Morning Prayer Notes for Friday, October 8, 2021

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Jeannie shared…

Good morning. This morning we are going to pray from the perspective of Kairos moments: gates, pearls, and now.

Father, I thank you so much for your Word. Your Word that is now, that is the alpha and the omega… your Word that never changes. And we thank you for the opportunity to agree with you today. And, Father, we also thank you that you reveal to us today and give us the revelation that these are indeed the days that we prayed for.

I just came back from a trip in Montana. We drove through small towns. In one of the little gift shops, there was a sign that said, “These are the days we prayed for.” And, at first, I thought “What?” And then immediately, the Holy Spirit said, “They are! These are the days you prayed for.”

So, Father, we thank you for that right now. That these are the days we prayed for, where the glory of God is upon us. And it causes the nations to come to us. These are the days of the glorious Church. Right now!

So, as I was asking the Holy Spirit about today, I came across a message from Heidi Baker. She came to a church and was speaking in early September. She was talking about her now, right now in Mozambique. And about how in the middle of her “now,” God was calling her to come to the Western Church. And this was a week or two ago. And she was talking about what she is experiencing in her country right now. I’m going to tell you what she talked about. But as I tell you this, let it stir you up in your spirit.

I was asking God, “Why would you call Heidi to come to America when everything that’s going on in her country is so severe?” She’s lost hundreds of friends who’ve been killed, who’ve been martyred. People, their children are being decapitated in front of them because they won’t deny Christ. I could speak more to what she said. She was very tentative with the information she shared. But that is her now, right now. And in the middle of all of that, she ended up on the floor with the weightiness of God, interceding for America. And God was saying, “I want you to go to the west.” And she said, “I don’t want to go. They’re not hungry there.”

The whole premise of her message was “How Dare We Bargain With God!” And when she was having this conversation with Him, she said, “Many times He still speaks to me in that very gentle Father like comforting voice.” But He wasn’t that way with her at all this time. Basically what He said was, “How dare you bargain with Me?” And it speaks to me of His fervent love for America. He loves this country, and He loves the Church here. And the Church has a role to play in America for such a time as this.

So I watched that message and then I said to Him, “Father, why would you send Heidi? Why would you send her to America when all of these things are happening right now?” I mean, she was just pouring her heart out to the church in America. And not pouring her heart out to them from the perspective of “wake up,” from the perspective of “this is my experience right now. These are my people’s experience right now.”

And here’s the other piece that she shared. The people that were seeking out the Christians to persecute them and execute them and torture them, some of them had escaped. And so they had all gotten together and some of their children had run into the woods and they still didn’t know where they were. And I mean, this is her present now. And they got together and were praying. And these people that have endured so much and are still enduring so much ended up with this inexplicable joy.

So, Father, I just humble myself right now. And ask you speak through me what you would have to say regarding Kairos moments, gates and pearls, and now.

As I was seeking Him about today, asking Him “Why did you bring Heidi Baker back to the west when she didn’t want to come? And why were you so fervent to make sure she did?” And He reminded me of the pledge of allegiance. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic for which it stands here.” Here it is: “One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. One nation. Under God. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all!

How was our nation founded? People came from across and rode the ocean! Lost many lives because they had to worship God in freedom. And our pledge of allegiance was one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. And here’s Heidi came from the US, actually came out of California where revival is happening right now, and she ended up in Mozambique. And God is saying, “I want you to visit the Western Church.” I believe part of it is He wants us to be reminded of our first love. He’s calling us to a full surrender. He’s calling us to remember who we are— a nation under God.

Father, I just thank you that you burn that in our hearts right now. That as the Church founded this country that the Church stands again. And Jesus is the answer, as He’s always been the answer. He’s like the constant thread that’s the answer. And it’s becoming more and more apparent that He’s our only answer. Thank God that these are the days we prayed for.

So I’m going to read Dutch Sheets “Give Him 15” from October 1st. “Recognize Your Time.”

John 5:1–9 tells the story of a paralyzed man healed by Jesus. It was believed by the Jews of the day that an angel periodically stirred the waters of the pool named Bethesda, located at the Sheep Gate. And the first person into the water was healed. The actual Greek text makes it hard to discern if this angelic activity and miraculous result actually occurred. But it is certainly clear that the people of the day believed it.

At the pool, Jesus came to a man who had been in his paralyzed condition for 36 years and asked what seemed like a strange question. “Do you want to get well?” I believe that’s the question He’s asking us right now. The man’s answer revealed that although he was waiting at the pool, he really had no hope of being healed. “I have no one to help me into the water and someone else always gets there first.”

I believe Jesus asked the paralytic this question to point out that his hope was misplaced. Although he was waiting for the miraculous stirring of the pool, Yahweh was the source of the mercy he needed. Only seconds away from experiencing the new, just moments from total restoration, the man wasn’t able to recognize it.

These are the days we prayed for.

With misplaced faith and incredible hope deferred, there was nothing within him that could respond with hope to Jesus’ question. Repent for the kingdom of God is here. The symbolism of this passage is stark. Bethesda still means “house of mercy.” The Sheep Gate was where the lambs went through, were brought for the sacrifices into the temple. Five, the number of porticoes around the pool is the biblical number of grace. Putting these meanings and facts into the story paints the picture of Christ, our Passover Lamb. It says that Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the world. I think it’s in Revelation. These answers have been here all along.

Putting these meanings and facts into the story paints the picture of Christ, our Passover lamb, entering our fallen hopeless world to give us grace and mercy. He came to bring wholeness and health to the diseased human race. The man was staring at the Lamb Himself. God’s gift of grace, the fulfillment of what everything around him pictured. Yet He didn’t realize it. An incredible opportunity. His Kairos moment had arrived. But he was too hopeless to recognize it. So let’s look at what Kairos means. Kairos is a time that requires a conversion from people. Kairos time is here. It calls for action, conversion, and transformation. A change of life. Kairos is not just crisis, but opportunity and favor. God assists us in discerning the Kairos, a moment of grace.

His Kairos moment had arrived, but he was too hopeless to recognize it. When God brings us to His timing for a shift, we must make certain we can recognize or discern it. Reader’s Digest told (?) up the late Harvey Penick in the twenties. Penick bought a red spiral notebook and began jotting down observations about golf. He never showed the book to anyone except his son in 91. When he shared it with a local writer and asked if he thought it was worth publishing, the man read it and told him “Yes.” He left word with Penick’s wife the next evening that Simon and Schuster had agreed to an advance of $90,000. When the writer saw Penick later, the old man seemed troubled. Finally, Penick came clean. With all his medical bills, he said there was no way he could advance Simon and Schuster that much money. The writer had to explain that Penick would be the “recipient” of the 90,000. His first golf book, Harvey Penick’s little red book, sold more than a million copies. One of the biggest bestsellers in the history of sports. His second book, “And If You Play Golf, You’re My Friend,” sold nearly three quarters of a million.

We sometimes live in the waiting stage for so long that like Penick, we find it difficult to receive God’s mercy when it is offered. When He says it is time to shift, be ready to accept the offer.

These are the days we prayed for!

Divine shifts make the Devil nervous. He had heard or read all the prophecies about the Messiah. Yet he held out for eternal Kronos, chronological time. Then he saw the Virgin birth and realized it was now a Kairos time for redemption. He had been dreading this for 4,000 years. Though he couldn’t figure out how God was going to redeem us, he realized it was unfolding. When fullness came, there was nothing the Devil could do to halt the process. He knows he can’t stop God, but perhaps he can influence God’s people and alter things through discouragement, unbelief, apathy, complacency.

Why does God talk about hope deferred? Why are there so many examples in the Word of people that endured things for a really long time and then a suddenly?  Because He wants us to know we’re not going to give in to those things. It is time! It’s time right now. These are the days we prayed for. We are in that moment. When God asked Heidi Baker to come to the West and when she argued with Him, was so stern with her, someone who has laid it all out there on God’s behalf. He loves the Church in America, and it is our time. It is our time to receive all that He has and to stand for the Gospel. It’s time! Jesus is the answer. We’ve always known it.

We cannot allow this to happen. We must realize that the times of difficulty we walk through are not the final verdict. The Lamb is coming with mercy. When God says it’s time to shift, we must be ready to shift with Him. Yes, He will pull us out of our comfort zones and require faith.

I bought that sign by the way! “THESE ARE THE DAYS WE PRAYED FOR.”

But when God says it’s time to move, it’s decision time very quickly. We must rearrange whatever is necessary, adjusting our lives and move with Him. In America, we are about to shift from plowing to reaping, from the wilderness to Canaan. I believe we’re about to shift from weakness to strength. God is shifting us into a new season of power, signs and wonders, miracles, and deliverance. He’s shifting many from sickness to health, from woundedness to wholeness, from torn families with prodigals into homes where prodigals now worship God. God is using the prayers we’ve prayed and plowing we’ve done. In the Kronos time of the old to create the fullness of time.

Okay, back to Heidi Baker. Bringing us to our first love again, one nation under God. Just for a minute without bringing down the room, imagine a people not fully submitted to God. Could they endure coming from weakness to strength and still keep their eyes on Him. Could they endure the new season of power, signs and wonders, miracles and deliverances if they hadn’t kept their eyes on Him? They couldn’t. It has happened so often when blessing and breakthrough comes on a people that’s not fully submitted to Him… It fizzles out. What God is doing with us right now during this time with faith and patience, He is preparing you to operate in massive breakthrough while you keep your eyes on Him. He’s preparing you right now. This is not a stall. You’re not even in the waiting room. You’re in the throne room with the Most High. That’s where you are. You’re being transformed. You’re being redeemed. You’re going from glory to glory and from faith to faith. You are being prepared.

But then we go from preparation to “go mode.” You can’t prepare so much that we never expect breakthrough. And yes, revival is already starting to happen. It’s happening in California. It’s happening in New York. If we were going to choose where it was going to start, would it be there. Azusa street happened in California. There was a breakthrough during the stock market crash in New York. God loves what’s happening. So let’s love what’s happening. Let’s know that these are the days we prayed for.

God is going to shift things in our schools. I’m not even going to say He’s going to. God is shifting things in our schools. And moving in a powerful way. And if it’s God doing it, it’s powerful. He breaks all of the man-made laws that say He isn’t allowed there. The Lamb is showing Himself strong on behalf of a generation that doesn’t even realize what they are hungry for.

Heidi said to God, “But they’re not hungry. Why would I go there when I’m with all these people that are in like massive joy after enduring so much persecution?” Yet here it is out of Dutch from God.

The Lamb is going to show Himself strong on behalf of a generation that doesn’t even realize what they’re hungry for. Nothing is going to stop what God’s going to do. Not even the things that you don’t know you ever wanted. Has God ever given you something you didn’t know you ever wanted? Yeah. Some will try to stop Him but won’t be able to. The wind of the Spirit is just going to blow revival, awakening like never before in America.

We cannot shift the times and seasons; only God can do that. But we can recognize the shift when He does so enabling us to shift with Him. We can persevere and keep ourselves properly positioned, guarding against lethargy, complacency, and unbelief.

We repent right now of lethargy, complacency. And unbelief. We repent of just waiting until things change when Jesus is right there asking us, “Do you want to get well?” Get up. Get up!

When I meet Him, if He says “Jeanie, I told you, these are the days you prayed for. I brought this, I brought this, and I brought this.” And I say, “I just wanted to numb out until it happened.” Do you really think I’m going to want to say that to Him?

We can persevere and keep ourselves properly positioned. We guard against lethargy, complacency, and unbelief. We anchor ourselves to the truth and we stir our faith to believe that God is orchestrating changes rapidly. That’ll make you smile. What if you just took five minutes a day and used your imagination and imagine God orchestrating change rapidly.

The Kronos times are necessary, but we must remember that God has the ability to shift things very quickly into opportune Kairos seasons, and then to fullness.

Father, like the man at the pool of Bethesda, America is in a helpless state. Unlike him, we have created our own condition. We need the Lamb. We need the pool of mercy and grace. Also like the man in the story, we look to others to find the help we need. But the help can only be found in you. The Good News, the Gospel is that you are here. You have accomplished the work of redemption. The mercy seat is wet with the Lamb’s blood, and we will only recognize it a fullness of time for your healing is here.

It’s here. It’s right now. It’s already happening. So we pray for America today.


We pray that the Church awakens to your timing. Father, we thank you that the Church awakens to your timing. Revival is here. We pray for individuals who are struggling to believe they could ever find peace and wholeness. May they receive the spirit of faith, take up their bed and walk, walk into deliverance, walk into health, walk into freedom, walk into your arms. Amen.

We decree that Jesus is the Sheep Gate. He’s the password. How do I get in? What’s the password? Jesus. He’s the open door. He’s the way, He’s the truth, He’s the light. He’s the alpha, He’s the omega. He’s the beginning. He’s the end. “I am the Lord. And I do not change.”

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