Morning Prayer Summary for  Friday, June 16, 2023

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist

Pastor Dustin…

As she was singing in the Spirit, I just kept hearing the word rain. So let’s not do that thing where we hear a word and then jump immediately to what we know and what we understand. And start praying out what we think God needs to do about that. And let’s allow the Spirit of God to keep leading us in that direction. So let’s keep honoring and worshiping Him. Keep praying in the Spirit. But I just kept getting that rain, rain, rain.

Sister Jerri…

♪ We pray for the rain. We pray for the rain. Everywhere. We pray for the rain. Yes, we pray for the rain. Throughout all the nation’s, Lord. Oh, we pray for the rain, the reign of your spirit… ♪

Pastor Dustin…

That’s why you can’t limit yourself to your understanding, because I forgot there were two types of rain [reign]. It’s like a r a i n. And I forgot. There’s the r e i g n. So that’s why you don’t want to limit yourself to what your brain understands at 8:30 in the morning. You don’t want to limit God that way.


I remember Lynne praying all the time, “eyes to see, eyes to see, eyes to see.” She would pray that so much eyes to see, and the God of this world has blinded the minds and the eyes of them that see… let the light of the glorious gospel shine unto them.

Pastor Dustin…

Allow the Lord to reign in your life. Submit yourself to Him… to His Spirit. Allow Him to lead you and guide you. Come underneath His reign and dominion and kingdom. And as you do, He’ll reign in your life. And there will be a flow. There will be a flow of joy… of peace… of power… of strength… of miracles… of signs… of wonders… a supernatural flow. So get in the flow. Step over into it. Oh, it’s flowing. It’s flowing this morning. Get in the flow. See it like a river. Like a river rushing by. Come on, get in. You can tiptoe in, or you can grab a rope swing and go on top of the hill. It’s deep enough. It’s deep. Let’s jump in.

Because you are beautiful for every situation. There’s joy in the river because you’re beautiful for every situation… there’s joy in the river, and the victory is ours, Lord. So there’s joy in the river. The victory is ours, Lord. So there’s joy in the river.

Let Him reign in your mind… in your soul. Joy will be the byproduct of that. There’s joy unspeakable. And there’s joy forever more. You bring some of that joy from heaven That’s a great big, big, big, big joy.

Because the devil’s defeated. There’s joy in the river.

So just respond to the Spirit of God. Just respond. When I was in the youth ministry and I was ministering, the Holy Ghost was moving, I’d say “Yield, yield, yield, yield.” And I was at a summer camp service, and Dr. James Tan kept saying, “Respond.” And I thought, “I like that word better,” because there’s an action connected to that, right? Yield is like you’re at the yellow light and I don’t know what to do. Should I stay? Should I go? Respond means laugh, get up, run, do something. One translation says faith that does nothing is worth nothing.

Do so respond. Respond to it. Are you in the presence of the Lord? Because if you’re not, you’re in gloom.

So respond. It goes like this. Ha ha ha. He, he, he, he, he, he. Do you have the victory or not?

The joy of the Lord, which is your strength. You need to respond. Respond. Because in the presence of the Lord, there is joy forevermore.


This is what He told me recently that has helped me so much. I was getting mad and angry about what was going on in the world. I mean, some of you might be in that place right now. I said, “Help me to pray aright. I’m angry.” I know there’s a scripture in there that says the name of the wicked shall rot. That kind of made me feel good inside. But those are the wicked people. Those are the ones that will not turn. You can’t kiss Hitler. You know what I mean? You just can’t. I said, “I’m angry looking at this. Help me.” I know we’re supposed to love our enemies. I love my enemies because they can turn. Now there are people that will not. But He said to me just these few words, “Aren’t you glad you’re not of this kingdom?” And a sweet release happened. Then you go up. And you can pray from a way different plane. And you can pray with power. And you can pray with this joy that we respond to and you can look different to the world.

But when you pray in that different plane, high above and hit those principalities and powers of darkness and those rulers in the wicked places, not flesh and blood, but you hit those spirits in power. But we’re not of this kingdom. So it releases us inside to pray with power and authority. Without a care. And I used to think of David as just the sweet psalmist of Israel. But in the realm of the spirit, he was a scrapper. And in these days, we need to pray words or “the” Word that has power in it. That has a fight in it.

And we stay in the spirit with the love of God. But when the devil shows his ugly face, we jump into the fight. And if you read Psalm 37, there’s a lot of things that you can pray. The Lord is the head of the heathen. It says those things in there in Psalms. So when you pray, you can pray with authority, you can pray and hit it with strength because you’re not under… you are over. You are the head. And not the tail.

It’s so wonderful to be able to keep that joy inside of us. And to continue in that all the time, but then have that scrap. That you hit the devil right where it hurts. But we can’t have that without the joy. Because then we’re under again. So we respond. I love that word… respond. You do something with that. You think about His goodness, His grace, His mercy, His wonderfulness, His compassion, His mighty power. It says the wicked shall wither as the grass.

And the Lord causes wars to cease to the ends of the earth. Father, thank you Jesus.

One more thing I’d like to say about this is, the Lord has helped me. He said, “When you pray, when you read the Word, precept pray.” I don’t think I’ve heard that anywhere before except from the Holy Ghost. He said, precept pray. And I go, what’s that? And He said, “When you read a scripture, don’t just read it. Don’t just confess it but prophesy it. And let rip on it. Give it all you got. Because we’re in this time for a purpose. We’re in this time for a divine calling. We’re in this time to have the victory. And to declare the victory on the face of the earth.

So when you get those things, when you’re reading the Word and confess it, remember the power that you have and the power of your tongue to take the territory back. That’s our job in the realm of the spirit. Both sides, the love of God and the power of God against the wicked one. Those that will not turn in Jesus’ name. And we have the promise of God. We look forward to and know that the millennial reign comes. And we can have some of that on the earth. We can have a lot of it on the earth. If we declare it and believe it. On earth as it is in heaven.

And so, Father, we thank you that you have a plan for our lives. You have a plan for us to be powerful in the realm of the spirit. And take back territory and we will not quit. But we shall have the victory. And we rejoice in that victory.

Here’s a prayer to pray. Have you ever heard the Lord laugh? Ask Him to be able to hear Him laugh. It’s the most glorious laugh you’ve ever heard. It’s so full of grace and power and majesty. So filling up the heavens, His laugh fills the heavens. And it even says He laughs at the wicked because He knows their day is coming. And we know their day is coming.

Brother Steve…

When I grew up, I grew up Catholic. Anybody grow up Catholic? I was always trying to be a good Catholic. I went to eighth grade Catholic school with the nuns and all that stuff. But I always tried in my flesh because that’s all that I had to go with. I learned the rules and I tried to do all of it. They said if I went to communion on the first Friday of the month for nine Fridays in a row, I’d be guaranteed to miss purgatory and go to heaven. And I believed that. I tried. I’d get to like seven or eight and mess up and have to start over. We’d go to mass every morning before school. And so that was my best shot at it. Well you only got nine months of school, so if you screwed up you got to go to the next grade. I honestly tried that for about two years, and I realized that I’m probably going to purgatory. I carried that with me.

We got married in the Catholic church. And we went to Catholic Mass. That’s how we lived our life for a while. And then I found the Lord later. And I just want, like what we just went through a little bit. I know why some sit there and some come up because I was there.

Fast forward a bit and we’re at Living Word and I’m an administrator and other things. And Billye Brim would come and they’d get kind of goofy up front. And I would go somewhere and do something I had to do. I’d leave the sanctuary because I got to go somewhere. I’m the administrator, “I got to check on some stuff.” But I will say this, of all the rules keeping and all the things that the Lord wants us to do and the things that you struggle with, any category, tithing, obedience to the Great Commission, any of that stuff, it is easy in the spirit. Hard in the flesh.

And I found this to be true, that when I found this kind of dimension, new dimensions today… this kind of dimension in the spirit releases you into a new place and you don’t have to struggle with it. I lived through four kinds of giving: as a Catholic, a non-giver. Then I went through learning to tithe where “I had to,” I felt like. Then I learned “I get to” because there was an attitude change. But there’s another level. It’s not, “I don’t do it,” not “I have to,” not “I get to.” There’s another level: “I want to.”

If you ever want to move over to the land of, “I want to,” just take a little step. Get in that river. Do something you haven’t done before. It comes around here and there. You can do it at home by yourself. You don’t have to have an audience and wonder what they’re thinking. Forget about what they’re thinking. You’re already categorized as an idiot or something else. You might as well go all the way.

Anyway, it’s a whole lot more fun that way. Thank you, Lord.

Sister Barb…

I know some of you are used to that flow, some are not. But I just saw this picture of dry land, dirt, that’s just been dry for a long time and it’s cracked. And you know, the water comes through, it takes a little time for that water to absorb back into the soil. So you might say, “Oh, I didn’t get anything this morning.” Well, you need more. You need a lot more. So every single day when you’re in your house, wherever we are! I do this a lot in my car. My car is kind of my zone. Just respond to the Holy Spirit. Step out and say, “Holy Ghost, I’m laughing right now. I’m going to let the joy bubble up out of my heart.” Because you need to get that soil of your heart soaked because as the rain cometh down and the snow from heaven and it waters the earth, so that it can bring forth a bud. It restores you so that your purpose can come forth. That rain comes down and it allows you to produce what you’re supposed to produce.

So keep getting in… keep letting that rain fall on you… keep letting that river flow in you and through you and just get soaked. So that you’re walking around, you’re like slushy. You ever know someone who doesn’t have enough sense to get out of the rain. Be that person! That’s slushy, walking around so that you can affect other people and your purpose can come forth. And then the crusty will be gone.

If the rain removes the crusty, the watering removes that crusty and restores you to your purpose.

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