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Brother James Tan…

We were just preaching about that last night at Healing School. In His presence is fullness of joy. I’ve had the privilege of being at Living Word quite a number of years now. And I got to tell you, I sense a shift toward hunger. Like for the the meat of His presence.

Even at healing school, this place was packed out last night. It was almost midnight by the time we got out. Midnight! My, my, my, that’s some hunger. Old-school hunger. And many times when I think about that, I think, my Lord, we have the privilege of being in the midst of hungry people. And in the midst of hungry people is where everything’s available and everything’s possible.

Come on, let’s speak into that hunger that’s already in this place, that’s already in this church, that’s already in this ministry, that’s already in its outreaches. Come on, let’s go in and speak into that hunger.

Yeah, stir that, Father. A hunger for you… A hunger for the deeper waters of the Spirit. Leaving the wading pool… Yes, hungry for your presence… hungry for the Word and hungry for the Spirit and hungry for the move of the Spirit… just hungry for you…

Hungry for the song of the Lord… hungry for songs of the Spirit. Yeah, hungry for expressions of the Spirit.

Yeah, hungry for psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Hungry for the manifestations of the Spirit. Hungry for the gift of faith. Hungry for the working of miracles. Hungry for tongues and interpretation of tongues. Hungry for the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge.

Hungry for prophecy. Released today.

Romans 8:18…

Like on Sunday morning, I was up at four again today. And this keeps rolling around. In Romans 8:18. I’m just going to read this and then we’re going to pray into this. “For I consider that the sufferings of this present age are not worthy.” Here’s the part that grips me. “Are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” I always thought that, that said to us. But between Sunday morning and this morning, I saw that it says to the glory, which shall be revealed “in us.” So then there’s ordained “for us” glory to be revealed “in us.” See, I used to read it “to us.” I used to think it said “to us.” But it’s “in us.”

I think about that sometimes, and I think, “My Lord. I’m made to contain glory!” Oh, what majesty. Oh, what majesty that we can be made to contain. Think about that. You’re made to contain glory.

And then it says… and I’ve been tying this, really, like to Living Word with all the churches you’ve been planting around the world and all the different things you’ve been doing. Look, so he just says we’ve been revealed to contain glory. And then he says this, “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons of God.”

But the sons of God he’s talking about here are the ones that have had glory revealed in them. In other words, creation is waiting and working its way toward the revealing of the glorious sons.

See, I always thought that whole glory thing was in the sweet by and by in heaven. Come to find out that a portion has been given to us to have that glory here in the here and now. So when people are hungry, that’s what they’re hungry for. Here’s why they’re hungry. Because the part of them that’s hungry is the part of them that was made to contain that glory. And on the inside, they know, “that’s what I’m made for. I got to have that. I got to have that. I got to have that. I got to have that. I got to have that.”

When you have a nudge to pray, that’s what your spirit’s crying for. “I got to get back to that. That’s where I came from.” Like a homing pigeon, it’s trying to get back to where it came from. Glory!

So go ahead, tap into that glory that’s already available to you because you’re made for it. And it’s made for you.

My Lord, talk about holy things. Talk about holy of holies. That’s where the glory is contained.

So glory, Father… realms and depths and waves and moves … in man.

Yes, we are made for … so part of the glory is a taste of the Holy Ghost. Ha ha. Go on. Taste Him. Taste and see that He’s good.

That’s part of that glory that’s been ordained for us. That’s a part of the…

That’s what those nations are crying for. That’s what creation is crying for.

The revealing of the glorious ones.

Yeah, so there is an arising.

The sons… the church is rising up… the church, the church, the church, the church, the church, the church, the church. Rising up. Rising up. Rising up. A glorious arising… a glorious arising.

gloriously, gloriously, gloriously…

So whatever’s in front of you that seems like suffering, you have a right to turn to that and say, “you’re unworthy.” It says so right here, you’re not worthy.

Yeah, those mountains in front of you, unworthy of you… Those giants in front of you, unworthy of you. That report that doesn’t quite go with you… unworthy of you!

Unworthy… that lack, unworthy… that pain, that sickness, unworthy… yeah, that mountain, unworthy… Yeah, that stoppage, that blockage, unworthy… those emotions of sadness and depression and grief, unworthy.

So we are pressing towards the worthy… Come on, press towards … press towards the Lord for peace and to know you’re made for glory. That’s worthy. We are worthy of glory… that’s what the blood did. That’s what the blood did that made us worthy for glory.

I tremble to even think of this. I’m worthy for glory! Oh my.

Merciful God, merciful God.

Merciful, merciful, merciful, kind and good.

That we will be made for glory.

Whispers of the Spirit that only come from a place of intimacy and quietness and stillness.

Whispers of the Spirit. Hear Him. Hear Him call your name.

Whispers of the Spirit only ever come from a place of intimacy.

The depth, the meat of what He says to us only comes from that place of intimacy. In His presence like this, everything is clear. In His presence like this, fogginess is lifted away from your thinking, your thought process… your mind I’m talking about.

What’s in the room now isn’t a healing anointing, isn’t a deliverance anointing. It’s just presence. That’s all it is.

Just presence is everything. He’s clearing your thoughts. Clearing your clutter. Clearing your mutter. Oh, He’s clearing that. He’s also clearing arthritis in the wrist. Can you just put your hand up quietly where I can see you. Wrist. Some sort of strains of arthritic thing in the wrist where you’re not able to move it, right? Go ahead and cooperate.

See, in His presence is everything that He is. And life is how you sum it up. If you could sum it up in one word, life. Yeah. Partake of that. Go on. Drink of that. You can do that.

Lay hands on you, right? I see what some of you do. Go ahead, do that. That’s fine. That’s right. That’s honorable. You are respecting His presence to do this for you.

Some of you. That next thing? Yeah, that next thing. Presence. Presence, presence. It doesn’t have to be loud, but it’s always strong. You’re doing good. The Lord’s really been helping me see that this thing called prayer is really and simply to be in His presence. That’s really what prayer is. Just get in His presence. Because in His presence, I have no requests. In His presence, I’m healed, I’m whole, I’m complete.

In His presence, I have no lack, no want, no fears, no doubts. That’s what prayer is. To be in His presence like this. In your presence, I’m whole. And in your presence, I’m complete.

Presence is what we need. His presence is what we need. In His presence is wisdom for your day. In His presence is strength for your day. Presence. Drink deep of His presence… it replenishes everything the world tries to take out of you.

One of the first times I had an experience like this in prayer with a presence was more real to me then. And I remember distinctly that it was in that space of recognizing His presence, one of the things the Lord led me to say… and I never really dared say it before, was that “I’m complete in Him.”

And I say that over you: you’re complete in Him. In His presence, you’re complete. Nothing broken, nothing not right, nothing out of place, nothing out of joint, nothing not aligned, nothing late, nothing too early, whole, preserved, blameless, spirit, soul, and body, preserved, blameless.

Well, I know there’s a future aspect to that, but we can taste of that now. Yeah, I know that talking about in Thessalonians 5:21 there’s a future aspect to that. Verse 21, I know that, but we can taste, we can have a foretaste of that preserved blameless now. Why? Because we’re made to contain glory.

See, even that glory is actually from a coming age, but we can have a foretaste of that now.

So the way God created us, He created us to live in two realms… He created us to live in two dimensions, to be a part of two segments of time, material time.

Complete. And anything else. Ooh, I sense rising up and anything else is a lie of the enemy… not complete. It’s a lie of the enemy. Tell you not complete. Don’t fall for that.

In Him, in the presence, you are complete. Nothing about you is lacking.

The enemy is trying to redefine God’s version of you. Complete. He’s trying to redefine that it is incomplete. That’s why people get involved in all kinds of a rat race. They’re all chasing something because they think they’ll be complete when they get there …

No, no, not the church… no, we’re complete in Him.

This day you’re walking into completeness. That’s what He’s gotten for us. That’s what the cross got for us. That’s what Pentecost got for us. That’s all for now.

How good you are, Lord. You didn’t leave me broken. You left me complete. Made me complete. Keep me complete.

Let your heart sing with completeness. Let your heart overflow with completeness. Come on. Let your heart be embraced by complete.

You have to be whole because you’re made to contain glory. So there’s no leak about you. There’s no leaks with the containers made to contain glory. So there’ll be no leakage of glory.

So this is the glorious church. So for rising up.

We’re back to talking about that again. We’re back to declaring and praying that again. Yeah. Rising up. Yeah. Rising up. Yeah, a complete… complete and rising up this local body, this local congregation, this one living with complete and rising up.

Every part of you is complete, every part of you is whole.

Strong utterance in the room. Go ahead and pray in the Holy Ghost. He’s helping you learn a strong flow of tongues like that. A maturing of your language for you. What is that? Yeah. A maturing of that language, a maturing of that heavenly language… baby talk… The mature ones. Yeah, no more baby talk.

It’s all good. All for the best. The mature ones rising up. That’s where strength comes from. That’s where meat comes from.

I sense to say tongues and interpretation of tongue. I’m not just talking about tongues and interpretation of tongues, but not just talking about the public use of them, but the private use of them. See, too many want the public tongues and interpretation of tongues, but that’s developed in the private tongues and interpretation of tongues.

Paul didn’t speak in tongues more than all the Corinthian church. After he wrote that he was speaking in tongues more than the Corinthian church before he wrote that. That’s why he was able to say… so it was the private before the public. Watch for that.

I hear the Spirit call for that. There’s a call for the Spirit out from us, from you, in your prayer time. Tongues and interpreters. So you’ll be walking down the hallways. You’ll be driving down the highways. You’ll be walking down the aisle of the supermarket, and you’ll be praying in the Holy Ghost and interpreting. Interpretations will come forth for answers you need… for direction, communication.

His presence be with you. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine upon you. Be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you. The Lord give you His peace. Be blessed.

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