Prayer Summary for Thursday, March 17, 2016

Morning prayer began with worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

There’s a lifting in this place, because of the name of Jesus. It is the name that is above every other name. And every knee will bow to the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord. He is the anointed One. And by His Spirit, He put that anointing within each and every one of us. The anointing is resident within us. When we were dead to sin, He raised us up. He set us free. Restored us. Made us whole by His grace. We did not deserve it. But He did it. The blood of Jesus made us overcomers. Gave us the authority that’s in that name. He placed us high up above and gave us a seat. As pray-ers, we must take our places and see how He positioned us in the high place, seated with Him. By faith, we take it.

Ephesians 2:6, says He raised us up together with Him. He made us sit down together, giving is joint seating with Him in the heavenly sphere by virtue of our being in Christ Jesus. The Messiah. The Anointed One. Verse 8, says it is by grace, God’s unmerited favor, that you are saved. We’re saved and delivered from judgment, set free. In that name, every hindrance, every chain that would try to hold us back, is broken in that name. We’ve been made to take our seat in that place of authority. Thank You, Father. In our walk with God, it pays to have revelation about who we are in Him. We are to operate in that authority knowing who we are in Christ: knowing it’s not us, it’s Him and He’s in us.

I cannot read this scripture without remembering what happened to my wife, Sandy, when we were in France. For us to get from the apartment to where we needed to get, we took a tram. A lot of people use the trams and they are usually jammed. There was one seat left and I said to Sandy, “You go take that seat.” On her way to the seat, another man rushed by and tried to push her out of the way. He wasn’t an old man. He wasn’t a young man. He wasn’t a bully but he thought he had a right to the seat because some “religious” office that he stood in. I’m saying, “religious.” So he tried to push Sandy out of the way. You know, Sandy is sweet and kind and loving. She walks in love but she took her left arm and just “BAM!” and jammed him out of the way and took her seat. I was behind her going “Yes!” I love that picture because he thought he had a right to the seat that he didn’t have a right to. He wasn’t going to honor her as a woman, if you can get the picture. He found out that somebody sweet, filled with the Holy Ghost knowing the authority in the name… I’m not sure if she said the name under her breath, but guaranteed, he missed that seat. She took it. That’s the example I think of on how we are to take our seat in Christ that’s been given to us. We take the seat! It’s authority. The authority of the believer. As people of prayer, we have to know where we’re seated and we need to take our seat!

Erika shared…

I’m reminded of a time when brother Hagin was ministering in a healing line. He knew he needed to take authority over this spirit that was oppressing this man that had a problem with his back. He prayed for him and said, “Now try to touch your feet.” He couldn’t do it. So he prayed for him again. Jesus did that too, praying for somebody more than once. Nothing happened. The man was going back to his seat and brother Hagin looked up and saw Jesus. Jesus chastised him in a nice way. The conversation between brother Hagin and Jesus was going back and forth and Hagin said, “but he didn’t leave.” Jesus said, “I told you he would leave.” Hagin said again, “But he didn’t leave.” And Jesus said again, “BUT I SAID HE DID!” That resounds on the inside of me. Jesus, the head of the Church, said he did leave.

Quote from book Touch the Word Through Prayer by Wesley L. Duewel.

During the last week of Jesus’ life, before His mediatorial death and resurrection, He gave His disciples some special instructions concerning prayer. These were among His deepest teachings. One of His primary emphases was that, hereafter, Jesus’ disciples were to bring their petitions in His name. No leader has ever given such amazing authority to his followers.

In order to be able to use this authority to the glory of Jesus and the advancement of His kingdom, we need to know the answer to three questions: What does the word “name” imply in Jewish thought? What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name? How can we use Jesus’ name most effectively in our praying?

The word “name” as it was used in the time of Christ, implied three things.

1: The name is the person. To praise the name of Jesus is to praise Jesus Himself. To love the name of Jesus is to love Jesus. To dishonor the name of Jesus is to insult Jesus.

2: The name represents all we know of the person. When Moses hungered to draw closer to Jehovah, he asked to see His glory. God replied that a human being could not survive such a divine encounter, for His glory would be greater than the physical body could bear. But God promised to reveal Himself partially. He put Moses in the cleft of a rock, covered him with His hand, and passed in front of Moses, removing His hand for a second so Moses could see the glory that lingered after God had passed by. As He did so, he proclaimed His name—a revealing two-sentence name: “The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished” (Exo. 34:6–7). To know God was to know all that His name represented. To understand the name was to see God. The name of Jesus represents all we know of Him from Scripture and personal experience.

3: The name is the person actively present. To the early Christians, to be gathered “in Jesus’ name” meant for Jesus to be personally present in their midst, as He truly is today. To be sent “in Jesus’ name,” to do all “in the name” of Jesus (Col. 3:17), meant acting by the authority of Jesus, manifesting His character. When we act “in Jesus’ name” today, we likewise believe that we are not acting alone, but with Jesus by our side, even though He is invisible to our eyes. …

To be “in Jesus” means to be in spiritual unity with Jesus, to be in the vine, to be in Jesus’ love, to have Jesus living within you, to be indwelled by the Holy Spirit, to have Christ’s words remaining in you.

To pray in Jesus’ name is to be conformed to His nature. To pray in Jesus’ name is to pray for His sake. To pray in Jesus’ name is to use His name as your reference. To pray in Jesus’ name is to claim Calvary’s victory for your need. To pray in Jesus’ name is to acknowledge His full role as God’s anointed—your prophet, priest, and king. As a prophet, He is your counselor and guide. As priest, He is your intercessor. As you pray, He says “amen” to your prayer. As king, He is your sovereign Lord. As you pray in His name, you claim His prophetic guidance for your prayer, His priestly intercession for your prayer, and His kingly answers to your prayer. To pray in Jesus’ name is to pray in all His authority.

[End quote]

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The name is above every lie and deception of the enemy
We pray the Church has full revelation of the name of Jesus and its authority granted to the Church
Divine representatives rising to the place to behold His face
Knowing that we know that we know, in His authority only do we go
We go in the name—it’s not our own plan but it’s His divine plan
Operating in a new way, stepping up to say “enough is enough this day”
Declarations to go forth
I call that intolerance… that’s the kind of intolerance we need in the Church of the living God
Each and every day, up in your place running your race
Not to go another way but victory each and every day
Speaking the same—His words in our mouths
I silence that lying demon power!
By Your Spirit, Father, more and more and more
Revelations and walking in the light
Not head knowledge and not just information but Christ on the inside, intertwined in the vine
We lift up that great seat of authority
The significance of that must be unwrapped and revealed
Open eyes to see it
Great significance, Father
It must be activated by faith

Pastor Ray shared…

Something’s been opened. I keep coming up on this as we watch from our position, there’s some kind of situation or plan of the enemy where the door has been opened. But in the name that’s above every other name, as we watch and pray, we take authority and we call that door “shut down” in Jesus’ name. Shut down in Jesus’ name! I take the blood of the Lamb and apply it over that opening, the frame so to speak, and weld it shut by the blood of the Lamb. Never, ever to be opened. So the effect of that shutting down will bring great change on the face of the earth. No politicians can close it. But the name of Jesus, it is shut down.

Continue praying…

Into a greater sphere and realm of influence
We press to that place and will not rest
The nations, the full extent, to the full perimeters, to the full length
Liberty! Freedom! Victory!
We plead the blood over cities, over mayors, positions of authority

Pastor Ray spoke forth a word in song…

I keep getting religious institutions that were once on fire, they used to preach the absolute truth of the Word of God, but the enemy moved in and the people sat down and the minister sat down too. They yielded over. ♪ But now in these days the glory of God will move in and the sign outside will change and the word spoken inside will change. And the people will yield to the new authority within and the church will come alive and the bells will ring and the people will come. Whole cities will change. Whole nations will change for the churches will change. Words will go forth and the bells will continually ring, drawing the people forth… And the laborers… Oh, the laborers. Knowing which way to go, where to set their feet and what to say. “For these are new days in Me,” saith the Lord. “So take your place, take your seat. I’ve given it to you. Walk in My ways and darkness will have to leave for My glory will come and bring the light and reveal and show forth and direct those that need sight to see.” ♪

Continued praying…

We pray over the steps for the Church
Step by step by step
There’s a covering of the blood over each one
Let’s see all the steps
Obedience today over the Church—hearing, knowing, responding, obeying the voice of the Good Shepherd
There is progress! Say not “there is none,” for when you hear the voice of the Son and obey, progress is made all along the way

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