Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read from Rick Renner’s book, Say Yes! I wanted to read where he uses the Greek and then tells us what it really means. He starts out with Romans 1:16.

[begin excerpt]
In Romans 1:16, Paul wrote, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth….” Later he reminded the Roman church of his style and method of preaching: “Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God; so that from Jerusalem, and round about unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the gospel of Christ” (Rom. 15:19). Backed by the authority of heaven, Paul made proclamations about God’s kingdom and His miracle-working, life-transforming power. The results of this bold, promise-making kind of preaching were fantastic.

Now this word paressia is used in Hebrews 10:35: “Cast not away therefore your confidence….” The word “confidence” evidently alludes to the bold, brave, fearless promises, declarations, or confessions these believers had made in connection with the Gospel and God’s call on their lives.

Just as the apostle Paul boldly proclaimed the Gospel and its promises to an unbelieving world, these saints had been professing, declaring, and laying claim to the promises of God’s Word for their personal lives. They had done it boldly. They had done it audibly. What they believed in their hearts is what they had spoken loudly and clearly to anyone who wanted to listen. However, when the results weren’t forthcoming as quickly as they wanted, they were tempted to toss their faith away and count it as nonsense. But the writer of Hebrews urged them not to do it because faith “…hath great recompense of reward.”

The phrase “recompense of reward” is from the Greek word misthapodosia. This word is a compound of two Greek words, mistha and podos. The word mistha is the word for “money, a person’s salary, or for a payment that is due.” The word podos is the word for foot or feet. It is the root word for a podiatrist, which is a foot doctor.

When these two words are compounded, it presents a picture of money traveling by feet and headed in your direction. This is payment, recompense, a reward headed your way. One man has coined the phrase, “money cometh.” There is actually no better translation than this for the Greek word misthapodosia.

This word carries the thought of being paid for present labor, reimbursed for past expenses, provided reparations for past injustices, and rewarded at some point in the future.

God pays you by giving you victories in different areas of your life. That pay may be success in your ministry. It may be financial. It may be a greater anointing than you’ve ever had. It may be a phenomenal increase of prosperity. It may be that God pays you by providing a long-term friendship you’ll be able to count on for years to come.

God has all kinds of ways to recompense us for staying in faith and doing what He called us to do. But one thing is for sure—the word misthapodosia proves that God wants you and me to receive a blessing for the services we have rendered in His kingdom.

Thank God for heaven! You’ll receive a future reward there too. But right now you’re here on planet earth, with physical and material needs that must be met. You need blessings and help right now to live and take care of your personal responsibilities. The devil may try to hinder God’s blessings from arriving at your doorstep, but don’t give up! It’s right for you to expect to receive payment for your labors even now. [end excerpt]

Group begins to worship…

Word came forth…

I keep hearing this. Brother Mike on the camera. While we were worshiping the Lord, I am getting this for you and your family. This is for you, your immediate family, children and grandchildren. The provision for your future has already been made and prepared for you. The steps are preordained from heaven. They won’t look exactly the same, but they’ll look the way heaven has sent them to look. And this morning as we read those translations from Greek words, the recompense, the provision, not just for now… maybe there are things that still need to be brought forth… things or supplies maybe that you’d expected before, they too shall come. But today, I’m reminding you and your family that the provision has already been set and sent. So the peace of God that you can enter into more than you’ve ever entered in before for you, for your wife, for your family—that peace will hold you all the way through as you take steps by faith, believing and expecting. I pray over your expectation and declare that your feet will walk where God has called you to walk. Your voice, your words will speak forth before you ever enter into some things in your future. Your words will create the way and straighten out that path for you to go through. So take comfort, take that peace that passes all understanding and know, saith the Lord, these things are ready when the time is right and you shall walk up into and it’ll be greater for you and for your family.

Thank You, Lord. We too can receive that. People over the Internet, we speak over you and into your lives and declare this word from heaven that be it money, whatever provision, things that were stolen from you in the past, you have a right to declare and believe “these things shall be turning and coming unto me.” Just the way we read it. So the provision, the health, whatever it is, it has legs and it’s coming to each one of you.


Father, we believe what You said in Your Word
You Word makes it clear that everything we need has already been provided
By faith, we believe and we expect to move in ways we’ve never operated in before
For this nation, the best is on the way… the best is yet to come
We pray for today and tomorrow and declare for this nation
The blood of Jesus over the United States of America
We demand and call forth this nation to be one nation under God, indivisible in Jesus’ name
We take authority over division, separation, negative words spoken
There will be a change at noon tomorrow
We pray that President Elect Trump will have words by the Holy Ghost to speak forth over this nation
We believe words will be spoken that will bring some things back together again
We hold up the prayers that will be prayed in and at the inauguration and the songs that will be sung

Mary sings in the spirit for the nation…

Prayer continued…

A smooth transition
Opening up these ways and plans
The process
Clothed in it
Together, together, together… today… today… it’s it… up, up, up and over… pressing on into… a rising up into… ascending into it… into that place… the lies, the lies bow to the name of Jesus… the doors, the doors! Unlocking, unlocking, unlocking… exposing, exposing the lies… show them, show them… oh the chains are broken, the chains are broken…
We circle around it
New, new, brand new
Clean, cleansed by the blood of the Lamb
Assistance from heaven, assignments to walk out
It’s a march in Jesus’ name
Step by step by step into the greater plan from heaven
Extend it… going beyond… going further… that perimeter goes out, it goes further… we move that line out… we extend that influence of the Holy Spirit…
Worldwide influence…
Nothing can stop this transfer… it shall take place it is destined to take place
We plead the blood over every state in Jesus’ name
Uncovered in Jesus’ name

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