Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, May 12, 2023

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Brother DJ…

Good morning, everybody. It’s a good Friday.

Thank you, Father, being in this Living Word Christian Center, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota where two or three are gathered together in your name, you are in the midst of them. And we can touch anything we ask for, you say we shall receive what we ask in prayer.

Those of you that are watching today, just agree with us. We’re going to agree with you because where two or three are gathered together in His name… We’re going to ask God what you need today.

I have it in my heart to pray in the end. We have Cindy and Barb and others to pray. But I’ll be praying for mothers with a scripture that I have. Because of the Mother’s Day weekend, we’ll be lifting up mothers of Living Word Christian Center.

Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in My name…

Two days ago, I left my keys in the car. The lights were on in my car in the garage. So I go to turn the light off, but left my keys there! It’s my truck. So now I’m going to have to leave around 10 o’clock. I couldn’t find my keys. Where are my keys? Where are my keys? I pled the blood of Jesus. I still couldn’t find my keys. 10:30. Couldn’t find my keys. I go back to the truck. No keys. Couldn’t find the keys. 10:11. Now I’m very late, so I cancel my appointment. So finally, I said to myself, “You know what? Let’s call Cindy.” She’s at work. “Cindy, I can’t find my keys. Can you pray?” Cindy said, “Lord…” And she prayed. “Lord, help DJ find keys…” and so forth. As God as my witness, when I said “amen” and she said “amen.” I had peace. I’m not panicking or anything. I thought I’ll take a different car. But right after one minute, the Spirit of God said, “Go to the truck where you turn the lights off. The keys were sitting right on the seat!” I learned how important Matthew 18:20 is: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Today if you’re watching, we’re going to agree together for healing in your body. We’re going to agree for your money to come to you. We’re going to agree for your jobs, houses, businesses… healing in the stomach… ulcers… shoulder, knees, brain injuries, arthritis. We’re going to agree with you for everything you need this morning because where two or three are gathered together in His name…

Father, we plead the blood of Jesus on your wallets… on your credit card… on your keys… your cell phone… on your car… The blood of Jesus covers everything… no scam …we bind the devil to steal or kill or rob from God’s people.

Paul said, “When I heard your faith in Christ, I have not stopped praying for you and I keep lifting up your name. I pray that the eyes of your understanding shall be enlightened. I pray the spirit of wisdom, revelation, knowledge, understanding. I pray all the time, he said.

Sister Cindy…

The graciousness of God, the love of God, the free-flowing favor of God.

Father, we open up the gate… shine in and through us your children, your chosen vessels… the ones that attend to your Word, that abide in you, that make you our holy habitation.

God is our holy habitation…

What does it mean to make God our holy habitation? He’s the stronghold of our lives. He is our habit. Every day we go to Him, like Pastor Ken says it’s effortlessly and organic. It’s our stronghold, our habit. We keep our mind on you.

When DJ was talking about losing his keys, he called me and he’s like, “Yup. I know exactly what happened. I got my mind off of God and I started to worry and to get into strife, but then God was good to remind me. And I repented. And then I called Cindy, which is very important because we are greater together. We humble ourselves. He said, “I got off now let’s pray.” And we prayed and like that …

For He is not the author of confusion. I don’t know about you, but there’s several times when I’ve lost my keys and it’s because I’ve been busy and worrying and fretting. And then I do things. I’m like, “I don’t know where I stuck that.” Maybe in the refrigerator. It was like, where was my mind?

And that’s exactly the course of the enemy because he comes to steal, kill, and destroy when we’re distracted. I’ve said this before, he owns nothing and he has no authority. So he can’t even steal without a lie or deception. He has to be very crafty in trying to divert and deflect. But when we’re focused on God, there’s light that’s flowing in and all around us. Light, love, life, truth, righteousness, peace, and out our belly flows a torrent of grace and favor, in and through us to everybody around us.

And He came in the very beginning and he brooded over the waters and said, “Let light shine.” And He’s shown in our heart so as to beam forth that knowledge that makes everything that’s confusing and chaotic into order, divine order. The beauty of His holiness, grace, and love came down in the gentleness of a loving kind Savior.

You stooped down in our darkness and you hand fed us from your gentleness. And the Word says that His gentleness has made me great, that He fed us.

His gentleness makes us great…

Yesterday, Pastor Heather was praying. I often tell the prayer leaders, “I’m not texting people. I’m writing down what God is speaking to me. When I’m praying, it looks like I might be just a little distracted, but God is downloading. And yesterday I kept hearing His gentleness. And His gentleness makes us great. His gentleness keeps us great.

And DJ was talking about Mother’s Day and I thought, you know what, it’s a gentleness like a mom. It’s just the wonderful nurturing and love of God that helps us and nurtures us and gets us to grow up and then leads us in the way that we should go, that we would, too, be gentle. And with authority, not weak, but having authority in the vessel of a gentle and meek spirit.

That’s what the world needs. The world needs a little more kindness. The world needs to see that there is a God that comes down and meets them where they’re at… that takes time to feed them what they need and what they’ll receive and waits on them.

Father, I thank you that it is your goodness that leads man unto repentance. It’s nothing else. It’s just your goodness. Your goodness and your mercy.

Sister Barb…

We reach down deep into that well… that wellspring of life. We let that life flow today… flow in our minds and flow in our bodies, to flow out to everyone around us … that wellspring of life.

I thank you, Lord, that it is ever springing forth, flowing from your throne of grace. Hallelujah!

We shake off every encumbrance today. We shake off all the attacks of darkness today and we let that wellspring rise up on the inside to refresh and restore and renew today in our minds and bodies by the Holy Spirit, the grace of God.

The anointing of the holy one on the inside… Be refreshed today by the Spirit… be strengthened by the Spirit of grace today. In Jesus’ name… Go ahead… Take hold together. Arm in arm with the Holy Ghost today for we are not alone… but we are connected with the Greater One. We walk step in step with Him. We don’t lean upon our own understanding, we don’t lean upon our own strength, but we receive strength by the Holy Ghost. We receive the strength of the mighty Holy Spirit today in Jesus’ name …

All those attacks of the enemy, those things he’s been trying to shackle you down with, in Jesus’ name are removed today by the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

I thank you, Father, right now that this atmosphere is full of your delivering power… and it goes forth to every person, every environment, every place where people are watching online… that delivering power goes forth and delivers today in the name of Jesus… it removes and it displaces that oppression and that depression in the name of Jesus Christ. That darkness that’s been trying to creep into your mind and your body, in Jesus’ name, we dispel that today in the name of Jesus Christ. We cast it out in Jesus’ name… we receive, Father God.

Get out of the way. Get out in Jesus’ name. We push you aside. We resist you in the name of Jesus. We allow you no place and no entrance in our lives. We don’t give you any place. We don’t give you one single thought in our minds. We don’t give you one single symptom in our bodies. We say no to you, devil. We say no to you, sickness and disease. We say no to you oppression… in the name of Jesus Christ, you will not come here. You will not come to this house. You will not touch this body. You will not touch this people.

That shadow that has been trying to come upon you, that you feel that shadow, that darkness trying to come upon you, we say no today in Jesus’ name. You resist that thing now. You tell that thing. “No.” It will not touch you. It will not harass you. It will not follow you around anymore.

The only shadow around us is the shadow of the Almighty… and we dwell in that place under His shadow. Glory to God.

So we fear no evil because the enemy is under our feet. He has no power over us. He’s a defeated foe, and we stand up against him… we will not bow or bend to you in Jesus’ mighty name.

Prayer for mothers…

Father, I lift up all of the mothers to you today. I thank you, Father God, that you’ve appointed a special place for mothers in the family.  That they would have a revelation of the power and authority that you have given them in the name of Jesus… that as they stand in that office in the family, Father God, that they would use that authority in your name to keep their children, to keep their families in the right way and on the right path in Jesus’ name.

Barb shared…

A few years ago, my husband and I were leading morning prayer here in the chapel. And we had finished prayer and I was in the back speaking to some of the pray-ers and just visiting. And my husband was up here and a woman came up for prayer. And so he was talking to her and he said, “Barb, come up here. I want you to pray for this person.” And I said, “Okay.” So I come running from the back up to the front. And he didn’t tell me anything about this woman. So she’s standing in front of me and I heard the Holy Spirit say, “It’s not your fault.” And so I just looked at her and I said, “It’s not your fault.” And she just started to weep. And so she had had something just horrible happen with one of her children, and the Lord wanted her to know it wasn’t her fault. And she just broke. And the Holy Spirit just began to heal her. And so I just was praying over her.

But I think that a lot of times, mothers will take things onto themselves even when it’s not their fault. They take the struggles of the children, they take the guilt or shame, even if maybe a child has gone off on a path that they’re not supposed to be on, or they’ve made some wrong decisions or harmed themselves. And the Holy Spirit just wants mothers to know that “It’s not your fault.” That burden is not yours.

It was the enemy who came to attack and destroy. And you need to allow the Holy Spirit to take that from you because the enemy would come not just to destroy that child, but to destroy you. He wants to get you off of your course, maybe even walk away from Him. You know… “Why, Lord, why did this happen?”

And so the Holy Spirit wants to speak to mothers that “it’s not your fault.” Allow that guilt, allow that shame… to be lifted off of you today by the Holy Spirit. Let Him heal you from that trauma. Let Him heal you of that hurt and that pain. And that will allow Him to be able to do what He needs to do in your family and in your life. And then because you have that healing in you, you’ll be able to stand up. And when the Holy Spirit comes to you and says, “Okay, now I’m going to show you this thing, and now you’re going to take authority and you’re going to stand up and use your authority. Because the enemy’s under your feet.”

And he cannot defeat you. And so even if something has happened over here, He does not want you to be lost. I just see kind of just like floating around in nothingness almost … He doesn’t want you to be lost. He wants you to have your purpose back. He wants you to have your vision back. He wants you to have your dream back. He wants you to see your family whole, and He wants to bring that vision back to you that there’s nothing He can’t do. There’s no one He can’t reach. There’s no one He can’t deliver or heal. That His power is greater than anything. And the enemy is nothing. He is nothing.

And we need to start seeing him as who he is. He’s defeated, he’s low. And we have so much power.

So today we rise up, rise up as mothers as fathers, in Jesus’ name. We receive restoration and peace and wholeness in the name of Jesus. By the grace of God, we receive total restoration and deliverance from all those attacks of the enemy, those things that the enemy has tried to do to get us off course, to sideline us.

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