Morning Prayer for Thursday, February 24, 2022

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Sister Jeannie shared the definition of “giant”

One of the definitions of giant is “an imaginary or mythical being of human form, but superhuman size.” The adjective regarding giant is “a very great size or force, gigantic.” I love this example: giant, multinational corporations.

Let’s just sing and pray in the Spirit over that land where the giants are, that belongs to us.

Prayer about taking the land…

Father, we thank you right now that we are here “on purpose.” You put us here right now to occupy, to take dominion, and there are giants in the land and we know that. But we also know what you said to do. You told us to take the land. We’re taking that land.

These are the days we prayed for…

I think about when Jesus came, it was in the middle of tyranny. Did you hear me? Jesus came in the middle of tyranny and the disciples kept saying, “Well, aren’t you going to do something about this tyranny?” And Jesus’ response was “You are.” A few months ago, I was in a gift shop on my way to Montana. And this sign caught my attention. And at the same time, it offended me greatly. And Holy Spirit said, “I want you to get that sign.” Do you want to see the sign? “These are the days we prayed for.” We’ve been crying out for change for a long time, and then it gets super messy and we think our prayers aren’t being answered. “These are the days we prayed for.” Rest assured, be encouraged, you are here right now by design.

We are well equipped with weapons of warfare…

Father, I thank you that we are well-equipped. We aren’t equipped with some teeny tiny weapon that’s in the experimental stage. A weapon that we’re not sure is going to work. No! We are well equipped with the weapons of warfare that have already been proven. We thank you that it causes us to run into the battle. It causes us to run toward the roar with the lion of Judah.

We’re called of God and we have a job to do…

Father, I thank you for revelation in the Church right now, that this really is the earth crying out. This mess… this contradiction is nothing more than the earth crying out for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed … and as inadequate and unqualified as the disciples were, they were called, they had a job to do. And as inadequate and unequipped that we are, we are called. And we have a job to do.

Tim Grover book, trainer for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant…

So I’m going to read from a book that I just received. Now I will tell you it’s not a Christian book. So if you get this book, it’s not a Christian book. The author Tim Grover was a trainer for Michael Jordan as well as Kobe Bryant. And he’s talking about winning. It’s not a Christian book, so there’s swearing in the book. I’m going to read from the title of the chapter is… I absolutely love this and isn’t it amazing. He has a deep revelation of this and this is something the Church is coming upon.

Have we heard that before? Bible principles working in the world. Bible principles working with the trainer of two of the most prolific athletes in the NBA.

Chapter title: “Winning wages war on the battlefield in your mind.”

I don’t know a better way to say this, so if it offends you, well, that’s on you. It’s such a good opener already.

“Winning messes with your mind. It just does. There’s nothing else that can whip you around faster and harder. You’re just getting started and instantly it’s over. You’re feeling calm and cool and suddenly you’re burning up. You’re face to face with triumph. Then you feel it slap you from behind. You’re completely in charge until you realize someone else is controlling everything. You finally get your arms around winning, and it leaves you on the floor gasping for breath. You give everything you have for one glorious victory and discover it isn’t ever going to be enough. Like I said, winning messes with your mind. There’s no way you can’t be affected by it. That’s true for the greatest champions in history and equally true for anyone who has ever craved victory and achieved it.”

It’s time for us to submit to Holy Spirit and crave victory again. And know that victory is right there for us. The earth is crying out for us to dare to crave victory. For us to dare to crave the awakening… the glory of God covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. It’s time! He responds to His children.

I was telling two people in the chapel this morning, “You know, isn’t it amazing that Jesus’ ministry didn’t get started until Mary said, ‘I’m not going to wait any longer.’” That was on purpose. He wants us to know that co-laboring is real. It’s necessary. And it’s how it is. And so in the middle of this mess, He’s saying, “let’s go, let’s co-labor. Let’s keep moving.”

Quote continued…

“It’s true for the greatest champions in history and equally true for anyone who has ever craved victory and achieved it. One minute, they’re exploding with joy at the moment of triumph. And a day later, they’re facing the reality that to keep that feeling, they have to do it all over again. And this time, it will be twice as hard.”

You are the answer…

Now, a lot of this isn’t Bible. I get it. Like some of this edges against the truth, but I get the craving for victory and then you get a victory and you want another one is because the kingdom is in you and it’s a kingdom that’s ever expanding. We have a God that never ends. The universe is ever expanding. Your desire for more sanctified is the answer for the earth right now. It’s the answer. You are the answer!

Quote continued…

“Winning is a war and it’s fought on the battlefield in your mind.”

We’ve already won…

Here’s the good news: we’ve already won. I saw this… Johnny (?) was talking about this and I believe him. Who is the MVP for the LA Rams? Do you remember his name? Cooper cup. He had an interview and he said, “Actually, God told me that…” Okay, so he had been injured and he wasn’t able to play anymore. Does it sound like the Church? Does it sound like things you’re dealing with? And during that time, God spoke to him and He said, “Look, you will play again. And you will win, and you will be MVP.” And he said, “Just knowing that caused me to play from victory.”

We don’t just win in the end. We keep winning because it’s an ever-expanding kingdom. Like his victory isn’t tiny. It’s not minute. It’s in the smallest of things. Winning looks like the widow’s mite. Winning looks like the woman who wouldn’t give up until she found the coin.

What does “winning” look like to you?

What does winning look like for you today? Winning looks like peace over fear. Winning looks like I’m healed. Winning looks like I’m going to do it. God is with me. Winning looks like these are the days we prayed for. This is what winning looks like. And quite honestly, the only reason why this sign offended me is because I can be lazy. Because I don’t want to rise up. I don’t want to be uncomfortable. We talked about this yesterday. You were called to all things uncomfortable because you already have the comfort area in you: Holy spirit. And right now your job description is being played out before you. Do Ukraine, Australia, Canada, everything that’s happening right now, you just might as well write it out and see it as a job description. This is your job. It’s your job.

Do you know the two miracles that are reported in all four of the Gospels?

I was reading about the multitudes and I learned this. Did you know there are two miracles of Jesus that are reported in every one of the Gospels? And one of them is the feeding of the 5,000 and the other one is the resurrection. So it had a huge impact on the disciples. The feeding of the 5,000, because they’re you! They were in the middle of a whole lot that needed to get done right now. And they wanted to run away. And they said to Jesus, “Get rid of these people. They’ve been round for a long time, and we’re in a barren place. Would you send them away?”

God does big things with our small things…

Get rid of these problems. They’ve been going on for too long, Jesus! Would you just get rid of them? And Jesus said, “You feed them.” That’s what we’re doing. We declare right now that we respond with the small thing and God does big things with our small things. You know, in the kingdom, that’s what and how He does this. These are the days that we prayed for.

In one moment…

Steven, in feeding the multitudes in one moment, it all changed. In one moment, when Jesus said, “You feed them,” they woke up. So this moment they’re saying this has been going on too long. It’s the end of the day. It’s a barren place. We’re done. You need to be done too. And then Jesus said, “Actually, this is your job description.” In one moment, they became qualified again. Just in one moment.


Father, we thank you for moments. We just glorify your name over moments. We glorify your name over suddenlies. The land might be barren, but you said to do it. It might’ve been going on for a long time, but you said to do it. Jesus didn’t say do it and then leave. He said, “Do it” and then He thanked God for the small things. So even as we give Him those small things, He’s thanking God for those small things in us. And then He makes big things with the small things. Little ingredient is surrender. The teeny tiny ingredient, it’s not being qualified. It’s just surrender.

Every barren place is a race…

Every barren place right now is a race. It’s just a race that He wants us to stay in. It’s a race we’ve already won. Every barren place is a race won. Absolutely every one of them. Are you hearing that, barren place? It’s because you’re here to win.

Father, I thank you for revelation that causes us to be infused with courage

Peg shared…

That’s the word. I just got that word a while ago that we need courage to fight the battle that’s in front of us because I know I’m in a battle and it’s more than I can handle alone and I keep pushing forward. But it keeps pushing back on me. And so we just need courage from God to move forward. And we take up our shield and our sword and just know that we’re not alone going forward. God is with us. Angels are with us. They’re fighting for us. God is fighting for us. Just in the last few months, I keep picturing God as my lion of Judah going before me and roaring and doing the battle that He needs to do.


And not just to get through and not just to barely make it, but to feed the multitude and to have more leftover than you had in the beginning.

Father, we thank you for the more leftover. We thank you that as we lay down our small things… In fact, to God fear is a small thing. To God, fear is a nothing, it’s a “no” thing. We lay those things down right now. And we thank you that the multitudes are being fed in the barren places. We thank you for your manifested goodness in the barren places. We thank you for miracles and suddenlies and things that have taken a long time. We thank you that we have precedents in the Word for miracles and suddenlies in the barren places and things that have taken a long time. And we thank you that the time is now. Like Mary, who wouldn’t wait for His manifested goodness one more day.


Father, we put a demand on your goodness, on your plan. And we repent in our thinking for forgetting that we are the answer because you live in us. And we rise up and we say, “Whatever He says to do, you do it.” We thank you for the intimacy of faith.

Faith knows that He’s good. Faith knows that He’s with you. Faith is that substance of the thing you can’t see. I believe that when Jesus spoke to them and said, “You feed them,” because it was the Word of God that came out of His mouth, they saw the multitudes fed. And because they could see it… because they heard God’s Word, God’s Word arrested that doubt … the barrenness. The small things were surrendered. The multitudes were fed. And there was more leftover.


Courage, courage that comes out of relationship … courage that comes out of intimacy… courage that comes out of purpose… wounds healed… bruises healed… the bruises of the Church, whatever those look like, healed… a Church united and healed… coming together… building each other up… lifting one another up… and going out there and feeding the multitudes and the barren places with more left over…

Kenneth Copeland prophesied that things are going to happen that we knew should have happened a long time ago.

I thank you for that right now today, Father… that hope would rise up in us… the hope that has the confident expectation of you and your goodness… a bold hope that expects to see what happens when we lay down the small things… we just watch over this.


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