Prayer Summary for Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ms. Annie led us in worship…

Definitely, positively, we are changed every time we are in His presence
In an instant, we can operate in a paradigm shift
See things we hadn’t seen, see things we should see, do things we should have done in the presence
His presence, Hallelujah
Thank You, Father, for Your presence
For the anointing of Your precious Holy Spirit
For the blood of Jesus that covers us – what was done on the Cross
It’s still finished for us today, hallelujah

In reference to yesterday concerning a sermon Pastor Mac preached…

And he was preaching about what the Holy Spirit has told you to do, told me to do, told us to do. How He speaks to us, whatever He tells us to do. Isn’t that what we want to do? It’s not our plan, it’s His plan. It’s not that we drum up some kind of anointing, it’s in us, it’ been placed within us and we worked on that a little yesterday, how we stirred ourselves up by praying in other tongues. And what happened? The anointing came up and began to come out and there was great freedom as far as prayer and that’s what we are called to do. Not just a little kumbaya group. We have things that we need to do. Isn’t that right?

Ms. Annie shared…

Yesterday when you were reading about tongues, I just kept hearing “spontaneous combustion.” It just kept coming up the whole hour we were here after you said that. And then when you said that just now about stirring yourselves up in the Holy Ghost it came up again, spontaneous combustion. You mix the word of God with praying in tongues and it percolates and percolates and then it Pewww! It combusts. Fire, fire.

Pastor Ray shared…

I love being in the chapel or wherever else we are gathered together. I love it. We are blessed to have the freedom. We are blessed to have the place. We are blessed to have the operation of this power, His presence, and His grace. We are blessed to have the revelation of who we are in Him. We are blessed to know that we are absolutely free and able to walk in victory in every thing we do, in every day, week, month, hallelujah. Just a whole lot of blessing!


He sent His Son to the cross, He died for us, set us free by the blood that was shed at Calvary
Thank You, Jesus, that it is still operating and working today
No weapon formed against us shall prosper in Jesus’ name
We overcome by the blood and we can testify about it
The Devil has been defeated, the Word is true!
We have overcome because You overcame
When You said it was finished, it was
Absolutely, totally finished and done
For the victory and the victories that are to come
We yield to You for that freedom to walk in that victory You’ve already laid out for us
Where things come up and try to block us from what we are called to walk in, we use the authority that is resident within us
We do need to stir ourselves up in it!
By standing on the Word
Coming to God – yielding to the Holy Spirit
Welcoming the Holy Spirit
Staying stable on the walk we have been given to walk out
Thank You that in our hearts we know what to do
You are always speaking and always leading us every minute of every day
We open our ears and hearts to more of You
Your direction is right on target
You are never late; Your Word is always true – thank You, Father
Lifting up Your precious Word this morning
Magnifying Your promises – they never change or lose power
Yes, things are new, things are changing, things are being rearranged
There are many things that still need changing – yes
We humble ourselves before You
We trust You, We magnify Who You are in us and through us
Thank You for our destinies being walked out
Not because we are so great, not because we have seen it all
Because we have seen You; we know You, Your Word is true and You said You would lead and guide us into all truth
The truth that is out before us – we yield to it, we trust You
Worshiping You for Who You are now and forevermore
Thank You for the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit
Absolutely nothing is impossible but all things are possible in You
Thank You, Thank You
We expect to walk in the operation of Your Spirit again and again and again
We expect not to walk off course and go in the wrong way
We expect to hear, we expect to know, we expect to receive and understand what You are directing us, the ways, the plans, the ideas
Every resource necessary individually and of course corporately together has already been sent
Opening ourselves up to every kind of resource – every dollar, every person, every connection, every new job, every raise, every, every, everything!
More than enough to carry out what You have called us, anointed us, equipped us to
Bank accounts “INCREASE now in Jesus’ name”
Up, up, up, one way or another or another—increase, increase, increase!
Our personal economy – we are on the increase!
As we see things we are called to do, maybe see places we are called to walk, those resources are ready. We see that
Every element in sync and lines up in Jesus’ name
Just at the right time
Many, many demonstrations of Your power in these days
It’s not just time to step in but to step up for that standard from heaven is unfolding day after day after day…
We look up and look out
We prepare things that need to be prepared by the power of You Spirit
Getting things in alignment right when they need to be, on time in Jesus’ name
That’s all part of the increase – that’s more
Words that You spoke to us in the past
Things that we have heard or known they will begin to come back up in Jesus’ name
I pray that we not miss one word, operation, step
Nothing will be missed or broken – shalom!

Up, it’s a little further out of our minds and into our spirits
Sign, signs, able to see, actually read in our spirits what we are to do.
A secure place, a protected place, a hidden place

Ms. Annie began singing in tongues

♪ For the weapons I have given you are mighty, mighty, mighty
For the weapons I have given you are strong
They are not carnal like the weapons of man
By they are mighty, mighty, mighty in My hand
So take up the armor of God I have given You
Righteousness and peace will be your guide
The helmet of Salvation on your head
And the blood of covering your steps

Those that trust in me and are not afraid
Those that trust in me they will not be dismayed
So hide yourself in Me
Hide yourself in Me
Abide, abide, abide in Me
And in My words abide and you will be free

Don’t’ forget; don’t forget You belong to Me
And I am a good Daddy and You belong to Me
Don’t’ forget; don’t forget You belong to Me
And I have done everything for your victory
I have done, everything for your victory
Look at my hands, look at My side and look at My feet
Don’t forget; don’t forget I bought the victory
Don’t forget; don’t forget I bought the victory

I did it because I love you, I love you
And I have given You My life
I tell you to go, go into the darkness
Go where My light is dim and I will be with you
I will be with you
Ha, ha, ha, ha…

Continued praying…

Just for a few minute a least let’s go over to Israel. Pray or sing in other tongues, however you are directed.

From border to border, all the land of Israel
The peace for Jerusalem
The wall, the old city, the sea
All the places, the leadership, Israel…
Today we watch over the land
Protection – covered in the blood
We cover the people
Hidden things be revealed now in Jesus’ name
Covering the borders with the blood of Jesus
No, you cannot come in there – you cannot cross that border in Jesus’ name
We walk a line by the blood

Ms. Annie led us singing over Jerusalem…

♪ City of God, may there be peace within your palaces
May there be prosperity within your walls
The Lord who watches over you never sleeps
The Lord who watches over you delights in you
His is covenant He will keep forever
He will prosper all those that love you
He will oppose your enemy
Chariots of fire all around you
The mighty hosts of heavens glorious army
Jerusalem, Jerusalem
The tribes go up to the Lord
The nations bow before you

We are born in Jerusalem
We are born in the New Jerusalem
We are born in the New Jerusalem
Angels guard you night and day
And all those who oppose you are dismayed
They shrink back in cower before the Lord of Host
They turn and come bowing before your feet
Because of the glorious Yahweh!
They come bowing before You in defeat
Surely, surely, surly there is a God in Israel
Surely, surely, surly the lord has come
The Lord our God in the midst of us is mighty
Mighty; mighty in battle
Mighty; mighty power of word
Mighty; mighty blood of Jesus
He’s conquered, conquered every foe
We are born in the New Jerusalem
Grafted in, grafted in, grafted in
One new man, life from the dead, life from the dead
One new man, life from the dead, life from the dead
Jesus, Jesus, victory ♪

Continued praying…

Father, we pray over the meeting Thursday and Friday
Supernatural utterance by and through Holy Spirit
From beginning to end
That there would keep moving and changing and bringing revelation to the people
Sending out a call to those called to come
If you are called, please come
Protection for them
Thank You for the divine utterance through brothers Copeland and Jessie
The word spoken will bring about change
Lining up with the message called Change
From one degree of glory to another
Eyes open more hears yielded vessels
Calling things lined up – preordained by heaven
The music, offerings, everything
Freedom of utterance for words needing to come forth
That the people come in expectation
Preparations, cover, cover with the blood
Nothing can hinder or stop the word
Setting ourselves in agreement and harmony for it
Bodies will be healed and finances rearranged
A step up – supernatural changed now and all the way through the week
Giving you all the praise and glory in advance
Worshiping and bowing our hearts in expectation for Your directions
This is a supernatural holy blessed day!

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