Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, January 19, 2024

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Brother DJ…

Let’s worship Jesus this morning on this good Friday. Let’s give Him all the praise and glory and honor.

What is the one thing you want from God?

I’ve been reminding myself about His peace. How many people are looking for peace? I remember a guy I met, very wealthy. I have sold him a bunch of houses. I still do. He’s from India. Very successful. I said, “Paul, if you want one thing God to do for you, one prayer, what would it be?” I thought maybe he’s going to say “one more property,” which he already has a lot. He might say “more.” You know what he said to me? I can remember like it was yesterday. I said, “Paul, what is the one thing you want?” His hand goes right here on his head. He said, “DJ, I want to have peace.” Peace! He didn’t ask me for properties, anything. “I just want peace in my home. I want peace in my mind. I want peace.”

Jesus said, Peace I leave with you…

Then I said, the peace you’re looking for… we understand we need all those houses, cars, and everything, but we know the peace of God which passes all understanding guards this heart and this mind in Christ Jesus. That’s why it says He’s the prince of peace. You can depend on Jesus. The peace of God. Peace I leave with you.

And we worship you. You are the prince of peace. There is none like you.

Peace that passes all understanding shall guard our heart and this mind in Christ Jesus.

And we worship you, the Prince of peace. There is none like you. We worship you, almighty God.

Today’s Friday the 19th. Good morning, everybody that is watching around the world in this chapel. As we worship and pray and speak the Word of God, the wisdom and knowledge and prophetic and healing in His wings.

Prayer request…

Today in the dream I saw a few days ago, this lady who’s African American, a black lady. She came and said, “DJ, I didn’t even know how to pronounce myself. I heard and I thought I have a hepatitis C. Would you pray for me?” I said, “Sure, I will. Hepatitis C. Now you’re listening this morning. You’re here. He’s going to be a hepatitis C we’ll be praying.

Father, we lift up the name above our name, Jesus Christ. He’s the Lord God that healeth thee. He sent His Word and there was a dream.

Oh, Father, I thank you in this year, dream after dreams after dreams… Good dreams. Healthy dreams. Healing dreams. Wealthy dreams.

Psalm 19:14…

When the 19th they come. My mind go quickly to Psalm 19. You can read a whole psalm. I think it’s like 25 verses. But the one verse that stands out to remember. We remember the scriptures. Verse 14, “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.” … my healer, my provider. Oh Lord, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my thoughts be pleasing unto you.

The word of wisdom…

I heard “You got to drink some orange juice.” This is a word of knowledge to someone. I’m like, “Why does somebody have to drink orange juice?” The Spirit of God said, “You see in Florida, orange is sunshine. We don’t have that much sunshine in Minnesota.” He said, “When you drink the orange juice, you’re drinking the sunshine.” Hallelujah. Sunshine. Can you believe that you can drink sunshine? Orange juice, Word of wisdom, Word of knowledge.

Return to the Lord…

The Lord says, “Return to me and I will return to you.”

I met someone a few days ago who used to be very grounded in Christ. I know the man. I ran into him and he said, “You always say ‘Let’s go to church. Come to prayer. But I went too far now.” I said, “From who? … Far where?” I said, “God is so big, you cannot go too far from Him. He’s big! Almighty God. There is none like Him.” He said, “Why should even I go now? It’s all over.” He’s young. “How do I turn back to Him?” He said, “I stopped giving. I’ve stopped tithing and this and that.” I said, “Well, the quick way to return to God, is just return. When you can’t go to church, you go to church. When you can’t go, go to church again, right?” He said, “But I can’t. I’m gone too far.” But it’s never too far. The hand of the Lord is not too short so the arm can’t reach.”

Malachi 3:10…

So I open up the scripture in the Maliah 3:10. Everybody knows Malachi 3:10 is a tithe, 10%. I was amazed by the number. Why is the verse 10 where you say bring your tithe? Hallelujah. The quick way to return. He said “Return to me.” How I should return? He said, “Bring your tithes and offering to the storehouse and so there will be meat in my house.” A quick way to return. Quick! He wanted a quick return. He went too far away, but he wants to quickly come back. Thank you, Father. We pray for this man. And we say, “Come back to the house of the Lord.” There is room for you. You are the child of God. He will return to you and you’ll return back to Him. He said, Come near to Me and I’ll come to you. Draw near to Me and He’ll draw you to Him. Hallelujah. Father, draw that man unto you.

Take the test drive…

I’m just going to read it. It said to take the test drive. Since we are at Malachi 3:10. He said the most exciting part of buying a new car is taking a test drive. It’s the chance to experience all the benefits for yourself. Well, did you know that God invites us to take a test drive? Did you know that? Oh, yes. He said His offer is in Malachi 3:10. “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”

Then he said, “That’s quite an offer.” Try me out, God says. Bring the tithe and I will bless you. I will open the windows and door… opportunity for you. He says, “I will take your test drive, Father. I will take your Word. Thank you that you never fail us in Jesus’ name.” Quick return! Return to Me. Hallelujah.

Sister Cindy…

Thank you, Father, for your peace that passes all understanding. When DJ just said that, I just got a kind of a glimpse. I don’t even know, but it’s like we’re going along and we’re thinking in certain biblical terms of things that we know from experience, things that we know from reading His Bible are true, but all of a sudden we get overtaken. It’s like the surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life. But really that word “follow” means “to chase after and overtake, kind of trample us down.”

When I was a little girl, us kids would do that to my dad and he would egg us on and we’d just run after him. And then he’d pretend to fall down and we would jump all over him. And that’s what the Lord is doing. He’s far surpassing our understanding so that we’re in the moment going, “I don’t know what just happened. Something overtook me that was something far beyond my understanding. But I allowed my Father to take His place in my heart that I would live out of that place with Him. And my understanding and the way I think would just have to catch up.

I think of the word “launching out.” He says, “Launch out into these places that are above your head, kind of like waters.” It’s like, I got to think about that. I got to calculate. I got to say, what is the risk involved and should I do that? And He says no my soul has no pleasure in those who draw back. So practice My presence and do little things in response to my direction. Little things that maybe don’t really even matter a lot of times when in the past they would encourage us to just minister to people in the church because it’s a safe place to practice.

But, Father, we thank you that you’re wanting us to be trained and equipped here in this place so that we would go out into places that might seem like it’s over our head. We don’t know what we’re doing necessarily, but He’s given us a step and He’s encouraging us all along the way because we’re getting used to Him showing up even in the places where it doesn’t look like He’s showing up. Our confidence, our assurance, the experience of walking with you has taught us not to look at those things, not to seriously even consider them, to keep our eyes on you, to keep our hearts tuned in, to give you that place right away in the morning, maybe at night whenever it is that you appoint your day for God’s will way. We can do that ahead of time. God did it. He speaks the end from the beginning. He’s created us in His very image to do the none less. We do know less, Father, we sit in that seat with you.

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