Morning Prayer Report for Monday, March 7, 2022

Thank You, Lord, we worship and bless Your name
We behold and magnify You today
You are worthy of all the glory, honor, and praise
Yes, we set our hearts, our affection, and our sights on You, Lord
We turn our eyes, our gaze and our hearts to You, fully and completely
Father, we look away from distractions, we look away from all that would discourage
You are the bright and morning star, You are the soon coming King
You are the answer, the fulfillment and the One who laid Your life down for us
We love and worship You; bless You, Lord, we lift up Your name, Lord
We lift up Your name over America, we lift up Your name over the Ukraine
We lift up the name of Jesus over Israel, over the nations today!
We magnify and worship You, we give You glory and we exalt You on high
Praying for strongholds to be broken and chains to fall off
Calling for a breaking of the fallow ground among the nations, Lord
There is a breaking up of fallow ground, so that there can be a planting in that ground, Father
Yes, the work of God is being done in this day and in this hour
Praying for preparation today, Your Spirit is being released, angels are being released
The hand of God is being released to prepare the way!
It is time to get ready, it is time to prepare for what He has prepared for us
We pray out ahead in the realm of the spirit, in the realm of the natural
There is a setting of the stage now, there is an opening of doors
Doors in England are being opened now!
Opened in Eastern European nations, and all around Ukraine
We lift up those nations, and we pray for preparations in the atmosphere
Praying for a preparation of harvest, a world harvest!
Calling for a great awakening all across this nation, Father
The Church will arise in these last days!
Declaring for the Church to rise up in this nation and around the world
Churches in Russia and in China are rising up!
We cover those regions, we cover Europe and Asia
There is a change and a shift taking place today, there is a breaking loose of some things
Transformations are taking place, the Gospel is being spread across this land and beyond
Calling for an awakening, a revival, and church plants to take root, Father
There are miraculous works of God being seen today!
Open up, open up, open up!
We lift up the league of nations, You are raising up new leagues of nations
Those nations will fall in alignment with Your Word in these last days
You are dealing with those nations that oppose You and stand with the enemy
Praying for alignment today in the nations, preparations are taking place
We pray over America, and we plead the blood of Jesus over the borders
Father, we lift up our leaders, and we pray that You would guide them to all the truth
Yes, we are entering a critical time, and we call for leaders who can lead, Lord
We pray that You would wake us up, give us eyes to see the days we are living in
Grant unto us wisdom for the things that are transpiring
Praying for a shaking in the Church, a holy shaking that wakes us up
Yes, we will open our eyes to see and our ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying, Father
There is mercy in the voice of God now!
The Spirit of God is speaking and His voice brings peace, mercy, and grace
Your Word will sustain us, and it will propel us and cause us to arise
We are stepping up to a whole new level in our partnership with God
No, we are not going down and we will not be defeated but we are overcomers!
Father, You are causing us to triumph in these last days
You are the way maker and You are making a way where there seems to be no way
We pray over the landscape of the Church right now, wake up, Church!
Open your eyes, and your ears, arise and let your light shine, Church!
Yes, we take a stand on Your Word, Father
You called us to lay hands on the sick, and they will recover
You called us to cast out demons and to preach the gospel
It is time, we must shake lethargy, shake off slothfulness
We will obey, we will get up and go
No, we cannot stay here, it is time to take another step
The Spirit of God is yearning, yearning over the Church
Hearts be opened, we command an opening up in Jesus’ name!
Churches and nations are being opened up!
In our cities, hearts are being opened up to more of You, Lord
An opening of glory, an opening of God, an opening of time
We must get up and go, we must get to work!
Calling for a greater work to be done in these last days
The deep is calling out to the deep
God is working, Your anointing is moving in and through us
We pray for spiritual hunger that more Christians would push away distractions
Yes, we will embrace the call of God in these days
Praying for gatherings, there would be a greater gathering of the Church
You are gathering us together, Lord
It is time, the harvest is coming in
We lift up Chicago, praying for an opening up in Chicago
Calling for spiritual awakenings over cities and over nations
Covering the broken and the hurting with the precious blood of Jesus
Thank You that You meet us where we are
Praying for openings over cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York
Openings over Paris, Belarus, Sydney, and over London
Openings over Moscow and Ukraine, supernatural openings!
Father, we pray over those people in Ukraine that they would get where they need to go
Calling for the miraculous and for people to come to Christ
We reverence You, Father, we honor You
Be still our hearts in adoration for You
You are our God, and You are eternally good, faithful, kind, and generous
We worship You, Father
Thank You for Your presence that is surrounding us today
Praying over the combinations, that the combinations would come together
There is a pushing out, a pushing out of forces of darkness
Pushing out deceptions of the enemy in these last days
We build up a hedge against the forces of darkness
Calling for an exposing of lies, exposing of strategies of the enemy
Praying for the light to expose the darkness
Calling for holy and spirit light to bring those things to the surface
We surrender our hearts before You, Lord
Father, we repent and pray that we would turn more and more toward You
Praying for the rightness of God in the hearts of Your people
There is a stirring up of Your plan in this nation
We pray for a reversal of those evil doctrines, and we pray for the truth to come forth
There is an exposing of darkness, and we pray for mercy over those that are lost
Yes, we pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation, open their eyes, Lord
Calling for a greater gathering of souls!

We call those that are lost to come back!
Yes, we reach out to them today
Thank You for Your mercy and Your grace, Father
Praying out ahead over April, we cover it with the blood of Jesus
Doors are opening in April, there is a fullness there in April
There is a key in April, we pray out ahead of that, You are making a way, Lord
Give us eyes to see it, Lord
Yes, we will cooperate with Your Spirit, there is a cooperating
Things are coming together, there is an alignment
We are plowing through those strongholds
There is a pathway being made for our God to come!
Yes, there is a great opening up
Calling for suddenlies in the name of Jesus
Thank You for openings; Church get ready, the time is near!
No, we will not fear, for we will be at rest, and we are at peace for You have made a way for us
We lean into You, and we thank You for a greater perspective in these last days
Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every believer
You are so good, and so faithful

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