Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, April 30, 2018


Holy are You, Lord
You are so worthy of all our worship and our praise, Father
We bow our hearts before You today
Hallelujah to You, Lord
We rejoice in You, and we put all of our hope and trust in You
You are giving us strength to push all the way to the very end
Hallelujah, You are so holy, today, tomorrow, and forever!
Holy, holy is the Lord
Worthy, worthy is the Lord
We bow before You and humble ourselves before You, Father
Declaring that Your will, Your plans, and Your ways would be done in our lives
Thank You for Your love, Lord
Glory be to God!


The following excerpt is taken from Daily Fire Devotional by Reinhard Bonnke:

Christ’s Great Commission

It was impossible to act on the Great Commission before the day of Pentecost. Jesus had told His disciples to wait. Then things started to happen! The evangelism that took place on that one day produced the church. But, what is the church? Are we clear about its nature and its purpose? The church is an extension of the compassion of the Lord Jesus, of His comfort, His healing, His goodness. “Jesus of Nazareth…went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him” (Acts 10:38). That is the church and that is what we should be doing!

The church is His body, we are told. God has no arms but ours with which to embrace this pitiable world. Love is His supreme characteristic. I feel that we are only His body to the degree that we show evidence of His compassion. A loveless church is no church. The love of God personified in Jesus needs to be in the church. “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).

The church continues the day of Pentecost, when it burst into view with speaking in tongues, with prophecy and fire! If the church is not like that—no fire, no tongues, no prophecies, no evangelism, no bold preaching of Christ and the resurrection, to triumphant certainty and promise—how can we identify it as the same church?

Without the power and manifestation of the Spirit, we are left with human wisdom and energies. Relied upon alone, they leave the church an empty shell. You do not need to belong to that church, but to the living church of Christ!

Continued Praying…

We need to belong to a church that is alive, a church that is on fire!
We need to belong to a church that recognizes who Israel is and how we are connected to that nation!
Hallelujah, thank You that we have a President that stands with Israel!
Thank You, Father, that the embassy is moving to Jerusalem!
We as members of this nation will take a stand with that move and with Israel!
Yes, Father, we stand with the other nations that are moving their embassies too!
Hallelujah, one after another, after another are moving to Jerusalem!
We pray for the peace of Jerusalem today, Lord
Thank You, Father, that Israel and the United States are joined together
Yes, Father, we declare that Israel and the church will be joined together in unity, in one accord
It is a key; it is a key for the church in these days to stand strong with Israel
We will stand up and show who we are as a church and as the body of Christ
Father, we will stand up, and we will lift that nation of Israel up in these last days
Thank You for the blood of the Lamb, and we stand against every evil work of the enemy!
No, this nation will not be divided against the nation of Israel
We stand against every lie of the enemy, and we call them out and down in Jesus’ name!
Declaring that the body of Christ would rise up and say “No, no more, not any longer, this is the way it is and this is the way it should be!”
Glory, thank You, Father!
Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus today!
We speak that blood over our country, over our President, and over our Vice President
Pleading the blood of Jesus over those in positions of authority in our land
No, this nation will not go in the wrong way, but we declare for this nation to go in the right way!
This nation is being cleansed by the blood of the Lamb!
Washed, clean, whole, heathy, and prosperous in every way!
We hold up the church, and we lift up pastors, ministers, and we lift up the five-fold gifts of the Spirit
Thank You, Father, there is going to be a new wave of leaders in the church that would begin to rise up
Yes, they would begin to rise up and stand with Israel!
Give them wisdom to teach their people what it is they are to do in regard to Israel, Father
We lift up the Pulse gathering event in the Twin Cities, we ask You to bless this event, Lord
Thank You that You have called the church to unite together in one purpose, for Jesus Christ
The city of Minneapolis is standing together to make a statement in this city that we belong to You!
We are alive and full of life, living for You, Lord!
Yes, this city is united, full of purpose to gather together in Your name!
Declaring that there will be no division, and we speak against every distraction of the enemy
No the enemy cannot distract, hinder, or oppose what God has planned!
We ask that our ears and our hearts would be open to all that You are doing, Father
Jesus, we declare that You reign in our governmental systems, and You reign in our school systems
Father, we ask for an awakening in this state and in this nation!
Let it begin, let it begin, let it begin!
We call for a covering for Minnesota; we cover this state with the blood of Jesus
A covering of light, a covering of righteousness, and a covering of grace!
Holy Spirit invade those places, invade, invade, invade it, Father!
Uproot those strongholds in Minnesota in the name of Jesus!
Clothe Your saints with the full armor of God
Yes, we will not only possess the land, but we will have dominion in the land!
Grant unto us the breastplate of righteousness, shod our feet with the gospel of peace
Thank You for the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God!
We have the shield of faith to extinguish every fiery dart of the enemy
You have called us for such a time as this, Father!
We are a city, whose God is the Lord!
Praying over the US Bank Stadium and the Pulse event taking place there
We declare that, that stadium will begin to turn as the people of God do what You called them to do
Father, we declare that the enemies’ camp will be destroyed
Casting down all the evil plots of the enemy that are trying to hold the people of God back!
That stadium is a ship, and it is turning, and it is headed to the river, and it is going to go south!
It is headed south, from the north to the south, from Minnesota to Louisiana!
It is going to spread out; it will go from the east to the west, and the move of God will begin here!
It is going to begin in Minnesota and it will bring about those changes in this nation!
We are in for a ride, and we shall not hide!
Waves and waves and waves of great power!
Hallelujah, glory be to God!

Scripture Focus…

(6) “But the wicked and worthless are all to be thrown away like thorns,
Because they cannot be taken with the hand;
(7) “But the man who touches them
Must be armed with iron and the shaft of a spear,
And they are utterly burned and consumed by fire in their place.”
(2 Samuel 23:6–7 Amp.)

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