Morning Prayer Notes for Tuesday, January 11, 2022

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Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everyone. Welcome to those of you who are in the chapel and those who have joined us online. It’s good to be here again, to come together and pray.

Sensing the Holy Spirit is prompting to go in the direction of healing

I feel the Spirit of God is prompting us to go in a direction in regard to healing. So, I just want to encourage you, whether it’s healing in your body, or whether it’s healing for a relationship, a situation, your heart emotional, spiritual, physical, or otherwise to kind of set your faith this morning to expect as we worship and pray God’s healing river. We talked about rivers yesterday. But just expect that that river of healing will flow. And then when I come up, perhaps, I’ll specifically call out some things and pray over some specific things as I kind of sense them in my heart for people that are participating that are here or elsewhere. Does that sound good?

Opening prayer…

We welcome the Spirit of God and pray that you would begin to move in our souls and in our situations and through us today, Lord, that we would be yielded vessels to release your plan, your power, your burden-removing yoke-destroying power into our situations and circumstances, and into the world and into those areas and places that you desire to bring hope, light, deliverance, answers. And so we just dedicate our hearts and time to you and invite you to minister healing, encouragement, hope to each and every one of us as we turn our attention toward you during this time in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Father.

Annie led group in worship…

Annie shared…

I don’t know about any of you, but when I’m attacked like that, I just go to the Word like medicine, right? And your symptoms are always yelling really loud, kike, “Why are you doing that?” I was listening to a testimony. A guy who had been in the British army in North Africa on Montgomery’s Retreat. And ended up for a year in the hospital and the infection would not heal, would not heal, would not heal. And he decided to go through the Bible with the blue pencil and just start underlining if there were scriptures about healing. Afterall, he had nothing better to do with his time. And he said, “Guess what I ended up with at the end of that? A blue Bible.” He was so amazed to find how all through the Bible, the Lord is our healer. It was a revelation to him, and it showed him the love of God. More than the healing, he came to understand how good God is, that God isn’t the one who gives us sickness. But He’s the one who heals us. So we just go to you, Lord. Whether it’s a cold or the flu or COVID, or tooth ache or headache or sore throat or any type of pain, we thank you, Jesus. You paid the price and by your stripes, we are healed.

Pastor Ken…

Jeremiah says, “Heal me O Lord and I will be healed. Save me and I will be saved. For you are the one I praise.”

James says, “If any among you is sick, let him call for the elders of the Church to pray over them and anoint them with oil and in the name of the Lord and the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well. The Lord will raise them up. If they have committed any sin, they shall be forgiven.

Exodus 15 says, If you listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what is right in His eyes, if you pay attention to His commands, which Annie just referenced and reminded us of and keep all His decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you.

Exodus 23 says, “Worship the Lord your God. And His blessing will be on your food and water. And I will take sickness from among you.”

Isaiah 41 says “Do not fear for I am with you.” That’s a good word right there. “Do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah writes, “Surely He,” speaking of Jesus, “took our pain and bore our suffering. Yet we considered Him punished by God, stricken and afflicted, but He was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought us peace was on Him and by His wounds, we are healed.”

Jeremiah says, “But I will restore to you health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord.”

Another passage says that He sent His word and healed them, and restored them. (Ps. 107:20)

Yesterday, I referenced the narrative of the Gospels, where it says that Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the enemy.

That makes it really clear and helps us understand that God is a healer that He only wants to heal, that there is no instance where He cursed or afflicted somebody with sickness. He may have permitted some situations because of the disobedience of God’s people, because they chose that way. But always He is working to position us to receive and participate in and enjoy the healing flow. Like that river that issues forth from heaven. “Well, Ken, I can’t see that. I don’t tangibly see that?” Well, the Bible is very clear that there is a river that is stocked full of everything that pertains to our life and to our godly journey. That includes healing.

I’m reminded as well in the New Testament of 1st Peter 2:24. It’s speaking of Jesus and part of what He did in the redemptive work. It says, “Who” speaking of Jesus Himself, “bore our sins in his own body on the tree (that’s on the cross) that we having died to sin might live for righteousness. By whose stripes you were healed.” It’s in a past tense language there. And in the mind of God… Well, let’s put it this way. Scripture reads that God raised Jesus from the dead and seated Him at His own right hand. And in another place, it says that He raised us up with Him to be seated jointly with Him. That we might receive and enjoy and do life with an identical position and possession with Jesus.

So everything that Jesus purchased and paid for is ours right now. Amen? And it’s up to us to take hold of that. As Annie mentioned, by being a student of the Word, we leave the promises of God on the side of the road of our lives, so to speak, when we leave His Word to chance. But we’ve got to be a people who are intentional, passionate, and determined … not perfect, but determined. A people who daily pursue His Word, turn our attention toward His promises, toward His revealed will and purpose for our lives, that His Word would more and more inform, shape, and renew us and our consciousness and our inward parts of our lives as to what reality should be for us.

Part of that reality is that we would be free—body, soul, and spirit. Made whole, have a continual experience, a personal experience of Shalom. He is the God, our peace. Jesus, the prince of peace. Sent to bring Shalom to humanity, to all those who will turn their attention to Him, to all those who will receive Him, to all those who will journey with Him and engage in relationship on an ongoing basis in our daily lives, leaning into Him with our entire personality and intellect and understanding, choosing to let His Word dictate what we think more than the world and its reports of evil.

Shalom. Peace. Which means that nothing shall be missing, nothing broken, nothing out of joint, nothing repelling in our bodies, but only a wholeness.

When Jesus spoke “Peace, be still” to the wind and the waves on that notable day on the sea of Galilee, the very elements of nature listened to Him and responded. And so, too, when we speak “peace, be still,” when we take a strong stand on the promise of God and speak it or pray it or give God praise for it. So too the elements, so too our bodies. So too our circumstances, so too the environment in which we’re in must respond!

Declaration of peace…

And so this morning, Father, I declare peace over each and every one of us today. I declare peace over those who are joining us online. If you’re online, say “I receive that now.” Say “Yes and amen. I agree with you.”

I declare peace over people’s souls… I declare peace over bodies today… I declare peace to cancer today… I declare peace to back pain… peace to COVID to flu… to colds… I declare peace to cancers in whatever part of your body you might have a negative report of cancer…

Speaking death to cancer…

I declare cancer to die in your body. I declared every rebelling part, every cancer cell, every sickness, every form of malady, every form of demonic oppression… I command you to bow your knee in the name of Jesus

Declaration of peace continued…

I declare peace to panic. If you’re experiencing panic today, I declare peace. And for some of you, you might need to take this for a loved one or a family member or somebody you know in your workplace… just receive it. And if you have a chance, put your hand on them later today if it’s appropriate … or just receive it for them and pray it for them.

I declare peace today over fear. I declare peace, wholeness, restoration, Shalom over homes, over finances, over situations that seem incurable. I declared the cure, the blood of Jesus, the peace of God, the Word of God in Jesus’ name… I declare peace over churches. Peace over cities. Peace over America today. Peace be still in the name of Jesus.


Thank you, Father. Thank you, Lord Jesus. We just receive peace. We receive wholeness. We receive healing.

Just let the Spirit of God in. He’s rolling in like a wave, like a river… Just receive Him … welcomed Him.

And there’s nothing more to do to receive healing, peace, wholeness, what we need today. Just be thankful… be receptive, just invite and welcome Him and say, “thank you, Lord. I receive that.”

Jesus made a way for us…

It’s got nothing to do with our effort. It’s got nothing to do with us being perfect or not doing wrong and only doing right, now has got everything to do with the blood. It’s got everything to do with the fact that Jesus went ahead of us and prepared a way. He is eternally our waymaker, and He’s already made a way for your breakthrough. He’s already made a way for you to have peace today in the workplace. Peace in your own soul peace in your situation. Peace in your mind. Peace in your finances. It’s already ours. If you profess Jesus, it’s yours. So receive it and thank Him for it. Welcome it. Rejoice in it. Celebrate it. Thank you, Father.

We welcome you into the deepest places of our souls. We command anxiety and panic and tread and melancholy and mental illness to go and we declare peace to it today. And we just pray for a supernatural release of recovery from the effects of it, healing from all of it.

A word of knowledge…

There’s some… maybe there’s one or maybe more than one … that you have been undone maybe since you had COVID, maybe since something happened in recent months or years, you just been like undone and you just spiral out of control really quickly in your soul and in your emotions. And you can hardly function at times. It’s affecting you physically. It’s affecting you emotionally. It’s affecting your life. I just declare that work of the enemy, that weapon that’s been formed against you. I declare today that it is broken! It’s effects, it’s workings in your life, I command it to stop in that person or those persons’ lives and souls and families. I command a perennial experience of anxiety to cease and to bow its knee to the name of Jesus. I declare fear to go! Darkness to dissipate and leave in Jesus’ name! Leave off people’s souls, off their minds, off their experience of life. Go! in Jesus’ name.

Release wholeness…

We just release a wholeness, a peace, a joy, a restoration, a relief of God through your anointing right now into people’s inner beings, into their lives and into their homes today. Peace be still from this day forward.

I hold up the blood of Jesus over this community, this prayer movement, this prayer family in person and online. Here at Living Word, the family in the body of Christ represented through each and every person that has logged in this morning, wherever they are in the world, I declare peace! I declare the love of God! I declare grace over them in Jesus’ name!

And we just hold up the blood and we just mark our lives and our homes and our very souls today. And thoughts today and bodies today, once again, by the blood, we apply the blood over every situation in Jesus’ name.

We’re not afraid…

And we declare, Devil, we’re coming your way today. We’re taking new ground. We’re coming at you today. We’re not afraid any longer. We’re not afraid of fear. We’re not afraid of panic. We’re not afraid of the past. We’re not afraid of the future. We’re not afraid of cancer because the blood of Jesus speaks of our deliverance in advance of us even encountering a problem.

Declaring the blood…

We declare the blood is before us today that we’re marching forward as individuals, as pray-ers, as believers, as the church in the earth of this hour… Lord Jesus, help us. Propel us forward to take ground now … to take new territory… to not relent, to not acquiesce to the status quo, but to lean in and to move forward today. As the body of Christ, as individuals in our specific callings and purposes and families and journeys… Lord, we hold up the blood and we move forward holding high, the standard of the Spirit and Jesus

Prayer for courage… spirit of wisdom and revelation to be released

I pray for strength today. Courage today. Anybody who’s been disconnected from their courage or discouraged and disjointed and struggling in some way emotionally, once again, physically, they’ve been frustrated. They felt stuck in a rut… Those of us individually today, Father, open up our hearts, help us to see. I pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation to be released, to be unlocked in us, to cause our eyes to open and to be inundated with life and the glorious understanding that the future is bright for us. I pray for a streaming of hope, unhindered into people’s hearts, lives, churches, and pastors, and into pray-ers, into families.

Enough is enough…

We stand up and say “Enough is enough, Devil” … enough is enough, COVID … enough is enough, whatever’s happened to us, whatever we’ve been through, whatever we’ve experienced that seems to keep us down or cause us to be stuck or spiral out of control or panic in some way or not move forward or have a constant thing in our gut that feels dreadful, we say “enough is enough.” We say, “be broken every assignment of the enemy over individuals over churches today, we command it to be broken, to be severed in the name of Jesus.”

A release of healing flow and joy…

We pray for a release of a healing flow to the Church, a healing restoring flow to the Church, to lives, to families.

Lord, for there to be as well, Father, a restoration of joy, joy, joy. Oh for your kingdom is defined as righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. So we just declare joy over the Church, to pastors, to prayer leaders, joy to moms and dads and children today. We speak joy today… that there would come a joy restoration, a joy movement in the Church, a resurgence of joy and peace and excitement and anticipation and a positive forward looking expectation of faith in the hearts of your people.

Help us, Lord, help the church now … more than any other time become preoccupied in and captivated by the goodness of God…

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