Prayer Summary for Thursday, May 04, 2017

Pastor Ray prayed and shared…

Father, thank You so much. We welcome Your precious Holy Spirit. Thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit. We yield ourselves to the direction of Your Spirit for this day. Father, You said You would show us and reveal to us words that should be spoken today. We want to do our part.

Daniel 9:17, “Now therefore, our God, hear the prayer of Your servant, and his supplications, and for the Lord’s sake cause Your face to shine on Your sanctuary, which is desolate. O my God, incline Your ear and hear; open Your eyes and see our desolations, and the city which is called by Your name; for we do not present our supplications before You because of our righteous deeds, but because of Your great mercies. O Lord, hear! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, listen and act! Do not delay for Your own sake, my God, for Your city and Your people are called by Your name.”

When we yield to the power of the Holy Spirit and we lift up our prayers based on what the Word days, we know You hear it, Lord. I’m reminded of that right now when we say, “Lord, hear…” That’s what Daniel was saying. “Oh Lord, forgive.” Are we forgiven? Yes! “Give heed, act,” in other words “help us.” We know the Lord hears our prayers and that He’s forgiven us. And He’s helping us. The last phrase was “do not delay for Your own sake because Your city and people are called by Your name.”

I found this, this morning. It’s a prophecy given through Kenneth Copeland in 2014. The Title is “The Work Has Already Been Done.”

The Work Has Already Been Done
Prophecy: Kenneth Copeland
February 27, 2014
Branson Victory Campaign, Branson, MO.

“Special days. Special times have come. Ah, these may not seem as special to you as they do to Me,” saith the Lord. “See, I’ve been looking forward to this a whole lot longer than you have. I’ve been planning this a whole lot longer than you have. And I already see the end and the beginning. I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. And it is time,” saith the Lord, “For you to rejoice because all of heaven is rejoicing.

“The time has come. Oh! Soon! Soon! Soon! Oh, sooner than that! Soon and very soon there’s a great change coming. Yes! Oh year. There’s a great change at hand—right now in the progress of this natural, physical world. All the times and the things that have been said and gone before have come to a climax, and there’s great changes occurring in the realm of the spirit.

“Oh yes! And it’s to be rejoiced about and it’s to be shouted about. But, oh, let Me tell you! Oh, let Me tell you! Heaven is not just rejoicing over the deliverance of the nation of the United States of America. Heaven is not just rejoicing over the times that are at hand and the great increase in the gathering of souls all over the world. Heaven is rejoicing because the work has already been done, and Jesus is coming sooner than you think!” [end]

Thank You, Father! It’s a finished work. On the cross, Jesus said, “It is finished.”
Now we’re going to pray for our nation.

Group entered into worship…

♪ God bless America, land that I love… stand beside her… etc. ♪


This day to bring about change…
To rearrange and to change in the new and fresh way, the God way
Supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit, O God
A proclamation by the Spirit…
Statements by Your spirit… stating and declaring, defining…
This it shall be…
Some things will be ousted this day… out in the name of Jesus… removed in Jesus’ name
We take authority over that… every subversive plat and plan and conspiracy to drag this nation down
In the name of Jesus, we plead the blood… cleanses and keeps the destroyer back
We apply the blood over their hearing, over their seeing
Eyes to see and ears to hear, understanding and light
Over their hearts… You turn their hearts
Father, the roll call… we hold up the roll call… the roll call, Father…
State by state by state… all, Father… we bring them to You… each one… one by one by one for change, for light, for life, for revelation of the King…
Unlock that, Father, and reveal
Take them to a new state

Pastor Ray interjected…

I saw this while we were praying for the states. I had that too… “state by state by state.” In every state, people and companies will be joining together and lifting up this nation. What I saw over the nation was a banner that said, “Healing Over America.” That’s what I saw. Healing over America. So state by state, healing, we declare, goes forth through every state. The governors and positions of authority state by state, healing and the peace of God that passes all understanding.

Continued praying…

Revival entering every state
Things changing and turning
Situations being shut down
We declare some situations, you got to shut up, get out, and leave in Jesus’ name
Strife, rebellion, anarchy… in Jesus’ name, we plead the blood against you. Leave!
We declare that forth in Jesus’ name
We cover every position of authority… policemen and every person that is on the line
Thank You for the protection of the blood
Hidden things, be uncovered in Jesus’ name
Revealed, opened in Jesus’ name

We lift up our court system to You, Father. Our justice system, the judges, the courts. Father, we ask that You make a clean sweep of those places and that You send godly men and women to hold those places. We take authority over that spirit of antichrist that resides in those court systems. We bind that in the name of Jesus. We thank You, Father, for change there.

Cooperation and collaboration with the Spirit
The work of the Spirit in this nation
We declare it today, more and more and more
More unveiling and revealing of Your Word
According to Your Word, we pray for all those in authority

Prayer for our Nation/America

Father, in the name of Jesus, and according to your Word, we pray for those in authority in our nation. We lift up President Donald Trump, his family, his staff and cabinet members. Let Your Word cling to them and let them not depart from your plan. Strengthen them with mighty power by your Spirit to stand against wickedness, lies and deception. Guide President Trump’s decisions; let Your light shine upon his path and show him the path of reversal for every evil way. Continually surround him with godly men and women who impart wise counsel to him. Cause the way of the wicked to be set to confusion and come to nothing. Deliver us from the traps and snares the enemy has laid for us, and let the wicked be caught in their own devises and be brought to shame. We take authority over the plots and plans of the enemy against this nation. Let prideful and lying lips be silenced in Jesus’ name. Slanderers will not be established in America. We pray for our Congress, our Supreme Court, our Military leaders and our intelligence agencies. Let the wisdom that is from above reign in this nation and be constantly speaking to our leaders. We exercise the authority you have given us to tread down all the power of the enemy. We cast down and demolish imaginations and arguments that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God, and we bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. We bind spirits of strife and division, civil wars and tumults, spirits of hostility, lawlessness and blasphemy, and fires from hell that have burned in our cities.

We speak grace and peace over America. We pray and believe for the voice of truth, salvation, revival and restoration to be proclaimed and heard across our land. Grant unto your servants everywhere that with all boldness we may speak your Word. We pray for a mighty outpouring of your Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles. We expect the wisdom of this world that is earthly, sensual and devilish to depart and vanish until Your, mighty work in America becomes a beacon of hope for all people everywhere. We expect the voice of rejoicing to be heard in our nation for your goodness, mercy and prosperity, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Father, we take authority over the funding that would perpetuate the evil plots and plans against this nation
In Jesus’ name, we speak to that funding, that source to dry up, shrivel and come to nothing
We loose angels to go and gather that money and bring it into the house of God

Group sings about the blood of Jesus…

♪ Thank You for the cover of Your blood… From the north to the south, from the east to the west… thank You for the cover of Your blood… ♪

Continued praying…

Let’s pray this verse over our nation and our President and Vice President.

Psalm 80:14, “Turn again, we beseech You, O God of hosts! Look down from heaven and see, visit, and have regard for this vine! [Protect and maintain] the stock which Your right hand planted, and the branch (the son) that You have reared and made strong for Yourself. 16 They have burned it with fire, it is cut down; may they perish at the rebuke of Your countenance. 17 Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand, upon the son of man whom You have made strong for Yourself. 18 Then will we not depart from You; revive us (give us life) and we will call upon Your name. 19 Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; cause Your face to shine [in pleasure, approval, and favor on us], and we shall be saved!”

Thank You, Father, for restoration and revival and a shift in the way things are going
We’re not going back but turn toward Your plan and purpose
We’re asking for revival across America
We declare America is continually moving in Your way
We speak over the State of Minnesota… we’re moving in the right way… more in God’s right way…
We pray over Minneapolis and apply the blood in preparation for tonight’s prayer
We declare no weapon formed against that event will prosper in Jesus’ name
We declare confusion to your plans
Thousands are coming to that place and the name of Jesus will be magnified and lifted in the heart of this city
We pray over ever speaker, musician, all that will be praying… safety and peace over that place
What needs to be said from that place will be said
It’s change the area, the city, the cities, the state, the nation … moving toward God’s way
We pray prosperity for that two–hour time
Healing over America… we declare it
I pray over the pastors and heads of the churches
Thank You, Father, this will not be about “a” church… it’ll be about “the” church
All the streams of ministry, we thank You for their united voice in this city
It’ll be a picture of America moving and changing and coming together
The way we were meant to be and founded to be
Liberty, victory, freedom

Group sang in the Spirit…

Continued praying…

As we lift up all the kings and those in positions of authority, that it will go well
In every place, lifting up voices in one accord
Connections… we pray over the connections
Open, open, open heaven
Miracles, signs
Doors opened, some shut

Psalm 84, I feel this is so right for today. How lovely are your tabernacles, O Lord. My soul yearns, it even pines and is homesick for the Lord, for Your presence, Lord. We’re asking for more. A great outpouring. Our hearts and flesh cry out and sing for joy to You.

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