Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, December 8, 2022

Pastor Susan…

 Good morning, everybody. Welcome people that are joining us from online. We’re glad you’re here.

Psalm 63…

I have a scripture that I want us to start out with. I love Psalm 63 and I’m going to read from the Amplified Classic. It says, “Oh God, you are my God. Earnestly will I seek you. My inner self thirsts for you and my flesh longs and is faint for you in a dry and weary land where no water is. So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary to see your power and your glory because your loving kindness is better than life. My lips shall praise you, so will I bless you while I live. I will lift up my hands in your name. My whole being shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness. And my mouth shall praise you with joyful lips. When I remember you upon my bed and meditate on you in the night watches for you have been my help. And in the shadow of your wings will I rejoice. My whole being follows hard after you and clings closely to you. Your right hand upholds me. But those who seek and demand my life to ruin and destroy it shall themselves be destroyed and go into the lower parts of the earth into the underworld of the dead. They shall be given over to the power of the sword, and they shall be a prey for foxes and jackals. But the king shall rejoice in God. Everyone who swears by him that is who binds himself by God’s authority acknowledging his supremacy and devoting himself to his glory and service alone. Every such one shall glory for the mouths of those who speak lies shall be stopped.”

Anyway, it’s just a good reminder “earnestly to seek the Lord,” right?  As we go into prayer today, I think it’s just good to be mindful of the goodness of the Lord, right? Just how good He is, how faithful He is. And so we’re going to start out just with that. I think there’s something in my heart that is just crying out for the fullness of what God has promised in this time, right? His people forsaking all other things.

Pastor Jim was talking about idolatry over the weekend when he was ministering. And I think it’s just the cry of our hearts that we would see God’s people lay aside idolatry. And people don’t always think of things that maybe they’re engaged in as idolatry, but things that we put above the Lord, because that’s really what that is, isn’t it? And that we would just come to Him with our whole hearts and just love Him and to know Him and just to be devoted, right?


Father, we worship you this morning, and we thank you and praise you for your goodness

Father, we declare your goodness and your faithfulness

We pray that men that women, children, young people would taste and see that you are good

Father, we exalt you in our nation…

We lift up the lordship of Jesus in this nation, and we declare that Jesus is Lord over the United States of America

He is Lord over all the earth. He is soon and coming

We pray about the return of the Lord. And as it says in revelation, we pray, “Come, Lord Jesus, come”

We call for you to come and we call for the harvest, Father… the harvest in the earth that you promised

Before you come, Father, there’s a harvest… there’s a work to be completed and a work to be done.

Lord, we’re lifting up the work… we’re lifting up the end time work of God that’s to take place in our nation, but the nations of the world

Father, the bringing in of the lost… we thank you and praise you now for harvest

We pray about all that’s needed to bring the harvest in

There needs to be a reviving, a reviving of your people, a turning away from and turning to you

Father, do a work in your church… We lift up the body of Christ across America and we pray for your church to be strong and to arise

And your church to be the voice of influence and authority that you have called us to be

Father, speak to spirits… speak to hearts as only you can do

Father, we are asking for hunger, hunger in the church to know you, to seek you

We’re praying for the church around the world that in every continent, your church would be strong and would arise

Father, we pray about that uprising, your church rising… rising up in the knowledge of God, rising up in the knowledge of their redemption, rising up in their authority and dominion

To no longer be a victim, no longer under Satan’s foot, but rising up and putting Satan under our feet where he’s supposed to be

Father, we pray for the exaltation of your Word… being lifted high

We pray for individual members… we pray for local church bodies because through those local churches that the universal church finds its expression in communities and in nations

Father, we pray, strengthen the church of the Lord Jesus Christ

Oh, we pray for strong churches… churches that are strong in the Word and full of the Spirit

We pray for just a fresh outpouring in our churches

We pray for the Spirit-filled experience to come to the fullness of the body, to congregations that are hungering and thirsting for more

Father, we are praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, for people in the body to be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of other tongues

Father, we lift up churches that were once churches of the Word and the Spirit, but for whatever reason have backed away… we pray revive that… revive them

We’re praying for the church to go the Lord’s way, the straight paths of the Lord that you’ve prepared for them

We lift up straight paths, back to the straight paths… those that have gotten off track, off the path, we say in the name of Jesus, “Oh we pray crooked things, you straighten up and you straighten out… rough places you smooth out… mountains you be brought down low… valleys you be filled in

Father, we pray into the changes that are necessary and needed for us to be who you’ve called us to be and do the end time work. And so, Lord, we call for change… Necessary change. Change that you’ve ordained… A change in thinking, a change in beliefs, a change of direction, a change in attitude… we declare change… It’s time to change.

Encounters with the Holy Ghost… Supernatural encounters… Eye-opening encounters

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