Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, January 5, 2024

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Sister Cindy…

We thank you, Father, for the gathering of the saints.

that you know the plans that you have for us.

You know the plans… they’re good. They’re good.

Thank you for showing us, Father, and for helping us to experience those plans… to taste and see, and to know that there is a difference.

Show us, Father, because we’re coming together to seek your face and experience who you are, and to talk about who you are amongst ourselves.

I just thank you, Father, that we can humbly come to you and just say, “Come Lord Jesus come.”

We hunger and thirst for more of you… that you would have your most excellent way…

Your ways are higher, and you’ve called us up higher.

Lift us up where we belong, not because we’re good, but because you’re good and kind and merciful, and it was your kind intent… it was your plan.

We thank you that you chose us… You called and chose us and the Bible says many are called but few are chosen.

But the only reason why they’re not chosen is because they don’t look to you, Father. You chose us all.

Let us turn our face to you. Let us show the world what it looks like to turn to you and be healed.

Having ears to hear and eyes to see because we meditate and consider daily on your precious Word.

Thank you, Father, for your Word… supernaturally speaking your word, which speaks to us.

We think we read your Word, but your Word reads us!

And we invite your Word, Father, to come and take its place and show us how to live by grace, to search our hearts and know us…

Lord, show us… reveal and clean your temple because we’re called to be holy even as you are holy.

We’re called to do everything just exactly as you did it, Lord,

We just simply give you the space and the time to conform us more and more into the image of your dear Son.

It has been given us to know the things that you know to see and know to experience the world as you experienced it but even greater because you sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within us all.

He’s the greater one, the one that lifts us up to where we belong.

Sharpen us, Lord, sharpen our ears to hear.

Create in us, Father, new ways of walking in strength and victory.

Feed us with your faithfulness as we simply hear your voice and obey whatever prompting…

Let us know with final certainty… nothing matters, nothing’s necessary, nothing holds sway but your word.

Your beautiful, alluring words in our ears, instruments of finely tuned gold, pure hearing.

Right from the holy place where we belong.

It’s the beginning of the year and we’re starting to read again out of Genesis. How we were called to walk with you and to hear you so clearly face to face.

But they fell from grace and they were expelled from the garden of your dwelling place. And there was some cherubim and there was a flaming sword. And it moved in every direction to keep them from coming in. The entrance into the secret place. But that veil was torn. And that fire is only there that we would enter in and be as pure as He is.

On the way here, I was crying and praying out for the fire of God to get ready, to prepare the way. So we simply enter in and that refining fire makes us as holy as He is.

Father, we turn to you. We come into your presence. Lord, you are our reward.

Like Moses, if you don’t go with us, we’re not going to come up out of any place.

Your presence makes us whole… it heals and restores and brings us even into a greater place than the original design because that’s your way … ever increasing degrees of your glory and goodness.

Lord, we let go of all that has been holding us back from knowing you more, from entering into that fire.

All we need is your presence to hear your sweet voice.

You allure us with your grace.

You make up all the difference. There is no lack in you. There is no shadow of turning. There’s just light.

Eternal light now. Light!

Now faith is light that brings everything back and everything right. You’re so much greater.

Father, if we were to naturally consider all the things that would need to be in place to be brought back to being right, it would be impossible.

But with God, everything is possible.

But all things come back to their original intent and even greater.

Father, we magnify you. You are God after all. You are the greater one in us coming through us, making manifest your knowledge.

It’s a greater, higher knowledge than the earth could ever attain.

It’s above the scrutiny of mere man and you want to reveal it through us.

Father of light, have your way in us.

Lord, make manifest things that we have no idea… for eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man the things you have prepared and made ready.

Father, we desire that you would be satisfied in a greater degree today, that you would have your most excellent way.

We could pray in so many different directions. You know, stand for things we’ve been standing for, for years.

Father, have your way, unfold throughout the day.

We don’t want to even be seen. We want you to be seen. We want your way manifest, manifest, manifest, manifest.

We’re crying out for your glory, Father. We need to see you.

The world needs to see you. Show us your glory. Reveal. Reveal, reveal. Open up doors. They can’t stay shut.

Your church shining bright on a hill and all the gates fling open and all the bars that hold people in fear break free.

And everyone knows that God is among us.

Thank you for the revealing… the opening up of the secrets of men’s hearts… declaring, falling on their face and declaring, letting go of the understanding of the world’s ways and entering into a deeper way, a way of healing and restoration.

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