Morning Prayer Notes for Thursday, March 31, 2022

Pastor Tammara welcome…

Well, we’d like to welcome you all to morning prayer. On behalf of Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond and Pastor Ken, we’d like to welcome you. My name is Tammara. My husband, Folu, and I are pastors here on staff, and we will be leading prayer today. Let’s just pray.

Group prayed…

Heavenly Father, we thank you. We thank you, Lord Jesus, that this is the day that you have made you say we shall rejoice and be glad in it. And we thank you, Father God, for life.

We thank you for healing in our bodies, from the top of our head to the soles of our feet

We thank you Lord for being our all in all, our way maker, our miracle worker, for being our strong tower.

Thank you for meeting every need in our lives, according to your riches and glory

Father God, we lay everything aside, every weight, everything that so easily besets us and we give it to you.

You said cast every care upon you, for you care for us. And we are joyful are expectant for what you’re going to do because we know it’s good. It’s always good.

Every joint supplies today, whether online or in person… Father, we pull on you in your anointing.

Group prays in the spirit…

We receive everything you have for us, Jesus … receive, receive, receive, receive, receive, receive … Heavenly Father, we adore you …

We want to have this time with you. Thank you for giving us our marching orders…

The Lord prepares the way before us…

Isn’t it so good to be in His presence? Ooh, just the deposits, just being with Him. And He delights in us and is so concerned about the deep things within our hearts, the things that are spoken and the things that are unspoken. He takes care of all those things. He’s already preparing the way. He’s already making the way. He goes before us and already prepares it. So when we walk in that room or wherever we may go, He’s already prepared. We have to be expectant of that. Thank you, Jesus. Whew. It’s a glorious time. It’s a glorious time.

Tammara shared…

What I had on my heart to share about was sacrifice. And I don’t know if you were here to hear Pastor Todd White this past weekend, but that really shook me when he talked about how he had been on day 26 of fasting. And I thought “I need to look at my life.” That takes something … that takes obedience to Him of laying down those things that we need to lay down. And boy that really encouraged me. And all of us have had to sacrifice certain things in our lives. And during this season, and this time that were in, let us ask the Lord, “Lord, what is it that you would have for me to lay down and sacrifice?” Because obviously He was the ultimate sacrifice for us. He laid down His life for us so that we could be here.

“Lord, what would you have me sacrifice…”

And that may look differently for each of us, whatever that sacrifice could be. It could include not watching TV or the Internet, purchasing our favorite beverage, or even being led to call a relative that we haven’t spoken to in years. That’s the sacrifice that could be for some of us. But whatever that may be, I encourage you and I’m going to do that myself to find out, “Lord, what is it that you would have for me to sacrifice for whatever period of time to lay down at your feet?” Because we know that there are so many things going on, so many distractions around us that are going on around the world as well.

Sacrifice doesn’t mean anything if it means nothing to us…

But just think about it. What is it? And you don’t have to think about it now, but just think on it later. And sacrifice may be freely given, but it’s not a genuine sacrifice if it doesn’t mean anything to us. We must know that we’re really giving up something important. And as we grow in our faith, we give our sacrifices to God more freely because we understand His greater sacrifice that allows us to know His grace. And sacrifice is an everyday occurrence. In Romans 12:1, it says, “Therefore, I urge you brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. That is your true and proper worship.”

The Lord doesn’t force us to obey Him…

And every day we have a choice to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice to God, and the Lord doesn’t force us to obey Him. He doesn’t force us, right? Rather He longs for us to choose the ways over our own desires, our sacrifice of living for Jesus on a daily basis in spite of the temptations, trials, and tragedies of life encourages an investment of sacrifice with an eternity of reward. Amen.

The Lord rewards sacrifice…

So when we lay down whatever that is, we know that there is eternal value, eternal rewards that are waiting for us. And obviously we don’t do it for that purpose. We do it with a grateful heart, with a glad heart unto Him, right? Because we know He’s done so much for us. And sacrifice comes through thanksgiving and it’s pleasing to Him.

In Hebrews 13: 15–16, it says “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise, the fruit of lips that openly profess his name. And do not forget to do good and to share with others for with such sacrifices, God is well pleased.”

Cultivating thanksgiving…

Sometimes when we just think about the goodness of God, if we just take time, you know, get a piece of paper out, maybe make that as an act of what we do and just write down a few things that we’re thankful for. I remember my husband had shared with me a couple of months ago that he was on a mission to write down every day the things that he was thankful for. And he was amazed at how that sheet filled up at the end of the day. Because it’s the little things that we may not think about. We’re looking for the big things that He does, but it’s the little things, right? It may be a parking spot. It might be someone may pay for our meal that’s in front of us. Favor. We have favor with man and with Him. And if we think and have that attitude of thanksgiving, it’s like the things that we may be thinking that we’re going through, it pales in comparison. Because it’s all about sacrifice. It’s all about that time that He’s done for us.

The Lord rewards obedience…

And as believers, we are often compelled to do good for others, even though they may not always return that favor. And we’re not looking for that favor in return, but yet we sacrifice with good works and the sharing of our resources as unto the Lord and as unto man. And I’m sure there have been times in your life when the Lord has asked you to sacrifice whether it might be giving an offering. It might be blessing someone else. And you may not be looking for something in return, but when you do that act out of obedience, He in turn blesses in so many different ways. And it’s not just prosperity. But we know that prosperity covers not only finance, but it covers our health, right? Our wellbeing: spirit, soul, and body. Let’s just pray about that. We just believe that the Lord is going to just speak to each of us in regards to sacrifice during this time.


Just lift your hands before the Lord. This is just an offer of sacrifice unto Him.

Father, we come open to you… we open our hands and our hearts to give you everything.

Thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice for us, Jesus. Hallelujah.

We don’t take it for granted. We don’t take it lightly, but as we open our hearts and our hands to you, Father, we thank you for meeting all of our needs according to your riches in glory.

And we thank you for showing each and every one of us the things that we might need to lay aside for a season …

And thank you that we’ll be obedient to that call

Thank you in turn so many benefits, so many rewards, new levels in you … we just speak new levels… beforehand, new levels within you … greater… deeper depths in the Spirit… time in your presence, Father … we just lay those things at your feet… those things that may have been in the way… And we thank you for just renewing us during this time… thank you for refreshing …. thank you for washing us with the water of your Word… Thank you for the blood that cleanses… thank you for cleansing, renewing

Pastor Folu…

Saints, can I just start with you a little testimony of God’s goodness? The Lord is always doing amazing things. So this past Monday, my wife and I, we get to head up the healing school here at Living Word. And this past Monday, the Lord set a new record in attendance. Healing school has probably been going on for, I don’t know, maybe 30 years now. And for the first time ever this past Monday over a hundred people attended healing school. It’s cool.

Healing School testimonies…

And not only did over a hundred people attend healing school, what the Lord did here on Monday night … We have people that join us from different countries and different states. And at least four people got baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. And it’s good to be led by the Spirit, right? And one of the things the Lord is showing me more and more is He’s showing … when I’m doing things, I do not necessarily follow a protocol. I’m ready to move, like my wife was saying, just to flow with Him.

Saints delivered from additions…

So usually when we have healing school, we have music. But I just felt like to stop the music in the middle of it and have a call for people that had been battling addiction for five years plus. Minimum of five years addiction. This place was full, over 30 people between here and the folks online. And I just really thank the Lord for that. He’s setting people free. Some of the people are standing for their loved ones. And there was a lady, right during the evening, I said, “Hey, does anybody have a testimony about from coming forward here?” And a lady raised up her hand, she said, “I came up here standing for my daughter. I can barely stand up right now. The power of God is just surging through my being.” And I said, “Lord, thank you.” So since I want you to be aware of healing school. It happens right here in this room every second and fourth Monday, and we start at 6:45.

We’re going to take summer off; we’re not usually here for June, July and August. But if you know somebody that is battling something in there body, have them tune it. They can even join us online. But for them to join us online because we use zoom. They would have to go online and registered for healing school and sign up for the online version.

Prophetic word by Jerry Savelle…

This is the best of times and the worst of times … at the same time! And one of the things He put on my heart today to talk about… this is a very specific word for Living Word, actually. So if you’re watching and if you’re not a member of Living Word, please don’t switch off. Pray for us. Pray for this church, because as you are praying for this church, you’re actually praying for your church and you’re praying for yourself.

So I want to read this. I’m not going to read the whole thing, but this is a word the Lord gave brother Jerry Savelle for Living Word, way back in 1989. And it has to do with breakthroughs.

Jerry Savelle Prophecy

May 14, 1989

“Breakthroughs are on the horizon. Breakthroughs,” saith the Lord of Grace.

“For in the field of technology, there have been breakthroughs. In the field of medicine, there have been breakthroughs. In the computer age, there have been breakthroughs. And now it’s time for a breakthrough in the Spirit.

“It is time for you to go further than you have ever been before. It is time for you to experience My glory as you have never experienced before. For I have said that you go from faith to faith and from glory to glory. And it is time for a new dimension,” saith the Lord, “a breakthrough.”

“If breakthroughs can be experienced in the natural realm, why not in the Spirit? And this is the hour for breakthroughs. For I am going to enable you to experience a breakthrough in the Spirit realm where subduing kingdoms is concerned. You will begin to understand spiritual warfare as you have not known it in days past.

“Some have seen but a glimpse, but in the days to come, you will know it as a general. You will know it as a technician. You will know it as those who are experts in their field. For I am raising up a people that shall be experts in spiritual warfare. I am raising up people that shall be technicians in spiritual warfare, and they will not only know but they will share and they will show and they will demonstrate it and shall be widespread and many kingdoms shall fall,” saith the Lord.

Pastor Folu continued…

So part of what I want us to pray about today, obviously has to do with breakthroughs in this realm. And as you have heard, the Lord say this is not just for Living Word. Anyone that is watching right now, you can take this for yourself because the Lord wants you also personally to be a giant, to be a technician, to be a general in this area. This is not an area that a lot of people talk about. But the Lord spoke this to this church way back on May 14, 1989.

What is a breakthrough?

So let’s just look at this a little bit. Breakthroughs. What is a breakthrough anyway? It’s a sudden dramatic and important discovery or development, a major breakthrough. It’s an advance. It’s a step forward. It’s like a quantum leap. And the Lord gives us examples that in technology there have been breakthroughs, in the field of medicine. When you think about technologies, think about this… the telephone came into being in 1876. The television showed up in 1927 and then the Internet in 1973. That’s just one example of breakthroughs that have happened.

And the Lord says just like you’ve had all this technological and medical and all these breakthroughs, I want that to be a breakthrough in this area.

A furtherance in the spirit realm…

He says it is time for you and I to go further. Not that we’re not going already, but think about it… a furtherance. That’s like additional to what we’re already doing, especially in this area. And I love this. It is time for you to experience My glory as you have never experienced before. I’m sure all of us in this room and the folks online have experienced the glory of God in some form. But God says, “Son, daughter, I want you to experience My glory like you’ve never experienced it before.” And he said it’s time for a new dimension.

Brother Hagin testimony…

And then it goes on and says, “if breakthroughs can be experienced in the natural realm, why not in the spirit? Just to give you an example. You might have heard this before. Brother Hagin talked about how he was praying for one of his brothers and he would say something like this: “Lord, touch my brother. Touch him. Save him.” And he had been doing this for years, for years! But his brother was getting going from bad to worse. So as he kept on praying, the Lord said, “Son, take it further. Take authority over this situation.” And then he said something along the lines that is an example for us. He says, “I bind that spirit that is tormenting my brother. I think authority over that spirit. And I call him saved.” Something along those lines. He said within days… We’re talking about spiritual warfare. The Lord said He’s going to teach us more and more about this. And one of the things that I’m learning myself is the importance of taking the authority. Because Jesus said whatever you say, I will back you up. And whatever you say in line with the Word, I will back it up.

Some have seen a glimpse…

So I want us to pray about this, about breakthroughs. Because he said some… and I know a lot of us here… some have seen but a glimpse. Maybe there are some people here that I’ve seen more than a glimpse. But He in the days to come, you will know it as a general. Think about that. When you know something as a general, when you know something as an expert, when you know something as a technician, it means like you are now one of the go-to people. It’s like when does a need  in the spiritual warfare that they’re seeking you out. They’re seeking you out. They’re like, “Well, we know a general in that area.”

And why is this needed, saints? I have seen so many things happen. I mean, people coming from outside in here that needed supernatural deliverance, that needed to be set free from different kinds of bondages. I think about it, saints, when people show up like that, I mean, we’ve had a number of situations. It used to be out there, but it’s now happening in here. And Minnesota is a hot bed. God needs people like you and I to be experts in this area because so many people are getting messed up.

It’s happening right here close to home…

I’ll give you an example. Right here in Maple Grove, I’m at a stall and I’m about to walk out of the store. It’s used to be Speedway. So I’m about to walk out and there’s three employees in there. And so I get to the door and I said, “let me just say something.” So I just said, “Hey guys, have a great evening and Jesus loves you.” That’s all I said. And I was going to proceed to go out. One of those young kids, she can’t be more than 25 years old. She said, “Hail Satan.” Right here in Maple Grove. I looked at the girl … so I came back in. I said, “What did you just say?” She said, Hail Satan. It’s like, whoa. Then I said, “Hey, if you want that thing cast out of you, I can help you. She said, “No. I want more devils. Hail Satan.” I turned around and walked out. Like, if you want it, she’ll shall have it.

Like I said, we’ve had a number of incidents right here. So no wonder way back then in 1989, the Lord has been saying to us here, “Hey, I want you to be an expert in this area and I don’t want you to delegate it to somebody else.” Cause that’s what humans tend to do. “Well, that must be for the pastor. That must be for somebody that has been a Christian for a long time.” No! It could be you. I want us to pray about this. Because this was very specific for this church.

Prayed about breakthroughs…

So, Father, we thank you for breakthroughs in this area. And you give us so many examples that… if you’ve had breakthroughs in medicine, you’ve had breakthroughs in technology. Why not in this area? So Spirit of the living God, we know that there’s no way we can have a breakthrough in this area without your help. So Spirit of the living God, we need you and we need you desperately. We need you moment by moment, hour by hour. Spirit of the living God, we need you.

And we say thank you because we know we already have you, but we would just ask that you help us to tap into you more and more and more and more.

Saints, as soon as I said that, here’s what came to my spirit. As soon as I said, we need you desperately, I remember a word that the Lord gave through brother Copeland years ago. And it talked about how it’s so important for you and I to engage Him in small things and in big things, you know, like decisions. And he said in that particular word, what is small to you is actually big to me. And what is big to you might be small to me. So just check in with Me regarding every situation. And then the Lord went ahead and used something very practical, something very demonstrative that you and I can relate with. He used the analogy, the example of driving a car. And He said that when you get in your vehicles, ask Me the way the route to take to get to your destination. And then He said, Remember 9/11. Because as some of you know, there were a lot of men and women on 9/11 that allowed the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them. And they took a different way to work. Or some of them did not go to work that day because they allowed the Holy Spirit to lead them.

So the Lord said, “Ask me in small things and in big things. Don’t just ask Me just for the big things. I know what I found out, as I’ve endeavored to live by this, as I’ve endeavored to check in with the Lord. I did it this morning. “Lord, should I go a different route? Show me how to get to church this morning.” What I found out for me personally is that it has really helped me in other areas of my life.

So Father, we thank you that in small things and in big things, all of us, Lord, we’ll continually check in with you because you said what is big in our eyes is actually small in yours. And what we might consider as small, might be big in your eyes. So to check in with you concerning every situation.

So Lord, for those of us that are not already doing that, we just make that switch. We just bring you along. We say, Holy Spirit, show me how should I get to my destination? I know that this is the way I’ve gone for 10 years, 15 years, but show me how I should go right now. And if He leads you a different way, I believe by His grace, you will yield and you will follow His leadership.

We thank you for breakthroughs, breakthroughs, breakthroughs for everyone that is here right now, everyone that is watching online. In the realm of the spirit … you said you are going to enable us to experience a breakthrough in the spirit realm where subduing kingdoms is concerned… help us to experience this, Father, because this is for this house. And this is for everyone that takes it for themselves personally, and maybe takes it for their own church … This is an area where we need skill. This is an area where we need to be developed. You want people to be technicians. You want people to be experts in this area of spiritual warfare. Father, I count myself in, I believe everyone that is here, everyone that is watching online counts themselves in also so that we can get the job done in this last days.

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