Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The following confession was by Jerry Savelle on Ten Benefits of the Favor of God:

1. The favor of God is producing supernatural increase and promotion in my life (Genesis 39:21)
2. The favor of God is restoring everything that the enemy has stolen from me. (Exodus 3:21)

Pastor Ray…

Even when we can’t feel it, He’s working. Even when we can’t hear it, He’s working. Thank You, Lord, that You are working right now. You are creating things right now that need to be. You are opening up doors that were closed for centuries and they are beginning to open up wide in Jesus’ name, hallelujah, because You brought supernatural increase and promotion into our lives and whatever the enemy stole from us we are saying “Here we are! Bring it to us in Jesus’ name!” That’s a return, that’s a restoration, that’s wholeness, that’s wellness, that’s

Pastor Ray…

everything that we need to get to where we need to go! Hallelujah!

3. The favor of God is giving me honor in the midst of my adversaries. (Exodus 11:3)

Pastor Ray…

He is saying “No, you are not going to do it, you can’t do it, you’ll never do it.” We are saying “We are doing it, we can do it, and we will continue to do it!”

4. The favor of God is increasing my assets and real estate. (Deuteronomy 33: 23)
5. The favor of God is producing great victories in the midst of great impossibilities. (Joshua 11: 20)
6. The favor of God is producing recognition, even when I seem the least likely to receive it. (1 Samuel 16: 22)

Pastor Ray…

You know, like a surprise, a suddenly – thank You, Lord (ha, ha, ha).

7. The favor of God gives me preferential treatment. (Esther 2:17)

Pastor Ray…

Wow! How come we are getting treated like that? Because we have preferential treatment from Him, restoration from Him, direction from Him – preferential treatment! Not because of who we are but Who You are in us, hallelujah! Thank You, Father.

8. The favor of God grants me petitions, even by ungodly civil authorities. (Esther 5:8)
9. The favor of God causes policies, rules, regulations, and laws to be changed to my advantage. (Esther 8:5)

Pastor Ray…

That is happening in our country right now. It’s happening across our country. It is happening in Minneapolis despite what we might hear in the natural. It’s happening! Rules, regulations, policies are being changed to our advantage. Thank You, Father. Thank You for that, Lord. That’s such a big deal. That’s an Esther 8:5.

10. The favor of God will win battles that I won’t have to fight because God will fight them for me. (Psalm 44: 3)

Pastor Ray…

Things that can be shaken are being shaken! But it’s not shaking up the Church. It’s shaking up the earth for the Church! For the Church is rising up and the Church is taking its place and shaking off things that would have been a disgrace! For those things are holding the Church back from its race and it shall not be so! For we as members of the body shake ourselves free today and declare “We are moving ahead and moving in the right way in Jesus’ name!”

Hallelujah, thank You, Father! Some believers seems like they are coming out of a coma. They are coming out of a coma! Some churches, some parts and members of the body are waking up today in Jesus’ name and able to go in God’s plan and God’s way for them!

Go on up, move on up, one, two and three! Up, up, up! We are moving up. The glory of God, we are moving from one degree of glory and then we move to another degree of glory and it seems like when we take that step up into the next degree, there’s an increase of more of the glory. It seems like the borders are pushed out or the stakes are pulled up and put way out. On each step it seems like it’s another step of greater, greater, greater glory. Hallelujah!

Ms. Jeani…

Today, right now!

Scripture focus…

(19) Behold, the Lord’s eye is upon those who fear Him [who revere and worship Him with awe], who wait for Him and hope in His mercy and loving-kindness, To deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine.

Pastor Ray…

Have you ever waited for Him and just pressed on ahead, got out ahead? Not good. So, we wait on Him and we hope in His mercy and His loving-kindness. He’ll deliver us from death and keep us alive even in famine in Jesus’ name!

(20) Our inner selves wait [earnestly] for the Lord; He is our Help and our Shield.
(21) For in Him does our heart rejoice, because we have trusted (relied on and been confident) in His holy name.
(22) Let Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, be upon us, in proportion to our waiting and hoping for You. Psalm 33:18–19 (AMPC)

Continued praying…

We hope in You, we trust in You, we rely upon You
We are looking to You, We call upon Your name
We lift up Your name! We magnify Your name!
We are not magnifying our own names! Our own plans!
We are magnifying Your name and Your plans and Your destinations for each one of us
Thank You, Father, for the favor of God
Great favor upon pastors everywhere, heads of ministry – great favor!
The favor of God! The favor of God!
There is greater favor, great favor, favor, favor, favor
Wherever we go, we walk in favor
Wherever we go, we are treated – it’s like we have preferential treatment because of the favor of God richly upon each one of us
Not because we deserve it but because of the blood of Jesus made us, it’s making us, it’s continually making us to be more and more righteous
Oh, thank You, thank You, thank You – hallelujah

Ms. Annie led us in singing Because of the Blood We Can Come Boldly

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah, thank You so much for the blood this morning.
It’s bringing to our remembrance what You did, what took place on Calvary where that Cross, where the blood was shed on it, was shed for each one of us here over two thousand years later and the power of that blood, it’s working on our behalf today here in these days.

While Ms. Annie is singing it reminded me of being in the land of Israel. You can go in the garden of Gethsemane, you can go in the tomb, you can see the area, the general area where the Cross would have been. And if you just let yourself go there, it brings greater honor for the blood and greater thanksgiving for what was done for us here in our lives today, 2018, the power of the blood, what that blood did for us.

(2) And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favors] and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others]. Genesis (3) And I will bless those who bless you [who confer prosperity or happiness upon you] and curse him who curses or uses insolent language toward you; in you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed [and by you they will bless themselves]. 12:2–3 (AMPC)

Continued praying…

We lift up Israel – we are connected and closer than we have ever been
And the embassy has been moved to where the embassy should be – Jerusalem
We just thank You this morning, Father, for the progress, the changes, and for the things that have been rearranged and changed even this week when the offices of the PLO were shut down in Washington
And monies that were being spent, really that would come against Israel, in the end they are being cut off
And we believe in Jesus’ name that our President makes the decisions that need to be made concerning the nation of Israel
We’ll not back off from it, we’ll not back away from the land, we’ll not give up or give in in Jesus’ name
For the land of Israel belongs to Israel!
Jerusalem will not be divided, cut up in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father
So, we bless the Israel, we bless the land
Pray over every leader in Israel
We pray the blood covering over Prime Minister Netanyahu, every leader
Declare no weapon formed against them will prosper but that they prosper!
Protection over the land, all around the borders in Jesus’ name
What would be planned to come against the land, we declare “It shall not prosper there in Jesus’ name!”
Stop it! Stop it! We resist you
Praying over every inch of the soil – the Golan Heights, all around Tiberias, the water
Thank You for it, Father, we lift it

And back over here in Minneapolis, especially Minneapolis, we pray for all of the Jewish community. We pray for revelation and understanding, for eyes to be opened up where their help is come from in Jesus’ name. More and more their eyes will be opened up to the power of the Church, to the connection of the body to them in Jesus’ name. And so we bless them.

We pray prosperity, even a greater amount of prosperity over them in Jesus’ name
We bless them, we bless them, we bless them, we bless them!
In Jesus’ name
Father, thank You

Ms. Annie led in singing If My People

Scripture focus…

(1) When Solomon had finished praying, the fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the house.
(2) The priests could not enter the house of the Lord, because the glory of the Lord had filled the Lord’s house.
(3) And when all the people of Israel saw how the fire came down and the glory of the Lord upon the house, they bowed with their faces upon the pavement and worshiped and praised the Lord, saying, For He is good, for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever.
(10) And on the twenty-third day of the seventh month he sent the people away to their homes, glad and merry in heart for the goodness that the Lord had shown to David, to Solomon, and to Israel His people.
(12) And the Lord appeared to Solomon by night and said to him: I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for Myself as a house of sacrifice.
(14) If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.
(15) Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer offered in this place.
(16) For I have chosen and sanctified (set apart for holy use) this house, that My Name may be here forever, and My eyes and My heart will be here perpetually. 2 Chronicles 7:1–3,10, 12, 14–16 (AMPC)

Pastor Ray…

Today, that’s this house. We are the house of the Lord. We are. And when we humble ourselves, when we seek after Him, when we crave Him, when we yearn for more of Him, when we require it as a necessity, and we are bore sighted on it, we’ll not turn aside from that craving and that desire for more of Him and less of other things. Hallelujah. We know He will, He is healing and He is healing this land, this land will be one nation under God, indivisible with justice for all.

Continued praying…

We pray over America, covering our country from one side to the other
Over every state, over the leaders of our country
Our president, vice president, all of their families in the name of Jesus
Those voices that rise up against them, we declare this morning “Be still”
Be still in Jesus’ name
Lies, inaccuracies, untruths – be revealed for what they are
We stand in agreement, pray for all the positions of authority
Not just political but spiritual positions of authority in our land
That ministers, all of the five-fold will stand in another level up, be increased, momentum for them in Jesus’ name
We pray for Your Word to continually go forth in the White House, Senate, Congress
All those in leadership, let Your Word have its way in Jesus’ name
We pray for the right decisions to be made
We stand against all wickedness, deception that would try to derail the country and move it in a wrong way in Jesus’ name
We pray that Your light would show our president the decisions that he should make
We believe by the blood of the Lamb and the name of Jesus he’ll stay on track, in line, and declare things that will line up with Your Word Father
Thank You for the influence that those in the White House that are praying, the influence that Your Word is having – thank You Father

We pray over Pastor Paula White and the entrance that she has as a spiritual advisor to the president
That she has wisdom and understanding and revelation based on You Word
Knowing what to say and what to pray – hallelujah
Thank You Father

The following is a prayer for our nation by Pastor Lynne Hammond:

We pray that there are continual more and more men, women of God that are surrounding our leaders and imparting wise council to them in Jesus’ name. Thank You Father.

All of the ways of the wicked be set to confusion – we believe they are coming to nothing. Deliver us from the traps and snares the enemy has laid for us, and let the wicked be caught in their own devises and be brought to shame. That the Devil would always be overstepping and being revealed for who he is and what he is trying to do.

We take authority over the plots and plans of the enemy against this nation. Let prideful and lying lips be silenced in Jesus’ name. The way things changed on September 11 and then the way they changed on September 12 when you couldn’t find a flight, when you couldn’t buy a flight because so many people were untied together. It didn’t matter what their backgrounds were, didn’t matter what their beliefs were, this nation came together like it had not come together before. We pray that same change once again. That we’ll rise up and be together in one accord. We take authority over the divisiveness of the Devil, call it out and call it down in Jesus’ name

We pray for our Congress, our Supreme Court, our Military leaders and our intelligence agencies. Let the wisdom that is from above reign in this nation and be constantly speaking to our leaders. We exercise the authority you have given us to tread down all the power of the enemy. We cast down and demolish imaginations and arguments that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God, and we bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. We bind spirits of strife and division, civil wars and tumults, spirits of hostility, lawlessness and blasphemy, and fires from hell that have burned in our cities.

We speak grace and peace over America. We pray and believe for the voice of truth, salvation, revival and restoration to be proclaimed and heard across our land. Grant unto your servants everywhere that with all boldness we may speak your Word. We pray for a mighty outpouring of your Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles. We expect the wisdom of this world that is earthly, sensual and devilish to depart and vanish until Your, mighty work in America becomes a beacon of hope for all people everywhere. We expect the voice of rejoicing to be heard in our nation for your goodness, mercy and prosperity, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Ms. Jeani…

Torrents of living water, torrents, streams in the dessert flowing from the throne of God into the Whitehouse, making the White House the Light House, The City on the Hill
One nation under God, a display to the nations of You glory
The Light House, the White House, flowing into congress, senate, the courtrooms
The courtrooms now influenced by the courtrooms of heaven
Restoring our fortunes oh Lord and turning to freedom our captivity
As the streams, as the streams cover the dessert lands now flowing with the glory of the Most High, the glory of God

Ms. Annie led us singing There is a River Whose Streams Make Glad the City of God

Ms. Jeani…

I want to remind you America that your currency says that you trust in God
America, America your currency, your fortunes, your freedom is trusting in Me
Your anthem says you are one nation under God and I restore you, I restore you
I see you restored; I see you reconciled to Me fully today, today, right now, suddenly in the most overwhelming way, in a way it’s never been submitted to before
America, you trust in your God the Most High and that is your currency

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah, In You Lord we do trust and that will continually make us to be glad
So today we are glad, we are trusting in You
We’re glad we are walking with You, You are walking with us
You are in us
Thank You for the power of Your precious Holy Spirit
We believe to see ourselves the way You see us – up, above, going beyond, doing supernatural things we could not do but You did do and are doing through each one of us, hallelujah
Thank You Lord, we give You glory, honor, and thanksgiving for this day in Jesus’ name, Amen

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