Prayer Summary for Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ms. Annie led us singing “In Your Presence”

Your Rock is Jesus
You hide us in Jesus
In the cleft of Your Rock
We are hidden in Your presence oh God
It’s Your presence Lord, it’s always been
Praying for manifestation of Your presence
We love and welcome the manifestation of Your presence
Thank You for Your presence
Entering, receiving, opening up our hearts for more

Ms. Annie led us singing “I love Your Presence”

Pastor Ray shared…

I just have a sense as representatives of the body of Christ that we are moving. It’s kind of a march but as we move forward with that presence, when we look to the left, we call others in. When we look to the right, we call them in too. And as we keep moving in that presence, increase is coming to the body, in the presence of God Almighty in the presence, the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit upon us, in us and through us.

It’s such a joyful, happy march. It’s such a free, free way to move… Just a look through our eyes and by His presence upon us, it draws others into the same way that we are moving. And we are moving upward. We are not just moving in the status quo going nowhere. We are moving on upward, taking steps of faith, moving out in places where we have never been before, yielding to the power of the Holy Spirit upon us, in us, and through us.

I see as we move here this morning and just continually lift Him, love on Him, that by His Spirit in this presence, it’s a picture of the Church increasing on the face of the earth. It’s a picture of health. It’s a picture of breakthroughs. It’s a picture of great victories in and through the presence of God.

It shows up and shows out and will bring about a great showing. And the earth and the people in the earth they will see and they will know and they will join up to go in this same march. It’s an army. It’s an ever increasing army of God. And in a way as we yield just lifting up our voices and singing, lifting up thanksgiving for the presence, it’s strengthening. It causes momentum. It’s bringing the change that needs to be brought. It’s showing, opening, and revealing. So the earth cannot help but notice His presence moving through us. We know one touch of the Master, on touch of the presence changes everything.

Continued praying…

Doors of opportunities and ways to walk
Your presence in and through us
We are melted and changed in Your presence
We see things in a different way because of Your presence
Reminding ourselves always of what that presence has done and is doing

The following word was given yesterday:

It’s time now saith the Lord, to remind yourself of the things that I have already done for you personally in your life. To bring it back to your remembrance time after time not to go back not to try to turn around and go back where you were, but remind yourself what I did do for you so that you will know when you begin to step out into the new there will not be questions about what to do. For I have already prepared, already prepared your plan personally. So the reports or the pages that will be written they will be new, but they shall be the same Father, the same Holy Spirit, the same Jesus that you received change in your life or lives, personally and together. So in reminding yourself, let Me by My Spirit bring to you things that you should be reminded of, that you might walk out into the new. For I have charted a plan, I have prepared the way, I have paid for the trip by the blood on the cross. So continually take your place, stay in the race, full speed ahead.

Continued praying…

We receive that Lord
That word to bring to our remembrance
Especially as we lift You up and remember Your beautiful presence
We never want to forget that
Sometimes we may become a little less desiring or expecting to walk in it
But Father, thank You for the Holy Spirit and what was done on the cross through Jesus
We know You are calling us forth and there is more
Detail and plans and chapters yet to be written concerning us personally
And then how we have been joined together as a company here
We have been called, anointed, equipped, and have the blood
We hunger for that manifestation of You through us
So that at every turn we know which way to go
So every door that’s open we know if that is our door
If it’s Your time for us to move through that door, way, or opportunity
We will sense it in our spirit
Visitation from on high
We expect as we march in this plan, we will bring Your influence wherever we go
Knowing when to stop and when to go
Knowing when to turn or when to go straight
Because You are directing and You are leading
You will show us the way, the truth, the plan, and Your purpose
Limits of every kind be removed today
Go in the name Jesus!
But a freedom to walk out into uncharted territory
Into the new – new opportunities!
A showing, a glowing
Holding fast!
Just think about your feet and the new positions and places you have been called to
It’s not just your desire to walk in the new, it’s God’s desire and plan by the power of the Holy Spirit
That what was done on the cross to continually open opportunities for you
And those feet to walk into what we could say all day every day “the New”
For even today it’s a new day, it’s not like yesterday
So new territories, these feet shall walk into
We call our feet anointed feet to walk out God’s plan supernaturally
Oooooh hallelujah!
Miracles, supernatural incidents, revelations about the assignments
To keep up the steps, to keep moving
Directed by the power of the Spirit within you
And the new will look a lot better for you when you watch over your feet in the way that they should go

Thank You Lord that we have feet
That You have prepared, that there is a way
That there is a plan for us
For the ministry of Your precious, precious Holy Spirit within us
Thank You, thank You

Ms. Annie led us singing “We Love Your Presence”

Continued praying…

Father, thank You that Your presence goes with us
Wherever we go, You go
Thank You that You are moving, changing, transforming us
Every step we take in You, You are continually transforming us
And moving us into Your new
We honor and thank You for Your Word
The Power of Your Holy Spirit
For what was done on the Cross at Calvary
Thank You, for going all the way Lord
Thank You for this day – we call it blessed
We declare we will be where we need to be
We have favor and it goes before us creating opportunities for Your blessings in our lives
We thank You in advance in Jesus’ name

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