Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, September 3, 2021

Pastor Dustin…

Thank you for joining us for prayer this morning and giving your supply. We’re just going to start by worshiping and just putting our focus and our attention on Jesus.

Group began to worship…

Pastor Dustin…

I pray, Father, that Christians all over the world would rise up and take their place.

That they would step into the assignments, the callings, the missions, the purposes, the plans, the pursuits, the things that you have prepared for us in advance.

We pray together this morning that Christians all over the world would speak and declare your Word and your truth with boldness over their lives, over their circumstances, over their cities, over their neighborhoods, over this nation.

I pray there would be a stirring, an awakening led by your Spirit where believers begin to occupy the positions and the places that you’ve called them to occupy.

The Spoken Word…

As He gives you words to declare and to speak out in faith, believing that it’s done, believing that He watches over His Word to perform it, speak out and declare those words. There’s power in those words. Yes, He is a speaking God. He spoke, He spoke, and He spoke. In the beginning, there was nothing. And then He spoke and created everything with just His words. He spoke. There is power in His words.

I think it was Charles Capps that talked about this. His words are not just information. His words are like capsules. And in the words is the creative power to change situations, to change lives, to break strongholds, to change atmospheres, to bring healing and deliverance.

So speak, so speak, so speak, so speak …

I see believers reading the news and it’s getting in them. And their mouths are closed. What they’re seeing is getting in them and everything’s trapped inside. It’s fear and it’s worry. No, no! Instead, open up your mouth and let God’s Word come out of it. Open up your mouth and let God’s promises come out of it. Open up your mouth and speak utterances by the Spirit of God that brings change and transformation. Open up your mouth and declare it. Open up your mouth and declare it this morning … declare it, declare it, declare it, declare it right now! Declare it over your life. Declare it over your marriage. Declare it over your mind. Declare it over your feelings, declare it over your emotions. Declare it over this ministry. Declare it over this nation. Put yourself in alignment with what the Spirit of God is doing right now in this season. And what He’s spoken over you… we declare it.


We declare revival. We thank you, Father, for a move of the Spirit. Healings, signs, wholeness, restoration, transformation, restoration, things that looked like they were lost, being restored. Time being restored. Relationships being restored. People who have gone the wrong direction … the Spirit of God restoring them, redeeming the time, and bringing them back to the place that they’re called to be in … no time being wasted…


I think this is going to help somebody with restoration. I remember back years ago, the Spirit of God was dealing with me about doing something. He kept dealing with me, and I kept ignoring it. I kept pushing it down and kind of pretending like I didn’t hear God say what He was saying. And I wanted to do something because… I won’t get into the whole story. But I wanted to do something else with my life. And I did that for years and years and years. And I sat down with the Pastor and said, “I feel like I missed God in this area. I feel like I was supposed to do this for years and I didn’t do it. And now I’m wondering, is it too late? Did I miss the timing? Did God move on and do it with somebody else? What should I do? I said no for four years… I wasted four years. And so is it going to take me four years to get back to that place that I missed out on. And now I’m four years behind for the rest of my life.”

And he said, “No. Think of the lost sheep.” Jesus found it, picked it up on His shoulders and brought him back to the place that he was supposed to be. That’s what restoration is. God will redeem every area of your life. He’ll even redeem the time. And so if you were supposed to be here and you are here and it was going to take three years to get here and you spend your three years going in this direction, God has a way of being able to take you straight from here to here and redeem the time that was lost.

So respond, respond, respond. It’s better to say yes. It’s better to cooperate. It’s better to trust Him. There might be some warfare. There might be some attacks. But the Bible says greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. The Bible says that if He is for you, nothing can stand against you. The Bible says there are afflictions, things that the enemy will try to do to stop you, but the Lord will deliver you from them all. So trust Him and step into that place. 

Cindy shared…

I just wanted to add to what Pastor Dustin said about the restoration, that God is wanting to restore us. And it means so much more than what we think. And anytime we slip, stumble, or fall… I did something several years ago. Whether God deals with you over and over, whatever area it is where you finally turned to Him and you go, “God, you’re right. I’m sorry.” That’s repentance. And that’s something that we just need to be … humble.

I fell asleep and woke up in the morning. My Father woke me up and I heard Him say, “Cindy, anytime you slip, stumble, or fall and you get up not in your own strength, not pointing the finger or making excuses or trying to justify yourself, but just saying, “Father, I missed it. And now I see that my heart is set toward doing your will and purpose for my life and not going my own way.” He said, “I’ll take you further had you never made the mistake.”

So He doesn’t just take you to that three-year marker that you left off. But He said, “I’ll take you further had you never made the mistake.” He kind of like summed it up where Paul was talking to some people in the Bible about grace. And he said… the people were like, “Should we sin that grace would much more abound?” Well, that question had to be posed because God’s grace so much abounds over all of our sins and He takes us further.

And the reason why He takes us further is because we learned grace in a way that we could never learn it aside from that. We are solid in the fact that it is not about me. It’s completely about His goodness. We just look at going forward. From that moment, I looked at everything that would try to get me to bow to it and go a different way. I’d say “No! God’s grace is sufficient.” Hallelujah.

Pastor Dustin…

As we’ve been talking and praying about speaking and declaring things, it reminded me of something that I heard brother Keith Moore say. He put it so simply. He was saying, “When do we ask and when do we declare?” He was talking about praying. I shouldn’t even say when you’re praying. As you’re going through life and things are coming, situations are happening, “When do you pray and ask God for something? And then when do you declare what you want to see? When do you take your authority?”

And there are two verses that he went to. I want to read them to you quickly. The first is John 14:13. I’ll start in verse 12. “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

And then in Mark 11:23, ““Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.” He went on and talked about how Jesus cursed the fig tree and it died. He talked about times where Jesus healed people and he just kind of went through story by story. He summarized it with this.

He said, “If there’s something evil in your life, if there’s something that’s in the way, you take your authority over it and you speak to it.” And he said, “Now if it’s something good, the Bible says every good and perfect gift comes from God, then you ask.” The difference is, you have authority over the Devil. Every evil thing comes from the enemy of our soul, right? It comes from the Devil. And so he said, “If you come up against something evil in your life, you don’t ask the Devil. You tell him! You speak to that thing. You command it. You take your authority over it.”

But when it’s something good, you ask. You make a request from God because we don’t have authority over Him. He has authority over us.

Now you can get into this because when it comes to things like healing and all of that kind of stuff, those are all things that are part of our inheritance. Right? We can just receive those things by faith. But I think this helps.

I was talking to somebody and he had an infection in his face. He had a cyst on his head, and he had it removed and he got an infection. It started going down his face. He said, “I don’t know what it is. And it hurts so bad and I’m scared.” I said, “Well, did you speak to it?” And he said, “No. I prayed.” I said, “You have to speak to that thing, and tell it what to do. Tell it to go! You have authority over it.”

When we see Jesus’ healing or casting out demons, how often is He praying? Almost never. Obviously, we’re at prayer and so prayer is important. But when the guy came in through the ceiling, He said, “Take up your mat and walk.” Do you want to be healed? Be healed. Lazarus come forth! He spoke. He declared. He took his authority over the Devil in that situation. And He declared God’s Word and truth, God’s promise. And He got results, right?

Now, we see other times where He fed the 5,000. He took the bread and thanked God for it. He made a request, and it was multiplied. Is this making sense to you this morning? I just want to be accurate, right? I don’t want to do things out of tradition. I want to do what the Word says.

And then Keith Moore made this point. He said, “When Jesus was speaking to sickness and disease, it had me thinking, ‘Can sickness and disease hear you? Can sickness and disease listen?’” And he’s like, “Obviously it can hear you.” And it reminds me of something I heard brother Hagin say a long time ago, about how any time you’re dealing with sickness in some form, it’s demonic oppression. It’s doesn’t mean that somebody’s possessed or anything like that, but every evil thing comes from the enemy.

And so when you’re dealing with these things, remembering the position that you stand in like Jesus, He said all authority, all power has been given to Me and I give it to you. I delegate the authority that I have to you. When we understand this, it changes the way that we pray. It changes the way that we pray because we aren’t just some poor, miserable beggars asking God to do us a favor. No! We are His Church. We have a covenant with Him. We have a relationship with Him, and He says all power and dominion has been given to Me. And then He gave it to us. He gave us His Spirit and He went back up into heaven and He said, “Go! Go cure the sick, go raise the dead, go cast out demons, go preach the Gospel. The things that I do, you will do greater.”

It reminds me of a message I heard Andrew Womack preach when he was here. The message was called “You Already Have It.” And he was saying, “What else are we asking God to do? He’s already given us His Spirit. He’s already given us power. He’s already given us authority. He’s already given us His Word. And then He said, “Go!”

I’m convinced that we are in the greatest move of God that the world has ever seen. Andrew Womack actually said this, “When you read the Bible, you only see seven or eight people raised from the dead in the Bible.” He said, “I’ve seen more than that personally, in my own life.” He goes, “We are in a move of God, but we must change the way that we view the world and the way that we view ourselves.” “No, I’m not a victim. I’m an overcomer. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I’m not afraid of the Devil. He better watch out!”

Like that story of Smith Wigglesworth. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. When he’s laying in bed sleeping and he feels something like a presence or I think it bumped his bed or something. He woke up and said the Devil himself was standing in his room. And he said, “Oh, it’s only you.” And he rolled over and went back to sleep. Because he knew the authority that he had, right! He knew who he was in Christ. He knew what he had been given. And so he wasn’t moved. Let’s have this attitude and this heart as we go through life. Come on, we are strong. We are more than conquerors, not because of anything that we’ve done, but because of the covenant that we have with God, because of who we’re connected to.

Father, we thank you for the covenant that we have with you. We thank you for the authority that you’ve given to us. And so right now, if you’re in this room or if you’re watching online and you’re dealing with some sort of infirmity, sickness, or disease, speak to that thing. Declare God’s Word over it. Declare God’s truth over it.

I was in Uganda once and we were praying with somebody and he had been in a car accident and his knee swung freely. So I don’t know what exactly happened to him. Must’ve been like everything was torn cause there was nothing holding it in place. And so he limped really bad. And so we prayed for him. And then we said, “Why don’t you try walking?” And he was walking and kind of limping. I don’t know what happened. I’m not a mean person. I don’t usually do stuff like this, but he was just kind of walking and limping. And I shouted, “RUN!” And he was startled but then took off running. Before he started running, nothing had changed. But as he started running, you could see his leg became more and more stable. When he to the end of the street, he was running completely normal. He turned around and his face lit up. You could see joy on him. And he came flying back to us, running as fast as he could. And he was totally healed. Totally healed.

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