Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ms. Annie led us singing You’re the God of Miracles

Pastor Ray…

In His greatness, in His mercy, in His goodness, and kindness toward us
We are allowed to have Him rely upon us, to declare things on this earth that line up with what He is, what He’s done, what the Word says, what it’s like in heaven
And then to declare things here on this earth that He’d have us to declare
It’s a brain twist but it’s His plan and it’s His will and we just do the declaring, we do the speaking
But He does the works – hallelujah, thank You, Lord!
Because we cannot do it, we cannot do it – Lord, You get the glory and the honor – thank You!
You do miracles, You have done miracles, and You are doing miracles!
Because You are the miracle worker, You are the great I AM, the Kind of kings and the Lord of lords!
Hallelujah, hallelujah

We are praying for Judge Kavanaugh and we are doing that all this week. I received a little message from Pastor Lynne this morning. She met with some people that she has prayed with in the past and they were praying and fasting yesterday over this situation. They have two different verses from the Bible they have been praying out.

(9) Those who plot to destroy me shall descend into the darkness of hell.
(10) They will be consumed by their own evil and become nothing more than dust under our feet.
(11) These liars will be silenced forever! But with the anointing of a king I will dance and rejoice along with all his lovers who trust in him. Psalm 63:9–11 (TPT)

We are talking about Judge Kavanaugh and we’re talking about all of the things that are coming against his being voted in.

(10) But they were not able to resist the intelligence and the wisdom and [the inspiration of] the Spirit with which and by Whom he spoke. Acts 6:10 (AMPC)

Who are we talking about right here? Judge Kavanaugh, they are not able to resist the intelligence and the wisdom and the inspiration by the Spirit. So many people are lifting this. So many believers are praying concerning this situation. And this is just one.

I loved it yesterday that we actually declared some things beyond Judge Kavanaugh. We started seeing maybe even more in our spirit. We are even more settled in on it, he will be confirmed. He shall be confirmed. Okay, so that’s the way it is. That’s the way it will unfold. But then we moved out further for some other judges that will be confirmed. And it will be a tremendous shift in America.

Pastor Lynne and her group had a question come up yesterday: “Why do all of the other religions on the earth fast but the Christians kind of let that go?” And Yesterday, I was reading some things about Reece Howells, and it was just a sort of compilation of some things that took place in His life. If you have never read the book about His life, it’s so awesome how he moved from the realm of the natural and over into the realm of the Spirit and was directed so much by the Spirit of God that he was able to… It would be just like this. They’d meet daily in England. It would be a prayer meeting and they would pray against Hitler. And they had by the Spirit direction in the Spirit what to pray about, where, when. You know that kind of thing. And then Hitler would lose that battle and then he would lose that territory. That was there daily meeting where they were set there. And they didn’t have cell phones. They didn’t have the Internet. They had the newspaper and they would see in the newspapers that what they prayed would be written out later.

One of the things I read about him was he had an anointing for healing. When he was in Africa and there was a plague but no plague came near their tent so to speak. It didn’t come anywhere their ministry or in the mission they had established. The disease or sickness could not come against them. So much so that the unbelievers started coming to join in and get into that protection. And he was so far in the realm of the Spirit when he prayed… let’s say I pray over Jeani here and declare the Word of God over her. Yep, you’re healed in Jesus’ name and then I would send out an email to all of her relatives and say “She is healed” before I ever see the manifestation of it. That’s how much in faith he was. And then they would get a notification later that she was healed. He didn’t wait around to see. He declared it by faith.

Three things he did. He shaved his head, he grew a beard, and he would not wear a hat. Those were three things that were totally against what any man was like in those days. They all wore hats. They didn’t shave their heads. But the other thing that he did was fast two meals a day. Hmm (ha, ha, ha). And the silence came on the chapel (ha, ha, ha).

Anyway, he did that because he gave up everything. I mean, I am saying he gave up everything, his finances. He gave everything up to get over into more of the presence of God so he could hear what He’s saying, and do what He said to do. And so when he first started his first school, he felt God had called him to do that, he had fifteen cents. But he just proceeded and believed God for it. When he moved to Africa, Reece Howells and his wife had a baby boy. They left that baby in the states with relatives and left for Africa because they knew that God had called them there. And then later on, speeding ahead, he fulfilled God’s ministry or what he was called to do. And then his son that they had left back there back then… you know they came back a couple years later and everything. But his son actually worked for like 50 years carrying out his father’s vision for that school in England.

So, Pastor Lynne asked us if we would consider fasting something. I am not going to say what. It may be a meal or whatever. That we would fast something. We are just moving away from natural, where we are moved so much by the natural and it does something that we can step over more into the realm of the Spirit. In a way, it is taking authority over our natural bodies.

There are a lot more things that she said but this is our critical hour. This is one of them. And then, next, it’s the elections. So, we have two major events to keep our country moving in God’s way. I wanted to make you aware of it and just do what you feel led to do. But when we declare, we want to be more in the Spirit when we declare. Here we are in this chapel in Minneapolis but we’re declaring something that will make a difference in our country for the years that are to come. Right? So, in your natural brain, you can get a short circuit and go “Well, how can I do that?” By the Spirit, Amen.

Ms. Annie…

First of all, I was so distraught this weekend with all the headlines and rabbit rails I had been checking on with my phone. My stomach was in knots. I wasn’t in faith. And we prayed on Monday but I wasn’t able to be here yesterday. I really wished I could have been because I needed to be here with all of you to get myself over to faith. Because I was just in anguish. And then yesterday evening I held my phone. I was like “Can I check the headlines?” No. No. I hadn’t looked at what was going on since Friday night when Grassley caved and agreed that they wouldn’t have this hearing on Monday. And part of what grieved me was, I felt for this man because he’s under accusation and he’s being tried and judged and everyone is allowed to say everything in the media. I thought if they can do this to him, they can do it to you or me or anybody.

What I am trying to get to is a testimony. Because when I finally felt a release, I got to check so I know how to pray. So, I checked and the three things the Lord led me to are testimonies. The first one was I saw that our president yesterday after a speech at the United Nations, he actually came out and addressed one of the things that grieved me that I thought “why is no one saying this?” And what he kind of said was “if they can do this to this man, they can do it to anyone.” They are doing it without a shred of evidence. They are destroying him. They are destroying his family. If they can get away with is, it’s going to stop good people from wanting to serve. Because who would want to expose their family to this kind of witch hunt basically, with no recourse in courts of law.

So, I was so happy that he said that. That encouraged me. And then the next thing I saw was that Senator John Thune had said something to the effect that “they planned this. It’s obvious they are not interested in getting at the facts. They want to stop him and they are using this as a mechanism to stop him but we are going to have a vote.” So that was another thing I was glad to hear.

The Holy Ghost was talking to me during this time and I kept hearing, “Madame DaFarge, Madame DaFarge.” I don’t know if you know anything about the French Revolution but she was like this celebrity where they had these show trials, you know, where all it took was an accusation. They just beheaded person after person after person. They’d haul some innocent little person. Someone would make an accusation and everyone would say “Guilty! Off with their head!” and they would just take them away in carts and kill people. And the godly people were all shut down. Well, she is this famous celebrity. She would sit there and knit and when it came time. “Is she guilty?” “Yes! She’s guilty.” I kept thinking that’s exactly what they are doing. And then I heard Senator Tom Cotton said “This is exactly like what they did in the Stalinist show trials where all it took was an accusation to condemn a person. I am not saying whether he is innocent or guilty but what they are doing is they’re not allowing anybody to even decide whether he is innocent or guilty.” They are just destroying him and his name. You know he has been on the court of appeals and if they are allowed to just destroy him like that, well they are going to need to get him off the court of appeals too. He’s either worthy of public service or he is not. Anyway, Senator Tom Cotton addressed that. He said the Democrats talk “Oh you are going around the rule of law.” He said “These are principles we have had since the Magna Carta that someone can’t just be condemned without a trial. And they are trying him and calling him guilty in the media without him even having a chance to address whether it’s right or wrong.”

And so it’s a bigger attack than just on the Supreme Court. It’s an attack on our whole system of government. If the progressives don’t like someone, they’ll call in their Madame Dafarges and they’ll cook up false accusations and they’ll be condemned and thrown away without a trial and now our government will be run by accusations in the media instead of by the vote of the people.

Ms. Jeani…

And see that’s what a political spirit does. It operates on attention, chaos, and drama, accusation but our president has no concept of a political spirit. Because a political spirit never produces results. And we have a president who is results oriented. And that is why the enemy hates him. He is not about what is going to get him re-elected. He is about what’s going to get it done and so we stand with our president today and we get this done.

Ms. Annie…

His hands are tied right now. It’s up to the Senate. What I was reading, they have to have 51 votes and there is two vulnerable, liberal senators – it depends on these senators. If they turn, they won’t be confirmed.

Ms. Jeani…

He will be confirmed.

Ms. Annie…

Yes, he will be confirmed but I mean, one is Susan Collins. She is a pro-abortion, republican senator from Maine. And they jammed her office last week. She couldn’t get anything done. She received hate mail; her staff has received emails “We want you to be raped and killed.” She is under tremendous pressure. So, I would like to pray for her. I have been praying for her to have backbone. That when she lies in her bed at night and she’s fighting over this… It’s a spiritual war on her mind. That her eyes would be opened and she will see “I can’t allow these intimidators to just make my decisions for me.”

They can get 49 Republican senators on their side but they have to have these other two. And these other two are under like death threats. You know they are under almost worst pressure than Kavanaugh because those that want to rule by fear, intimidation, lies are putting so much pressure on these two senators. And it’s all going to depend on whether they decide to do what’s right.

So, we decide and we decree that they will do what is right
And we bind every lying evil spirit of fear off of Senator Susan Collins and Senator Chuck Grassley
And every senator who is supposed to do what is right and they know they should do what is right
And that they will do what is right and they will not be intimidated and in fear in the name of Jesus
And then the other ones that are on the other side, some Democrats
I am believing they are going to vote for him because they are also under pressure concerning their futures

Ms. Jeani…

Can I just add, we have a huge opportunity right now to be the body of Christ. We have a massive opportunity – this is the critical hour. It’s time for us to expect God to move and to expect to be astonished. It’s time for that now.

You know He lives in us and He has no opposite. That opposition we are facing has already been overcome by what lives in us. That is our positioning. Church, let’s see it today, right now. What lives in us does not have an opposite! The darkness is not the opposite of the light and the facts must line up with the truth – period! That’s it! We are resolute in our positioning today! That is what we are here for.

Nothing is impossible with what lives in us and that is God!
One nation under God, America!
Would He put it on our hearts to pray for this if He didn’t mean for it to happen?
You know what, I proclaim right now “The facts only matter as much as they are lining up with the truth!”
That’s it! That’s it! He has turned the hearts of so many kings! It’s in the BIBLE!
He’s doing it NOW!

Pastor Ray…

In McMillen’s book on authority, there is one little part in here on boldness. And he’d already addressed humility. But now he was talking about boldness and he said “With profound humility, however, there may go the greatest boldness in the Name. True boldness is faith in full manifestation.” That’s what we are talking about, full manifestation. “When God has spoken, to hold back, it’s not humility but its unbelief.”
So if we hold back, we don’t do our part, we’re in unbelief. That’s the way it is. “In the exercise of authority, there is needed a divine courage that fears nothing but God and reaches out strong hands to bind and to restrain all that is contrary to Him. But with this courage there must be a continual and close abiding in God, a spirit that is alert to every urge and check from Him and a mind that is steeped in the Word of God.”

Father, thank You so much
We are standing upon Your Word this morning by faith
We know we have Your Word, we know You’ve given us the authority here on this earth
We do take that authority; we do not take that authority lightly
But in the name of Jesus, we use that authority this morning, all throughout our days, our weeks, our months, our years
We stand in the authority You have given unto us as members of Your body here on this earth!
So, we believe what we say based on what You said “It shall come to pass!”
And we do take our seat above in heavenly places this morning in Jesus’ name
Where we can look on down and see things change on the earth!
Where the Devil is concerned, see him stopped in his tracks, stopped and turned around and removed in Jesus’ name
And we can see that the liars will be exposed for what they were – uncovered and revealed!
And we declare and absolute cleaning up and cleaning out in Jesus’ name!
We believe in Jesus’ name we can see it, we believe it – Devil you’ve over played your hand!
And those things that you’ve tried to do are coming back upon you!
And those that have lined themselves up with your plan, with your purpose they too shall fall under the same attack in Jesus’ name
For the blood! We plead the blood of Jesus this morning
We are not shrinking back, we’re not shrinking down
But we are staying up on the attack and declaring “This is the way it shall be!”
This man shall be voted in and he shall be taking his seat!
Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh, filling that seat that’s been emptied
He shall take it in Jesus’ name! We call the things that need to be changed!
We declare “Be changed in Jesus’ name!”
We do pray over these couple senators that are on the edge
They will do the right thing but in Jesus’ name we declare and pray there will be others on the other side of the isle that will do the right thing too!
Hallelujah! It’s a breakthrough!
We contend for it, we believe You for it, Father!
And declare it is happening, it shall come in Jesus’ name
Supernatural utterance for Judge Kavanaugh in Jesus’ name
Just by faith,we lay hands on him and declare “Utterance” in Jesus’ name
Praying over his family in Jesus’ name

Ms. Jeani…

We speak to every storm, every storm that would attempt to cause fear, to capture the hearts of our government and those people that are in the storm
We speak to those storms and we say “Peace be still in the name of Jesus”
Holy Spirit, You rush in – You comfort them
You comfort them into boldness, You comfort them into courage
You comfort them now! You comfort them from this moment forward!
Vision increase! Let vision for our country increase in our government
In every mount – the vision for righteousness, the vision for the justice of America!
You comfort them to courage right now
Peace be still and know that He is God
Father, You have met people in their dreams, meet them in their dreams today!
We call their dreams sanctified!
We call every imagination sanctified! Courage! Courage! Boldness! Strength! Fortitude!

We declare for Minnesota that we will not have an attorney general that has been over in a realm of violence, wrong actions, things being swept under the rug – No!
We declare those things that took place shall come to the light! Shall be exposed in Jesus’ name!
And we are declaring Minnesota is and will continually move in the right way!
Glory to God! Thank You, Father
Changes have already begun to take place here in Minnesota but we pray that it will continue
We pray for greater change, we pray in the elections coming up
It’s not going to be the way the enemy would have it to be
It’s going to be the way God would have it to be
We lift it up, we plead the blood of Jesus over every single man or woman in this election
We cover them with the blood – pray that those inaccuracies, those lies that have tried to come against them, they shall not take hold but we are moving more in Your right way!
Thank You for it, Lord

Ms. Jeani…

No evil, no evil, no evil shall come near their tent!
Evil must flee in the name of the Most High!
Kavanaugh, no evil comes near your tent! No evil comes near your family!
Even today, your ears are shut to evil, you do not even hear a discouraging word
You do not even hear the accusations of the enemy!
You have nothing in common with the enemy! Your children do not even hear the scornful thinking of the enemy! You have in nothing in common with him!
You are righteous and you are confirmed and we command and demand the recompense of the Most High upon your family right now today!

Pastor Ray…

We lift these things up, praying out the mysteries
Praying out changes that must take place
We contend for the right ways
You are as we sang – A God of Miracles!
Hallelujah! Thank You for breakthroughs! Thank You for supernatural rearranging and changing!
More and more direction, understanding, and revelation concerning the things from heaven
Heaven’s ways! We do hold the blood of the Lamb, lift up our leaders
Lifting up our spiritual leaders, all of the political leaders – our president, our vice president and their families
We pray over all the positions of authority in Washington DC
But we go on out across the nation in Jesus’ name
Praying for wisdom and understanding for them, revelation!
We are calling for it for our President in Jesus’ name
He will not miss a step! What needs to be done, shall be done!
Victories! We declare and speak victories in Jesus’ name
Victories for God, victories for the Word, victories for the purpose of God!
Hallelujah! We press on further into it!
What needs to be shut down, shall be shut down
The doors that need to be closed, they shall be closed in Jesus’ name
That these things that must be opened, they shall be opened in Jesus’ name
We are calling for an awakening, a revival in Jesus’ name
Oh, God, we need it! Calling for it on behalf of the Church!
We pray that the Church moves more and more into Your great presence
If there ever was a time, this is the time! This is the hour!
Oh, Father, thank You! That the Church would rise up and take its place!

Ms. Jeani…

When the Church was being persecuted for her boldness, Peter came together with the Church and asked for more boldness!
When the Church was being persecuted for her boldness, Peter came together with the Church and asked for more boldness!
So, we ask for MORE! We ask for MORE!
And we thank You! It is time for MORE!
We proclaim! We will not be intimidated! We will not be deceived
And when we are intimidated, it means we’ve been deceived!
Because the Most High lives in us!
And we ask for boldness! And we ask for boldness!
And by the way, if you look in your Bible, after the Church received more boldness, they entered into a time of massive peace! And so we declare peace on our land, peace be still!
Every storm of the enemy, we have authority over you because the King of kings proclaims and speaks through us and with great boldness!
We proclaim “Peace! Be Still!”

Pastor Ray…

We enter on in to the things You have called us to enter into in these days
Someday and sometimes in the future we will look back on these days where the Church stood up and took its place and moved things in this country in Your ways!
And we thank You for the call of Your Spirit
We thank You for the strength of Your precious Holy Spirit
We thank You that within us – it’s not in our minds but it’s in our hearts!
We thank You that in our hearts we are moved by Your precious presence
And things will be shaken but we shall not be shaken
For we are standing on the Rock! Standing on the Word!
We overcome by the blood and we testify that we have overcome because You overcame
Jesus, You overcame on the Cross at Calvary! You finished the work
It was finished, we receive it in Jesus’ name!
Oh, the blood, we thank You for the blood
We thank You that through that precious blood shed on the Cross, we’ve over come here today, 2018
2018, moving over into 2019
We know there is no time in Your presence, Lord
Even back a ways, changing, but here in these days that we are in, we are contending by the blood
We are contending in the name that is above every other name

Ms. Annie led us singing in the Spirit…

Continued praying…

Father, we speak Your grace and Your peace over America
We declare it, the peace of God that passes all understanding and Your grace
And we do pray this morning that truth and revival, restoration would be continually declared and proclaimed across this nation
What we’ve been planned to be, we will be
Things are moving and things are changing and we purpose and declare
We want to do what You want us to do
We’ll give up this or we’ll give up that – we just want to be with You
We want more and more and more of Your presence manifested in us and through us
We yield ourselves, trust in You, rely upon You
We understand and know it’s all about You – so we yield, we yield, we yield
Hallelujah, and then what You show us to do individually, to fast this or fast that
We take it seriously, we take this time seriously that it’s up to us to do what we’ve been called unto to do – we take it seriously
We will do what we need to do
We thank You for the power of Your Spirit, for the blood of the Lamb
I declare that that blood is over all of us, over all of our families, our relatives, our churches, our pastors in Jesus’ name
We are covered and protected in and through that precious blood covering
We believe it, we receive it, we stand under that protection
That umbrella of protection given by that precious holy blood
Thank You for it, thank You that things are moving, turning, changing
Victory is ours, we declare it and receive it in Jesus’ name, Amen
Thank You for coming this morning

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