Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, December 9, 2022

Brother DJ…

Good morning, everybody. It’s a good Friday.

2023 is upon us…

Thank you, Father, for the new year coming in 21 days or so. 2023! I have called the next year in my mind, my heart The Shepherd Year! It’s the Psalm 23 year. The Lord will guide us. Psalm 23. Next year… and we can start right now: Psalm 23.

Father, I thank you. You’ll lead and guide us into abundance, prosperities, health in 2023. Psalm 23. The Lord is our shepherd. We shall not lack. We shall not want anything. We’ll have direction, clear understanding, which way to go, what we are going to do, what we are going to buy, what we are going to sell. And we give you all the glory.

When we worship, the Lord gives direction…

This morning, I was reading the book of Revelation in the Daily Bible. I was impressed by the worshiping and what worship does. John said, “It was the Lord’s Day.” It was Sunday, I think. Lord’s Day is Sunday. It can be any day. But he said, “It was the Lord’s Day and I was worshiping in the spirit.” Who He worships Him must worship Him in spirit and truth. Right?

It was the Lord’s Day and I was worshiping in the spirit. Suddenly… You know when you worship Him in the spirit… something happens when you worship Him in the spirit. Let me read it. “It was the Lord’s Day and I was worshiping him in the spirit, and suddenly I heard a loud voice behind me, a voice that sounded like a trumpet blast. It said, Write down what you see and send it to the seven churches.” My point is, when we worship Him, He gives us directions like He gave to John.

I want to read that one more time. He said, “When I was worshiping Him in the spirit, suddenly I heard a loud voice behind me. A voice that sounded like a trumpet blast. It said, write down what you see and send it.

Father. I thank you. People are watching this morning and we are here worshiping you. You’ll give us “write-down directions.” Some of you are getting right now even while we are worshiping the “write-down directions.” “Go this way… move this way… do this…”

You want directions? Then worship Him.

Sister Cindy…

Father, we set our hearts to look on you in the beauty of holiness, the sweet and delightful loveliness  of your presence, your face that shines on us and gives us grace.

You initiate every response of our hearts with the right appropriate steps of grace.

Father, we respond to you in kind for you are shining down on us, lifting us up, and making your face to shine up on us.

 We are in the body of Christ, surrounded with the greatness of your inheritance… that’s every single member joined and fit tightly with the joints that you supply.

We’re thanking you today, Father, for the joints that you supply in the body of Christ. And I declare over this body strong bones filled with marrow.

The body of Christ flows… the blood of Jesus life itself flowing in and all throughout the body with living blood.

Springing up of the life of God, the purpose of God, the feelings of God, the intents of God, the desires and dreams of God, birthing images, hope rising in the eyes of their understanding.

Every single member, Father, seeing and receiving, perceiving and recognizing that that’s on the horizon, that’s beckoning them to go in the way that they should go.

Father, I declare right now there is a great supply…

Sister Barb…

We fear no evil. No evil plan of the enemy. We don’t fear any kind of sickness or disease. We fear no evil. Glory to God for the blood. The blood of Jesus covers and keeps us. The Shepherd keeps us in all our ways. He is a good Shepherd. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. You are great.

The power of the blood of Jesus…

The blood of Jesus is a powerful cleanser. It cleanses not only sin, but sickness and disease, so we don’t have to fear any kind of evil, any report of the enemy. The blood of Jesus cleanses our bodies and our minds of all evil. All evil. The blood of Jesus purges us of every defilement of the enemy. Hallelujah. The blood of Jesus makes things right, brings things into alignment. The blood cleanses the blood of all weakness and sickness and cancer. The blood of Jesus cleanses every organ, every system… the blood of Jesus cleanses the eyes and the brain and the skin. The blood of Jesus cleanses the bones.

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