Prayer Summary for Friday, January 27, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to read the scripture in Matthew 5:6 both in the Amplified Bible and in the Message.

“Blessed and fortunate and happy and spiritually prosperous (in that state in which the born-again child of God enjoys His favor and salvation) are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God), for they shall be completely satisfied!” (Amp.)

“You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.” (MSG)

The best thing we can possibly do is continually stir up our hunger for more of Him? Right? I have a quote that goes along with this from John G. Lake. “No matter what your soul may be coveting, if it becomes the supreme cry in your life, not the secondary matter or the third or the fourth, the fifth or the tenth, but the supreme desire of your soul, the paramount issue all the powers and energies of your spirit, soul, and body are reaching out and crying to God for the answer, it is going to come.”

When I read that I felt it was a good picture of us praying for America and aligning our prayers up with Pastor Mac’s message on change. That, to me, is the heart cry of the church, the body of Christ, to contend for the kind of “God change” in America. Have we had any change since the election? There has been!

I wanted to start this morning by lifting up the President. There’s definite warfare against the plan that God has for America and the main plan is that we be united under Him. One nation under God. And there’s total warfare against that. Behind the scenes, the devil is trying to continually contend against the church. If we have some ways straightened out just like it says in the Bible, the enemy tries to make the crooked. One way of the other. We speak to crooked ways and tell them to straighten out! The enemy looks at ways that are beginning to be straight and he’s trying to continually contend against that and make those ways crooked.


We lift up President Trump… we pray for him and his wife and their family… we bring them before heaven… there are things we don’t know, things behind the scenes that have already begun to change… we know there is a spiritual change that must take place in America… it’ll take a spiritual change to enable our country to be what it was meant to be… it was founded on You and Your Word and on the cross and on freedom to worship and pray freely… we thank You that those things that America was founded upon shall be maintained… but we ask for even greater freedom to do what You’re calling the church to do in these last days… We cover the First Family with the blood of Jesus for protection and declare that no weapon formed against them will prosper in Jesus’ name… We pray a blood line around each one of them…

Now weapon formed against them will prosper
Even in their minds they’ll not be moved by what they hear…all the negativity
They are moved by You and Your will
You will is for this nation to be one nation under You
We hold up the President, Congress and the Senate and those in positions of political authority in DC
Every state, and every governors, all the mayors
We lift up every spiritual voice that is speaking to him
No weapon formed against him will prosper… we call it down and a stoppage to it
The church will rise up higher than ever before
Cooperating with heaven’s ways
Not just blending in but standing up and strong and declaring things that need to be declared over America
Rearranging and changing, every part in its place
Help from heaven… ministering spirits, go forth
Answers, help, direction… reshaping things, turning things, changing things
Change of direction, change of heart… so much is at stake
Make a way, make a way… clear it out… clear the path…
Obedience… come out of that place… and step into the grace… it’s time to step over into that place… into the anointing… to flow in the grace… to move in the Spirit… to keep up with His pace… it’s time to take hold… it’s time to bring all those people into the fold… it’s time to reach… stretch… beyond what you’ve imagined… far out… beyond your imagination… time is short! and it’s time to pick up the pace… come on, church… I’m giving you a leg up today in the name of Jesus… I’m going to thrust you out and forth… into the highways and into the byways… moving in the power… Yes, there’s a new pattern… we’re moving out of that old way and into that new pattern… it’s time to let loose of the past… it’s time to let loose of those abominations… it’s time to remove those limitations… it’s not even a press… it’s just a stepping into… it’s an easy place… embrace that grace… quit resisting the draw of the Spirit… embrace… receive the giftings… receive the callings… because I’m on the move… moving with Me… Yes, Lord, we move with the cloud… Your body moves with You… Your body flows with You… Your body speaks Your words… declares the words of heaven… they call those things to be that are not… now, now, now… open, open your eyes… see those things, those places open to you… see those opportunities… see that increase… that door that’s been opened to you… operate in that anointing and the power… yield… the anointing on the inside, you don’t need more power… you have all the power on the inside that’s necessary to accomplish the goal and the purpose… in the name, we speak to those megachurches in the name of Jesus and we command you to engage with the Spirit…

We command you to “come up and come out” in Jesus’ name… let the passion of God burn inside each member, Father… that they would step out and forth in the name of Jesus Christ… do the work in Jesus’ name… You have called us to build Your kingdom… You are sending Your message to the body… You are calling them out… disperse in Jesus’ name!… like a mighty force dispersed into every place… Get out in Jesus’ name… Those without purpose, you have purpose today in Jesus’ name… receive purpose in the name of Jesus… It’s not time to play church… it’s time to be the church… a form of godliness but denying the power… we will not have it… we do not allow it… show it, Father…

We plead the blood over every member of the body
The wait is over… not only has the weight be lifted from you, but the weight has been removed from you… this is the time, this is the place… you are the people to walk in His grace… to receive the full blessing… not just a hope so… not just a maybe so… but the manifested grace… it’s bending the right way… it’s turning… to get to you today… in the name… no more… no more… no more thinking about the money… you don’t have to think about what you have… if it’s in your hand… set your mind on those things that are above… and let the glory of God flow thru you by His great love… you are the chosen… receive His peace… today… let the grace of God make the way for you… open your hand and let it go… for the grace of God is here… to supply, to strengthen… to bring all things in order… yes, no more of the frenzy… today is the day of peace in Jesus’ name… shalom, nothing missing nothing broken… wholeness, completeness… joy, joy, joy!… hallelujah

A word thru Florence…

I hear the Lord say this: Will you lay down your will for My will? Will you be there when I need you to expand the kingdom? It’s all about your will. You have a will. I’m not manipulating your will. But will you lay down your will for My will in these last days? I cannot do anything without you. But I need for you to lay down your will for My will for the kingdom of God to be expanded. There’s everything that we need to move forward and not look back. But it all depends on what you want done. Will you lay down your will for His will?

Father, we will to do Your will. We do lay down our will for Your will. What better could there be? For each of us personally and all of us corporately in Your body…

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