Prayer Summary October 8


Help us, Father, to always be in a place where the tears would come easy
To comfort others with the comfort we have received from You
Jesus, in Your name there is healing; we reverence Your holy name
Every moment spent with You we find Your rest
Father, we ask You to move by Your Spirit upon Your Church; refresh and restore the body of Christ
We are hungry for a furtherance; bring us to a deeper place of worship in You
All our priorities are set right in Your presence
Thank You, Father, for showing us Your way; it’s a higher way!
Open our eyes to walk more accurately in Your way in Jesus’ name
It’s faster, it’s better—we desire to go there today by the blood of the Lamb
So bright and clear—we see by faith
There is strength, ability, and power in Your way
We press ahead by faith moving in the guidance of Your Spirit
Angels at attention; we send them out to aid and assist the body in Jesus’ name

A Word of the Lord came forth:

Assignments, assignments even right now—suddenly assignments are being given out for the days and the weeks and the months to come. Oh! For the Spirit of Seeing and the Spirit of Knowing… assistance to take our place and walk in that anointing and power that has been placed within.

Continued Praying…

Father, we receive in Jesus name Your assignments!
Yielding to the greater, higher, and more today
Different positions and places are just ahead—we don’t stay in our heads but by the Spirit we go
Young and old, unlimited access to the Father
It cannot be the same; we expect to walk in the new
Pray-ers connecting by the Spirit in victory
If one doesn’t pick it up, another will; together we increase in Jesus’ name
Calling it the way it should be!
Running the race in the position we are called to be in
Father, thank You for wrapping us in Your presence where we can be transformed
For the body of Christ experiencing and knowing You more
Help them to take the time and be with You, for there is a great need for change
That the World would see and taste Your goodness
Father, we are so thankful today for Your presence and the blood that was shed for us

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