Prayer Summary for December 4


2018: Year of the Holy Ghost and Fire
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland, George Pearsons on November 6, 2017

On Friday, November 3, 2017, the Lord spoke the following words to Brother Copeland concerning the year 2018: “2018 is the Year of the Holy Ghost and fire. The Big 18 for 2018: 9 fruits of the Spirit; 9 gifts of the Spirit.” That time is not just coming, says Brother Copeland. “It’s already here.” But, as His sons and daughters, “we’re going to have spiritual explosions going on throughout 2018—particularly in the areas of holiness and cleansing.”

Watch the video above (or read the video transcript below) to hear Brother Copeland’s entire comments.

Video Transcript:

KENNETH: You know, a few days ago we were at home in the kitchen there, and Cindy was showing us the new 2018 calendar and all the pretty pictures and everything, you know. We were looking at all these. It’s a beautiful calendar. And I stopped and I looked at that and the Lord said this. It wasn’t audible.
KENNETH: But it was close. He said, “2018 is the year of the Holy Ghost and fire.” Luke 3:16, “John answered saying unto them, All I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose; he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.” Glory to God.
GEORGE: Praise God.
KENNETH: And then He said, “The big 18 for 2018; 9 fruit of the Spirit; 9 gifts of the Spirit.” Whoa!
GEORGE: Wow! Wow!
KENNETH: Hey, it ain’t coming. It’s already here. Glory to God.
GEORGE: It’s here.
KENNETH: But we’re going to have spiritual explosions going on throughout 2018 in the areas, particularly in the areas of holiness and cleansing. Because let me go back to that again.
KENNETH: And notice what he was talking about there in that scripture in Luke 3:16. “Whose fan” – talking about Jesus – “is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable.”
GEORGE: There it is. There it is.
KENNETH: You can’t put His fire out. Now the chaff; what is chaff? Well, chaff is the sticks and the stubble and the hay and stuff. You know, you get through sifting the wheat and so forth, and you got nothing but that trash left. I want all the trash out of my life, George.
GEORGE: Oh absolutely!
KENNETH: Glory to God.
GEORGE: Absolutely. Burn it up.
KENNETH: I’m on fire! You remember the scripture said, you know, He will judge with fire and so forth?
KENNETH: And I shouted out loud one day, “I don’t want to wait till judgment! Set it on fire now! I want to burn it now!”
GEORGE: Praise God! Praise God!
KENNETH: I want to burn all this hay and stubble. I don’t want none of it in my life.
GEORGE: Yeah. Yeah.
KENNETH: Praise God. I don’t want anything to get in the way of the anointing of God in my life.
GEORGE: That’s right.
KENNETH: Hallelujah.
GEORGE: That’s right.
KENNETH: I don’t — (Tongues) Thank you, Jesus. I don’t want anything impeding the fruit of the Spirit —
KENNETH: — or the—
TOGETHER: Gifts of the Spirit.
GEORGE: Oh that’s it. That’s it.
KENNETH: Because without love you ain’t nothing but noise, brother.
GEORGE: Yeah. That’s good.
KENNETH: But with love, whoa! Hallelujah! Come on January!
GEORGE: Father, in the name of Jesus we take hold of this word. 2018: The Year of the Holy Ghost and Fire.
KENNETH: Throughout the United States. Throughout the United States.
GEORGE: Yeah. Yeah.
KENNETH: Throughout Canada. Throughout all of North America.
GEORGE: Yeah. Yeah.
KENNETH: Hallelujah.
GEORGE: And the big 18.
KENNETH: Yes, yes, yes.
GEORGE: The 9 fruit of the Spirit and the 9 gifts of the Spirit flowing through the Church like never before.
KENNETH: Like never before.
GEORGE: Father, we receive it in Jesus’ name.
KENNETH: Yes, we do.
GEORGE: Thank You, Lord.
KENNETH: And we declare boldly without reservation that—
TOGETHER: Jesus is Lord!


On August 11, 1927, Smith Wigglesworth stood in Angelus Temple to preach on preparing for the Second Coming of Christ. He told the audience that liquid fire was consuming him. Then Wigglesworth made this opening statement:

But there will be things that will happen prior to His coming that we shall know. You can tell. I am like one this morning that is moving with a liquid, holy, indispensable, real fire in my bosom, and I know it is burning and the body is not consumed. It is real fire from heaven that is making my utterances come to you to know that He is coming. He is on the way. God is going to help me tell you why you will know. You that have the breath of the Spirit, there is something now moving as I speak. As I speak, this breath of mighty, quickening, moving, changing, desirable power is making you know and it is this alone that is making you know that you will be ready.

1. There must be special preparation for the return of Christ and at least half of all believers will be totally unprepared. We have to see that these days have to come before the Lord can come. There has to be a falling away. I want to speak to you very exactly. All the people which are pressing into and getting ready for this glorious attained place where they shall not be found naked, where they shall be blameless, where they shall be immovable, where they shall be purified by the power of the Word of God, have within them a consciousness of the very presence of God within, changing their very nature and preparing them for a greater thing, and causing them to be ready for translation.

This is the day of purifying. This is the day of holiness. This is the day of separation. This is the day of waking. O God, let us wake today! Let the inner spirit wake into consciousness that God is calling us. There are in the world two classes of believers. There are believers which are disobedient, or I ought to say there are children which are saved by the power of God which are disobedient children. And there are children which are just the same saved by the power of God who all the time are longing to be more obedient.

And we heard the word come rushing, through all over, “new theology” that damnable, devilish, evil power that lived in some of these disobedient children, which in these last days opened the door to the next thing.

2. There will be many Christians who believe that they can do whatever they want and God will look the other way. People are tremendously afraid of this position because they have heard so much on this line: “Oh, you know you are the elect of God. You are sure to be all right.” There have been in England great churches which were laid out upon these things. I thank God that they’re all withered. You will find if you go to England those strong people that used to hold all these things are almost withered out. Why? Because they went on to say whatever you did, if you were elect, you were right. That is wrong. The elect of God are those that are pressing forward.

3. It will be common for preachers to deny the existence of hell. Denying hell prepares the way for antichrist. What? No hell. The devil has always said that “what does Christian Science say?” [Ray says, “We could insert other names here for the times we’re in right now.] No hell, no devil. They are ready for him. The devil has always said no hell, no evil. And these people are preparing, and they do not know it, for the Man of Sin.

4. It is offensive to talk about the blood of Christ. When I spoke about the blood and when I spoke about this infernal thing, the whole place was upset. You be careful when anybody comes to you with a sugar-coated pill or with a slimy tongue. They are always of the devil. The Spirit of the Lord will always deal with truth. These people never deal with truth. They always cover up the truth.

Do you believe it? Who can do it? THE BLOOD CAN DO IT! The blood, the blood, Oh the blood! The blood of the Lamb. The blood of Jesus can do it. Spotless, clean, preserved for God. Give the devil the biggest chase of his life and say these words: “The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanseth us from all unrighteousness.”

5. The world will look to worship a man and will overlook his faults to get him into power. These people are determined to have a man. They know someone has to come. We know Who He is that is coming. They begin to make a man. So they find a man in India, they polish him up as much as they can, and they make him as—well, in appearance, but you know we are told by the Lord that there is soft clothing that goes onto wolves’ backs.

6. That people believe that certain preachers are of God simply because of their crowds and their buildings. A person said to me, “You see, the Christian Scientists must be right—look at the beautiful buildings. Look at all the people following them.” Yes, everybody can belong to it. You can go to any brother you like, you can go to any theater you like, you can go to any race course you like, you can be mixed up with the rest of the people in your life and still be a Christian Scientist. You can have the devil right and left and anywhere, and still belong to Christian Science.

7. As Churches turn away from the Holy Spirit many believers go to false teachers. The secret of many people going into Christian Science is a barren church that had not the Holy Ghost. Christian Science exists because the churches have a barren place because they haven’t the Holy Ghost. There would be no room for Christian Science if the churches were filled with the Holy Ghost.

8. The last days are a time for the true people of God to engage in extravagant asking. Up to this present time, the Lord’s word is for us, “Hitherto ye have asked nothing.” Surely you people that have been asking great things from God for a long time would be amazed if you entered into it with clear knowledge that it is the Master, it is Jesus, who has such knowledge of the mightiness of the power of the Father, of the joint union with Him, that nothing is impossible for you to ask. Surely it is He only who could say, “Hitherto you have asked nothing.” So God means me to press you another step forward. Begin to believe on extravagant asking, believing that God is pleased when you ask large things.

Oh, how my heart burns when I read these things! May we sanctify the Lord in our hearts and preparing for His soon return.


Thank You for that fire; we ask for the fire of Your Spirit to come down
Stir us up; we want more and more of Your presence
You are so worthy of our glory, honor, and praise
The church is rising up and lifting up the standard of the Holy Spirit
We are continually being filled with the Holy Ghost
Yes, we receive Your fire, Lord
Thank You for Your presence and for the power of Your Holy Spirit
Declaring for Holy Ghost fire, Lord
That fire is burning off the chaff in Jesus’ name!
We do receive extravagantly, because we ask extravagantly!
Holy, holy, holy are You, Father
Holy are You almighty God, creator of the heavens and the earth
Yes, Lord, You are the creator of everything good!
You are so worthy of all of our glory, honor, and praise
We worship and adore You, Father
Thank You that in Your goodness and in Your mercy, that You came
You came as a man, You paid the price, and Your blood was shed for us
Thank You, thank You, thank You that, that holy precious blood was shed, Lord
Father, You have called us to live in this time and in this hour
You have called us for such a time as this
We are so thankful that Your mercies are new every morning
This nation was born of Your Spirit, born of Your blood, and born for Your glory
No, we cannot be without You, Father
We declare that this nation would be one nation under God
Yes, we will be all that You have called us to be, Lord
Pour out Your Spirit upon this nation, we are asking for a great awakening, Father
Awaken this nation, once again, to Your ways
Open up their eyes and their hearts, give them a greater desire for Your presence
Breathe Your breath of life upon this nation, Lord
Declaring that the fire of God would be kindled once again!
Thank You that Your mercy, grace, kindness, peace, and love would touch this nation
We lift up this nation before You, and we fix our eyes on You, the creator of all things
You are transforming the church from one degree of glory to another!
By that precious blood of Jesus and by the fire of the Holy Spirit, we declare those things today!
Declaring for a greater outpouring of Your Spirit in these last days
Praying for the winds of the Spirit to blow through those places, Father
Fill us with Your Word and with your Spirit, Lord
We bow before You, our eyes are on You, and we trust in You
Praying for the winds of Your Spirit to sweep across this land, from border to border
Father, we plead the blood of Jesus over our leaders and over our President
Declaring that no weapon, no lies, and no deception would come against them in the name of Jesus
We pray that Your Word would cling to them, that Your Word would pierce and penetrate their hearts
Strengthen them of and by Your Spirit, to stand against every work of evil
Grant unto him wisdom and boldness to lead this nation!
Thank You for those things that have been set into motion, Father
We believe for an even greater transformation in this nation, Lord
You have given us everything we need to accomplish Your will and Your plan
This nation is moving more and more to the right and the righteousness of God
Surround our President with those that would counsel him in the ways of the Lord
We apply the blood of Jesus over Vice President Pence and his family
No weapon formed against them shall prosper in the name of Jesus
Declaring for the favor of God to go before him and prepare the way
Thank You for his influence in these last days, You have ordained him for such a time as this!
We apply the blood of Jesus over those Bible studies that take place in the White House
Declaring that, once again, the White House would be white, cleansed by the precious blood!
Purify it by Your Word, and by Your Spirit, Father
Strengthen and quicken each one, for this day and for this hour
Thank You for the anointing of God that is upon us, that anointing destroys yolks, and removes burdens
Give us boldness and courage to stand up for what is right, no we will not move away from Your plan
Surround us with Your presence, O God
Thank You, Father, for who You are, for what You have given, and what You continue to make available
All of You, and none of us, Lord
By Your mercy and by Your grace, You are touching Your people once again with Your fire
We will finish the race You have set before us
Lifting up the fivefold ministry gifts, speak and word through them, Father
Grant unto them utterance in the Holy Ghost, give them a fresh anointing, O God
Give them boldness to deliver messages that would pierce and penetrate the hearts of man
We ask for an even greater equipping in church of the living God
Casting off those things that would taint and shame us
Thank You that You are a merciful God
We come to Your throne for love, mercy and grace, Lord
Trusting in You with all of our hearts, will all of our souls, and with all of our minds
You have given us everything we need for these days we are living in
We want more fire, more desire, more wisdom and understanding, Lord
Yes, we will step into and ask for more of Your presence
Hallelujah, we give You glory, honor, and praise today!
Thank You that it is a new and holy day in You

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