Morning Prayer Summary for  Friday, July 28, 2023

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Brother DJ…

 Good morning, everybody. It’s a good Friday.

We’re believing and expecting a miracle for you this morning… Any kind of miracle!

Whatever you need, my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory. For greater is He that is in you Christ…Christ in us, the hope of glory.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but He has given us a spirit of love, power, and sound mind.

We declare we have the mind of Christ.

DJ shared…

I was meditating on a scripture this morning. Jesus said, Come unto me all you who are weary, bored, tired. Bored! Come unto me. “Come unto me,” Jesus said. “I’ll give you some excitement in your life. I’ll give you something to do supernaturally that you could not even think or imagine.”

The mighty power that is working within us. Come unto Me all who are very burdened, tired. He said, My yoke is easy. My burden is light.

He said twice in the scripture, “I’ll give you rest.” The last part says you’ll find rest in your soul. He wants to give rest to our soul. The only thing with this, you have to come to Him. Sometimes you might have to get up in the mornings. He said, “Come unto me. Sit down. Open My Word and start reading it. You’ll find rest for your soul. You’ll find solution to your problem. You’ll find peace in every situation when you come to Jesus. Come unto Me.” He said, “Give us today our daily bread.” He meant to say come daily. Come unto me daily.

Two Sundays ago, I brought somebody to church. I was sitting there with him one seat apart. It was about the end of the service. Suddenly I heard in my spirit… I was just meditating, worshiping like everybody else. Pastor Mac was about to end, and suddenly I heard, “You cannot run your car, John, on an empty tank.”

You cannot run your car on an empty tank!

And I thought, “Oh, the guy next to me needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Quickly I took him up to the front with Jeff, who’ve been praying for a year now for this guy. I say, “This guy needs the Holy Spirit, fill him up.” So I stepped away. So Jeff started praying with him, to “fill him up, Lord, with the Holy Spirit and tongues” and give him a little flyer on how to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Now, I’m like, “Oh, he’s filled.” But the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me you cannot just give and give… running and don’t sit and fill your tank again. He said be filled with the Holy Spirit… be being filled. Continuously. I learned from that morning, you cannot run your car on an empty tank. You have to go to the gas station every time it’s empty. You have to fill up the tank.

We have to go to Him every day to fill up our tanks. Hallelujah.

That took me to a scripture. Exactly like this “Come unto Me.” Jesus said on the last day of the feast, He stood up and loudly spoke “Is anyone thirsty?” He said, “Come to Me. Drink from Me this water and you shall be thirsty no more.”

He was talking about the Holy Spirit of God… to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Overflow of the Spirit.

I told Cindy yesterday, “Hey, I’m going to bring some donuts from the fancy place.” And I thought I’m going to bring donuts. That was my intention. My thought. By the time morning come, my thoughts changed because the time is running out. My intentions were still there. I wanted to bring donuts this morning because it was my birthday. Nobody else is going to bring them so I said I’ll bring my own birthday donuts. Happy birthday to me.

But anyway… intentions. My intentions were good, but my thoughts changed in the morning because the circumstances changed. And this morning it’s already 6:15, 6:30, which means I’m late. So I changed my mind about the donuts. But then the Spirit of God said, “Just to have intentions is not good enough. You have to do for the intention you had last night. You have to do it. You have to be the doer of the Word of God. Not just intentions.”

And guess what? I was here early. I stopped by and got the donuts. They’re the best. He said, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Taste and see the donuts are very good. Only intention is not good enough. You have to take a step and do it. Just do it!

What are you called to do?

Jesus went around doing good. He said, “What are you called to do?” Your value in God’s eye was established at the cross. The Bible says He who did not spare His own Son gave Him up for us all. How will He not also give all things to enjoy. Notice the Word says, “all things.” We are all equal. Equal in Christ. But when it comes to your career, your value is determined by problems you solve. You get paid to get problems solved. That’s why we pay cardiologists more money than a short order cook.

Jesus was a problem solver…

People were spiritually hungry, so He said, “I am the bread of life.” He solved the problem. They were sick. He went about doing good, healing all. He discerned what He had that others needed and provided for them. What do you have to offer?  What would you attempt to do if you knew it was impossible to fail? You are not here by accident. God told Jeremiah, “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee. And before thou come forth out of the womb, I set you apart and ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

Everything God makes is a need- and-solve problem. So what are you called and gifted to do? That’s where you’ll find your highest level of joy. Think about your contribution to others as an assignment from God, a contribution to others as an assignment from God.

Paul made tents to support his ministry. So your ministry may be supported by your job. Whether you are in full-time ministry or a part-time ministry, don’t leave this earth until you have found and fulfilled what God has called you to do.

Sister Barb…

I heard a song in my spirit when I was sitting there listening to DJ. Let’s see if I can sing it. I apologize in advance. I’m not on the worship team… so grace!

Unless we bring our problems to Him, He’s limited. We need to bring them. And I just heard, “I surrender all.” Maybe DJ can help me sing.

“I surrender all. All to thee my precious Savior, I surrender all.”

We surrender our bodies… our minds… our souls… All of our thoughts, our imaginations. We lay them down before you. All the problems and issues that we’re facing, we come and we surrender all. We surrender every part of our being to you. We surrender. We let it go. We let go of every care and every worry. You said to come unto you all those that are weary… all those that are heavy laden, and you would give us rest. So, we surrender today. We surrender so that we can enter into your rest. We receive the rest of the Holy Spirit today. We receive that rest that can only come by your presence, by your Spirit. That anointing that removes those burdens and destroys those yokes from every, every hindrance, every force that would try to resist us in Jesus’ name, every door that’s been closed that should have been opened in the name of Jesus, Father, we surrender so that you can move and work on our behalf while we rest.

We surrender all to you today. We surrender all in Jesus’ name… all sickness, we surrender to the cross. We surrender all sickness and disease and every mental illness to Jesus Christ, the Savior of all, the one who took those stripes upon His back for us. We come and we receive that rest and restoration by your Spirit today in Jesus’ mighty name.

Just let the Spirit work on you now.

Let Him work in you now in Jesus’ name. Let that rest flow in you. Let that peace flood your heart and mind right now. That peace that can only come by the Holy Spirit… you can’t even comprehend and understand that peace that can come by the presence of the most high God… receive that peace right now to calm your soul, to calm your mind, to calm your body in the name of Jesus.

He is enthroned. Hallelujah. And everything you need is available in Him right now.

Shackles, shackles in the mind. Those thoughts that have been coming against you and rising up against you continually… that barrage of lies that have been coming against you, we speak to them now in the name of Jesus Christ and we command you to be silenced in Jesus’ name… those words of the enemy. In the name of Jesus, be shut down, be stopped now in the name of Jesus Christ…

Rest… rest comes in you. That weariness leaves. We receive that strength and peace that comes by your presence.

It’s time to enter into that continual feast… that continual feast of Him.

As we come every single day to fellowship with Him, we feast on His presence. We feast on His joy. Oh, we feast on that supply of the Spirit in Jesus’ name.

We allow our voice to be lifted up, to rise up in the face of discouragement and darkness. We allow the Spirit to rise up inside of us and we open our mouth and declare the truth so those lies cannot have a place in our lives.

In Jesus’ name, that darkness does not bear fruit.

God is moving by His Spirit in and amongst us today.

Sister Cindy…

As DJ was talking, it just jumped out at me when he said, “Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden… and are bored. But God doesn’t want us to be bored. I think about that sometimes. If you’re bored, you just don’t have a vision. And He wants to breathe into us fresh vision today because it’s exciting to serve the living God. He has adventures in faith for us every day and He wants to show us how it looks… looking at how the world looks through His eyes. And we are here to do business with God in the kingdom of heaven. We are here to engage in every arena.

Father, you have your people all throughout the city. I thank you, Father, there’s more with us than with the enemy. I thank you, Lord, that the tables are turning even right now, and hope is rising because we’re coming together in full assurance of faith, speaking by the Spirit, stirring each other up unto good works that have been appointed.

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