Prayer Summary for July 16


The Wind of a Revival Tornado
Acts 2:2

On the day of Pentecost, the Spirit of God moved in “like a violent rushing wind.” Each word is significant. Wind denotes respiration, or a breeze. It is frequently rendered “breathe,” because in the spiritual sense, it is the bringer of new life and the sustainer of the life it brings. Violent denotes the power to move things, and rushing indicates the ability to carry or bear something. These three words point to God’s power to breathe life, power to move opposition, and power to bring the accomplishment of God’s will. That kind of action is perhaps best demonstrated by the activity of wind known as a tornado.

When the atmosphere is just right, God unleashes a tornado against the human heart. Divine truth strikes like lightning. God’s voice thunders, bringing heavy conviction and repentance. Torrents of rain in the form of God’s saving and delivering power pour forth from heaven upon men, women, and children.

Like a tornado, a revival draws attention to an unseen power. Anyone who has ever witnessed a tornado is left awestruck by its mighty power. Spiritually speaking, a mighty revival tornado captures the attention of sinners. With their desires fixed on fleshly and material things, a swirling move of God’s Spirit causes them to weep, tremble, pray, and cry out for God’s mercy until their lives are transformed.

Like a tornado, revival purifies the atmosphere. Before a tornado hits, the atmosphere is hot and heavy. Disease-carrying mosquitoes may hover over swampy areas. Smog may blanket a valley. But when a tornado passes through, it cleanses the atmosphere. Revival comes to deliver people from the swamps of sin and the foggy skies of unbelief. The holy gaze of God makes you feel naked and exposed. You cannot hide your sin anymore. As you confess and repent, the work of the cross applies death to the sin in your heart. Chains of bondage fall off. Addictions and demonic strongholds crumble by the power of God. And you are left clean and pure in His presence.

Like a tornado, revival brings awesome power. In an atmosphere of revival, believers and sinners alike are brought low in humility and repentance, and then are raised in power to live righteously victorious in an anti-God, sin-filled world. Revival finds its way into places where spiritual drought abounds and the water of God’s truth no longer springs up into everlasting life. It goes where the fruit of the Spirit is no longer evident and the tree has become barren. Where hearts have become like the dry, cracked desert sand; where there is moisture and very little life.

We should all pray, “Bring the violent, rushing wind, Oh God! Bring a revival tornado!”

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Father, we praise You
We want to soar like eagles above the storms of life
By Your Spirit, You are reviving, changing, renewing, and restoring us
We give You thanks for the things that You are doing in these days
You are the same yesterday, today, and forever
We trust in Your will and ways!
Sending out supplies of Your Spirit all over our cities and states
Father, we declare change!
Daily, You are transforming us!
Calling for more of You in our cities and leaders
Pleading the blood over every plan of the enemy
Lifting up every place where revival is about to break out
Calling for every church, school, and household to be revived now!
So much more is yet to come for Your glory is abounding
The Spirit of God flowing and touching hearts to never be the same
Hearing bells ringing and drawing people to change
Enough is enough! Religious spirits, you must move out now!
Declaring revelation about who You are Father!
Things being restored to be better than they were before
Declaring freedom for the Church to go and do what she has been called to do
Praying over the right ways
Religious institutions being changed and moving in the right way!
Daily contending for the right ways
We are calling things to be right now
Hindrances be removed!
Walking free of that in Jesus’ name!
The power of Jesus is causing us to go higher and higher
Things are being rewired and reconnected!
We abide in strength, wisdom, and love
Covering the borders of this nation by the blood
By the Spirit, we lay hands on everything in the Oval Office and declare change!
The blood of the Lamb will have the final say over this land
Father, we lift up the Christians United for Israel Summit that will be meeting in Washington D.C. next week
Pleading the blood over every meeting and speaker
Declaring safety in Jesus’ name
Calling for anointed words to be spoken
Father, we pray for America and Israel to never be separated!
Lord, thank You for Your anointing that is upon us
Let it freely operate through us

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