So hold on fast to His Word of Truth and you will see the victory! Stand tall! Stand firm! Hold fast to His Word and you will see the victory! See it. See it. See it. It’s a beautiful thing filled with all His goodness, such grace to walk it out, such grace for each day, stand up and you are free. ♪

Pastor Ray…

So when we sang those words, “You never stop working even when we can’t feel it and we can’t hear it.” We have Your Word, Lord, written in the Book and we have Your Word spoken through prophets over years and years and years. You Word is working—meaning You are working. Hallelujah.

So, if You’re working, why would we stop? If You don’t stop, why would we pull over to the side? Why would we look back? Why would we sit back? But rise up, stand up, keep working, keep speaking, keep believing, and see the receiving, the receiving, the RECEIVING which continually will bring forth victory. If we stop too early, we miss the final phase. But we will not stop.

We declare the way Your Word declares it, speaks it to us. You’ve not stopped so we rest in You, Lord. We take our rest in You knowing that You will do exactly what You said You would do! Hallelujah!

That situation is right at the door, it’s right at the doorway for victory. That situation has run its course. It is over, saith the Lord! It’s done. It’s finished!

See it, seize it, receive it, and walk in the victory of it for He is working.

Ms. Mary led us singing Waymaker

So, He is working. We can’t always see it but He is working.

Pastor Ray…

When you sang “even when we can’t see it or feel it” that’s not saying that we  won’t sense it or know it or even feel it. But in case we’re not, we know He is still working. That’s how I see that. It’s not saying that you’re never going to sense it or you’re not going to know it. We do. We will.

I had this about vision. Have you ever laid down to go to sleep and some words just go flashing by? Brother Hagin declared some things about vision, spiritual vision…

But it could be… there would be natural eyes here or out over the intranet this morning that need to be healed. What did Ms. Barb declare right at the beginning? He is the Waymaker healing bodies, eyes, natural eyes restored, cleared up in Jesus’ name.

The following prophecy came by Kenneth E. Hagin at a Holy Ghost meeting in 1994:

A spirit of Knowing … a spirit of knowing. Which, of course, is the Holy Ghost, will come into manifestation in a greater measure. It was by the Spirit that Peter knew. Ananias and Sapphira had lied against the Holy Ghost, judgment fell upon them. A spirit of knowing will be in manifestation in the church in these last days in a greater measure than any of you have ever seen it before. A spirit of knowing. Hallelujah.

You know, we are singing even when we don’t hear it or don’t see it. But here he is saying we will. We will know some things. We will see some things.

A spirit of seeing. Where the prophet in the Old Testament was called a seer because he would see and know things supernaturally.

We believe for it right here, right now, a spirit of seeing (tongues). So we’ll focus, focus our attention on what we do know and we’ll focus our attention on what we do see. We know who You are. We know what You’ve done. We know what You are doing, what You’ve said in Your Word and we know that it’s true. We see things that others don’t see. We know things that others do not even know, have never had a sense of it, did not know, and did not see but we see. For the Spirit of God is living within each one of us and we will see what we need to see. We’ll see it. And when we see it, there is nothing, no man can stop us, situations, bumps in the road… We see it with the vision of our spirit and we’ll stay steadfast and as this Word says “in these last days.”

A spirit of seeing. Where the prophet in the Old Testament was called a seer because he would see and know things supernaturally. A spirit of seeing will be in manifestation in the church in these last days in a greater measure than you have seen here-to-fore. You’ll enter first of all into the knowing and then proceed into seeing.

First, we will know some things and then we will proceed into the seeing.

The days are upon us. For the last days are here and the work of God must be accomplished. The plan of God must be carried out. The truth of God must be made known. Hallelujah.

Last night, Pastors Kevin and Susan Fletcher where here in the service. They were the first people hired at Living Word so they have been around the block. They’re now in England pastoring a church and have a real heart for Europe. They are planting more churches in London and are over a couple Bible schools in England. And so one thing that just really stood out to me. The lady who has been doing Susan’s nails, her mother was Catholic and her father was Muslim. After going to her for a while, this lady asked Susan, “Why are you here and what were you doing before you came?” And she said “We were pastors in the States.” And then she said “Excuse me?” and Susan repeated “Yes, we were pastors.” Her reply was “What’s a pastor?”

What? You know we are so surrounded by men and women of God that we definitely know what is a pastor. But this lady had no clue.

They stated this and I know that it’s true. It’s true in France. It’s true all over Europe but in France there are only 2% that are actually saved. In Europe it’s the same way. Susan said the people will say, “Well, we have done that. We have our big beautiful churches, edifices but we’ve moved on from that.” But, basically, they haven’t moved on. They have moved down and they have moved away from the things of God.

They said the average church size, I can’t remember if it’s for London or over England, but the average size is 15 people, even in having all those huge churches. but a lot of them have just been turned into historic buildings where people tour through and take pictures.

So, there’s work that is to be done and they are out on the field doing the work. Really, they are missionaries. I don’t know if they would say they are missionaries but they are missionaries into Europe. And their whole plan is to plant more and more and more churches in the London area. The one church that they have is in the center part of London but it takes people so long to get there they can’t have a midweek service. Some people it takes them an hour and half just to get from one side to over to where they are.

The gist of it all is, they’re raising up people in the schools and sending them out, sending them forth. It just reminded me that the last days are upon us. They are here and the work of God must be accomplished and the plan of God must be carried out and the truth of God must be made known. Hallelujah.

And it shall be. It shall be. It shall come to pass. That which your heart has hungered for. That for which some of you have earnestly sought. It shall come to pass. Right on the verge. Yes, we’re in it, in a measure. But we’re right on the verge of an outbreak of the Spirit and power of God.

Do we believe that? That we are on the verge, the edge of it?

There are some things that have absolutely changed, they are changing. And so for us, we are singing about the “Waymaker.” We’re declaring it. He’s making a way. He’s also making a way through us, His Word, the presence of the Holy Spirit. You know we are written epistles. People are reading us.

Yes, we are in it in a measure but we are right on the verge of an outbreak of the Spirit and power of God. Of an outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Not seen by this generation. Right on the verge. And it shall surely come to pass. Say it with voice and heart. Say it with voice and heart. That is with your voice and let your heart agree with it. Say it, “It shall come to pass. It shall come to pass. It shall come to pass at last! No man can keep it from coming. No powers of hell, evil spirits of the Devil can gain-say-it. It shall come to pass. Hallelujah!” Now put your hands up and thank him for it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you . . .

We want more, we are hungering for more, yielding for more. So, we want Jesus to be Jesus through us.

Ms. Annie led us singing Jesus, Be Jesus in Me

Pastor Ray…

Let’s lift up our voices, pray in the Spirit, and believe to hear from heaven, speak words maybe that uncover some mysteries, reveal some things, show us some steps. I don’t want to put a limitation on it but praying in the Spirit, being in one accord, just lifting up our voices. You have to go with me, we will go together (tongues).

Bending the Church, open, open, opening up, that’s the approach, eminent, suddenly (tongues).

I keep hearing over and over and over, “broken, broken, broken. But it’s not broken. It’s not broken. It has been restored already. It is not broken. It has been made whole. It’s already repaired. It’s already restored. And it has been made whole (tongues).”

Better, better, better, even better and better and better and better – restored.

Ms. Mary began to sing in other tongues

That’s good. Thank You. That’s Your presence. That’s the touch. That’s the sense. That’s the knowing. That’s the seeing.

Staying in the place, the place of abiding, abiding, staying in the cleft of the rock. So strong, so strong in the abiding place, strong in the power of His might, strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it, the way, the way.

Hear the sound, hear the sound, hear the sound, awake, awake, awake, awake, awake, hear that sound, the time is now, the time is now, respond, respond, it’s now, stepping in, stepping in.

Oh, step on in to the plan, God’s plan, God’s plan, oooohh, oooohh, oooohh, we take our place, run our race, pick up the pace (ha, ha, ha). Oooooohh!

Time, time, it’s time, into the river we flow, into the river we go! Woooo!

Ms. Barb…

It’s a mandate. It’s a mandate that we walk in that place. It’s a mandate that we move in the Spirit in the way He wants us to move. It’s a mandate. Yield, yield to Him. It’s time. It’s time to be who He has called you to be. It’s time to walk in the plan the way He’s called you to walk in it. It’s time to walk in His power. It’s time to speak as His voice. It’s time to take your place in this earth, that place He’s appointed you to. It’s your destiny. It’s your destiny.

Don’t be tossed to and fro anymore. Make a decision today. I choose to walk in it. I accept it as my calling. I accept it as my purpose. I receive it today, the fullness of that mantle, of that mandate in the name of Jesus. And the blessing, and the blessing will flow and the blessing will flow as you step out and go in Him. As you go in Him, the blessing will flow. You’ve been looking for it. You’ve been looking for it. Where is it? I don’t see it, Lord. He said “As you go. As you go, the blessing will flow.” (ha, ha, ha)

Yes, you’ve been waiting and you’ve been waiting (ha, ha, ha). Don’t wait any longer. Today is the day to make a decision for Him. Hallelujah. Oooo Yah, and the grace, His grace will be upon you to walk and run (ha, ha, ha) to finish the course, to end the race in victory. His grace, His grace, remember He is working, He’s working for you, He’s working for you, He’s working for you. He will cause you to walk in victory. He will cause you to walk in rest and peace. He will cause His grace to come upon you as you step into that place today in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah. Right before you gave that Barb, I saw this. I actually saw a picture of it. I don’t know who it was or how many but it was like “Who, me?” He tapped you on the shoulder this day and the word that Barb just gave was a word from heaven to encourage you to say “Oh, me? Yes, Lord, to Your will, to Your way, to Your purpose, to Your plan. It’s not me anyway. It’s not my power and my strength but it’s Your power and Your strength!”

So take that step. It’s easy, saith the Lord. It’s not a mind step. It’s a heart step. We’ve been tapped on the shoulder and we say “yes.”

The end is near and the time is moving more quickly. Why wait? Now is the time, right now to take our place, to run the race. Did you hear that? Run the race. Lift up the pace. Keep it up, keep moving. He is working and He is working through us. Hallelujah.

So much, so much, much more, so many more are coming in. Many are coming out of that darkness, that we sang about this morning, out of the darkness and into the light, souls, souls coming in. We believe it. We’ll keep up our pace, run the race, say “yes” all the way through, and see the lost come to You, Lord.

We thank You for it so much this morning. Thank You for Your presence on us and working through us. Thank You for the power that is in the blood of Jesus. We have overcome because of what was done on the Cross. We thank You for the blood, see it over this day and we’ll walk in Your ways in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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