Prayer Summary for Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ms. Annie led us singing “He Touched Me”


Touch us, Lord, more and more
You said I am willing, I am willing
And You made him whole
You touched us, You weren’t afraid to touch us
And so we are touched
And so we have touched
So the fullness of that touch brings each one of us into places where we have never been to before
It moves things that needed to be moved
But it transfers from heaven that that was already finished that it might be finished in us and through us
Back and forth and back and forth
A lifting, a transfer and a transformation
These are the day and the times when the church must come into this place of true holy connection with Him
Yielding every part of our lives, our hearts, trusting all the way
Leaning way over on into Him
Declaring what He declared to be true
Receiving what we know we have already received
Taking our part with all of our hearts and yielding into this place that takes us through into, we could say the new, we could say the future, we could say the days and the weeks and the months that are to come
The final hours and the final times, Hallelujah
You are worthy, Lord, of all of the glory and the honor and the praise
Thank You for a fresh refreshing from heaven, a touch and for the move of Your Spirit within each one of us
Enabling us to not just pray what we think we know
But to pray what You’ve shown us, given unto us by Your precious Holy Spirit
So we yield to another decree, to another greater step, we yield into places where we have never been
Yielding over into and receiving the fullness
Yes, we will look back and say thanks
Yes, we will look back and say thank God for what He did
We will look back and see the changes that did come
But we are not just here to look back
We are here to look forward
So forward march, we will
Taking our steps of faith, believing what Your Word says about us individually
That we can do all things in Him
Receiving and giving, giving, receiving, touching one another with the love from heaven
We receive, we receive more
Refreshing touch thank You, Father
Not leaning on our own understanding
Prayers from our spirit today
By faith knowing we will cover things we don’t even know that they needed to be covered
It’s cooperation today from heaven
Moving out, stepping out
Taking strength
Cooperation in His way today
Steady, steady
Those that have been deceived
It will show up and be revealed
Watch it, watch it
Covered, covered
Mysteries opened and revealed
Much, much, more, greater
It’s furtherance, it’s a step
I am rich
Let the poor say I am rich
Many cords or strings or connections go out from that word rich
Healed is part of being rich
Every provision, ideas, increase in supernatural presence
Just a knowing that there is something we are headed to that is better, greater
Because of our ability to do it in Him
We are RICH
We are healthy, wealthy and full of abundance
I see what I need to see
I speak what I need to speak
I sit down when I need to sit down
I am loud when I need to be loud and quiet when I need to be quiet

I heard this: “Are you praying what you are thinking or are you praying what I am declaring you to declare? Are you listening? Are you paining attention to Me and what I have put within you to do? Or are you just praying what you are thinking?” Let’s step out of our minds. Let’s get out of our brains. Let’s get down deeper inside our spirit man when we pray. If we pray even a small amount in other tongues, He’ll give us insight in our native language. But we won’t have all the insight because we pray things we don’t even know we are praying about. It’s called praying in the Spirit. Hallelujah, Selah, Selah, Selah.

Continued praying…

Lots of things on heaven’s agenda, plans
But when we declare we are rich, we are rich in all things
Prosperous in our spirit, soul, and body
Bodies have to line up with our spirits when we say we are rich
Intimacy, that’s another thing that just kept coming up this morning
Intimacy, a touch, touching Him
When the lady touched the hem of His garment by faith
She was made whole, rich
He touched us; He has touched and healed us
He’s continually ministering by the Spirit to us
For our priorities are not always His
Our prayers are not always what He would have us to pray
But if we go too far and keep calling for things that we think we need
There will be times when He will just let us have second best but not His best
That’s what we are after – the best of the best for the rest of our time here on this earth
Because we are just passing through
Passing through to our heavenly home
We have a heavenly place here in this race
We’re passing through
Time, days, weeks, rushing by
So we must stay in that intimate place with our best friend and walk in that love
Thank You, Lord

Ms. Annie led us singing…

There was a woman who suffered for many a year
All her faith was depleted, no shadow of hope
Then she heard about Jesus
Then she came in the crowd
And she reached out and touched His clothes

She said if I could touch just the hem of His garment
Then I know that I shall be made whole
Then by faith she reached out and she touched Him that day
And in that moment she was made whole

I peter 2 verse 24 oh if only you can see it was all for you and me
And if you reach out to receive, if you only just believe
Every promise that He has made is waiting for you,
It’s waiting for me
Our Jesus He’s waiting for you.

In our tongues we pray things that we do not know are necessary to pray

A Word of the Lord came forth:

It touches My heart this morning My children that you sing of and have great desire to touch Me. It is a powerful thing when you reach out by faith to touch the hem of My garment. But it is also a powerful thing that when you do, I do flood your soul with joy and make you whole. Like I say of My peace, it’s a peace that I give you not as the world gives but also My joy is not what the world gives. It’s a peace that is a spiritual force that raises you up above all else. It is a medicine to your soul. It is strength to your soul. It is a restoration and refreshing to your soul. It’s a joy that raises you up in higher heights with Me. It’s a joy that gives you courage and strength and faith to keep walking through the trials of your life. My joy is a spiritual force that I impart to you as you touch Me. I encourage and exhort you to, on purpose, reach out by faith and touch Me daily and receive the impartation of My joy. My joy is the fullness found only in My presence but it is also My joy, it is a strength and a stronghold for you to walk you through the heartaches and the trials of this life, that walks you through conflicts and fear and doubt and sorrow and sickness and the things of this world and of the enemy. My joy triumphs over all. So this day, My children, I delight in your song, in your worship, your attitude, and your love. But let that become an intense desire to touch Me for the many reasons that I have imparted to you to walk you through in higher realms, not only in peace but healing and restoration of the powerful spiritual force of My joy that only comes from Me especially for you, saith the Lord.

I pray this morning you receive a fresh touch today.

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