Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, April 25, 2019

Ms. Mary led us singing We Worship You

A Word of the Lord came forth:

Today, these days that we are living in, that these are the days of greater harvest than ever before. For the souls to begin to come in, in greater numbers but they shall increase more and more and more. But on the other hand, too, for My body, saith the Lord, a harvest of finances are coming in also. For the finances to carry it all out, for the finances to expand, for the finances to bring about this last days’ great harvest, those are coming in also. They are coming into ministries, harvest of finances. Increase into individuals, families, and they shall manifest themselves in, it seems like, different ways of increase financially. It will not just show up in bank accounts but it will show up in favor for My Church, for My body, for believers to walk in different ways, higher ways, to walk in more favor in these last days. Things have turned but they shall turn to a greater degree.

The Church is rising up. Even in the natural maybe it would look like the Church is put down, pushed aside, done away with. Not in the realm of the Spirit, the Church is rising. The Church is beginning to have influence it has not had before. Ministers, heads of ministries will begin to have greater influence than ever before, influence in the nation, influence in states, in governments, cities, cities… These things are changing but they are not finished. They will continue to move and move. As the Church moves, the favor will move. As the Church expands, there will be an expansion in that influence but in the finances to push it further than it’s ever been pushed before. Hallelujah.


More and more and more increase
We as members of the body, the Church, we expect it
We expect it to roll on in, we expect it to come on forth
We expect to walk in greater favor than we have ever walked before
We expect it because You said so in Your written Word and You have spoken to us over the years by Your precious Holy Spirit
Transfers, changes, those finances that were held up in the earth, loosed in Jesus’ name
And beginning to come forth in greater ways – hallelujah

Ms. Mary led us singing in other tongues and English

♪ Go and go, all the ways I have in store
They will flow out from heaven
Holy Ghost ways, My ways are higher, My ways are deeper
Holy Ghost ways, Holy Ghost flows,
Rivers, rivers will flow out into, out into, flowing all around
Calling out, calling out of the way
Unlocking, unlocking the doors ♪


Hallelujah, Lord
These open ways, these open doors, these preplanned steps for each of us to walk out into
Hallelujah, Lord, thank You
Thank You, Lord, thank You, Father
You make a way, You make a way

Pastor Ray shared…

On Friday, Ms. Barb shared something she heard in the Youth Ministry where she works. Pastor Dustin, the Youth pastor, was recently on a missions trip in Africa. At one meeting a lady came up to him and said, “Thank you so much for laying hands on me. I am totally healed.” He was like “Excuse me? I have never been here before.” And then she said “No. You are the one. You came and laid hands on me and I was healed.” And he said “Mam, you must be mistaken. I have never been here in this country before.” Then he said she started to get a little mad. She said “No. You are the one!” And then he was reminded of a dream. He had dreamt that he was in an African country praying for the sick. Okay, do you get it?

So, maybe you might have a dream where you are praying. Maybe you might have a dream where you are doing something. Maybe you were doing more than what you thought you were doing, more than a dream. God can do all these things; translate us, whatever needs to be done. And a lot of times I feel like we lay down, we go to sleep, but sometimes we are not asleep. We are doing the work of the ministry. And we don’t always remember it or maybe we do remember some things. You know how that is.

Brother Hagin was talking about a dream that he had years ago and he had been dealing with some kind of irregularity with his heart. So, he had a dream and he was with another minister and they were out walking somewhere. They turned and there was like a lion that was growling and it was starting to run after them so they both took off running as fast as they could. All of a sudden he had the revelation that they were not going to out run this thing. So, he just stopped, turned around and rebuked it in Jesus’ name and that thing stopped and turned around and ran away. He said he was healed immediately. But it was in a dream. And so he took the authority that he had been given and his heart lined up. And he said that dreams, when we have dreams, if they make zero sense, we don’t know what in the world that means, just forget about it. You know how sometimes we go “Well, I don’t know maybe that was…”

I just like that. God, He can do whatever He needs to do. We keep giving Him free reign. We open up our hearts. We worship Him. We say “Oh Lord, use us, do what You want to do.” And we shouldn’t be surprised when He does what He wants to do. Right?

We could say you know what, In His Word there has been translations all along and maybe we are a part of it. Probably we are if we are tuned up, revved up, fired up.

The following excerpt was taken from Taking Action by Reinhardt Bonnke:

Some miracles seem to bring more than one gift into play. For example, let me tell you about Mrs. Heidi Tufte of Norway. I gave a banquet in Oslo, and Mrs. Tufte attended. While I was speaking, the Lord said to me, “Rebuke paralysis.” I interrupted what I was saying and told the people that the Holy Spirit was telling me to rebuke paralysis. I did so in a few words and in the name of Jesus.

What I had not seen was that there was a woman at the back of that big hall in a wheelchair—Mrs. Tufte. The moment I had rebuked paralysis, something shot through her system, and she began “churning within her day and night.” About a week later she awoke one morning with strange sensations, which quite frightened her; life was flowing through her previously lifeless limbs.

She jumped out of bed and began to cry. Her husband wanted to support her, knowing her paralyzed state, but it was not necessary. “I am healed!” she exclaimed. Overcome with joy, they embraced and dropped down on their knees to give thanks and glory to God.

The news spread across Norway like wildfire, and Mrs. Tufte received flower bouquets from people rejoicing with her from across the land. To this day she leads a normal life, perfectly healed.

Unbelief can be ingenious in its arguments, but this type of miracle disposes of some of the so-called explanations invented to avoid giving glory to God. This healing was not by suggestion from me, since I was not present and had never spoken to her. Nor was it self-suggestion, for she was asleep when the healing life began to course through her body—it woke her up. It disposes of the idea that it was merely a natural recession; in fact, her paralysis was a genetic fault. It was not coincidence—for the healing to occur within a week of my prayer, after a lifetime of illness, is beyond the realms of the wildest coincidence. This was no case of wrong diagnosis or mind over matter.

The gifts operating in such a remarkable cure would be discernment, faith, and miracles, as well as authority, which is another gift not listed by Paul.

There is one other issue relating to the “working of mighty deeds.” Here and there comes a suggestion of the Spirit of God as a vast complex of power. “The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD” (Isa. 11:2). The Holy Spirit is all those Spirits in one Spirit.

Paul uses similar language in 1 Corinthians 12—many operations, one Spirit. Then Revelation 5:6 speaks of “the seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth”—seven being the number of divine perfection.

We must always keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is God working on earth in human lives. His manifestations are diverse, because, in the work of salvation, all manner of wonders are needed. Jesus spoke of the Spirit anointing Him with a fivefold task of deliverance (Luke 4:18). In short, there is not a single situation among sinners in which the Spirit of God cannot manifest Himself in some appropriate form. His sufficiency meets His servants at the frontier of every new situation and task.

In Africa, we in the Christ for all Nations team have seen sights that only the greatest power in heaven or earth could produce, perhaps greater than have ever been seen but not so great as will be seen. We have seen acres upon acres of people massed together—Muslim, animist, nominal Christian—touched by the Lord; surrendering to Him by thousands upon thousands; being healed; being baptized in the Spirit; giving up their fetishes, idols, stolen goods, and witchcraft emblems; and becoming vigorous witnesses to Christ. State presidents are converted, and Parliaments echo the cry, “Jesus saves!” The whole thing is a miracle—“the working of miracles,” not of one kind, but whatever miracle is needed to meet the crisis of man without God. It’s the miracle of souls redeemed by the preaching of the Word.

Compared to such tremendous scenes, what are such wonders as an axe head floating in water, fire from heaven, or walking on the water? God is not a sensationalist. He has one primary concern: people—their welfare and destiny. That interest has to be the measure of all greatness and power.

Why do we do what we do? Or why are we so adamant to lift up our voices, first of all to worship Him, but you know to call these things forth? Because it’s people and it’s not so we can say “Whoa, this happened or that happened.” But it’s to reach the people. So if we keep that in mind in our hearts, He can do what He needs to do so that we can reach the people we are supposed to reach. He can get up in the right place at the right time. He can move us where we need to more, whatever He wants to do. Are you open to that?

Continued praying…

We love You, Lord, Your will and Your ways and Your plans and purposes for each one of us
We humble ourselves before You and recognize every day is a new day
It’s not going to be the way it was yesterday, it’s not going to be the way it was 10 or 20 years ago or 30 or whatever
Hallelujah, days, days of Your presence in our lives, days of manifested presence
Your power, Your glory – We don’t use these words casually and definitely not the name that is above every other name
That Jesus be glorified and lifted and magnified – oh thank You, Lord
We worship You, Lord

Ms. Mary led us in singing There Is None Like You

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah, Lord
All of these things, these changes, lining them up – You watch
We turn it, we turn it, we look that way, the way of change
Declare it, watch for it, expect it to come forth
Out beyond the boundaries, taking hold of it by faith – out beyond those boundaries
It’s good, it’s good, it’s good
We do, we will cooperate
Case by case by case, situations, decisions
The times, the time, the times
To clear it up, clearing it up, arrangements and changes, arrange the arrangements
Favor, favor, favor!
Watch for it
That’s the way, the way!
Pick it up, pick it up now!
There is more, there is more to pick up, there is more to lift up, there is more to come forth
Lay hold of it!

Ms. Mary sang…

♪ Oh You are shaking it all, You are shaking it all
There is an undercurrent moving, there is an undercurrent building
Each and every day, Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost eruption
Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost moving
Shaking all, shaking all, shaking all
My, my, my, oooohhh!
Oh, we see it in the Spirit Lord
Erupting! Erupting! The Holy Ghost coming up, overtaking!
Holy Ghost penetrating all over this city
All over this city, every crevasse, every dark place the Lord is coming!
Oh miracle worker, miracle worker, Oh You are the miracle worker
You’re working, You’re working, You’re working
Piece by piece, piece by piece, shaking all the debris, shaking the debris
Releasing, releasing, releasing – today, today, today
Releasing oh, that captivity – release, release, release
Money, money, money ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I have such a sensation of breakthrough. Just picture you won a two-week trip to somewhere that your heart would just desire to be there. And the first day when you leave that expectation that is within you and that internal joy knowing kind of what you are about to experience, that kind of lifting. That’s what I sense this morning. Something good has begun to change. Something good has begun to come forth. When Mary started singing about the city and the cities and you know the glory of God, the outworking of the Holy Spirit, revival, the move of the Spirit, I just… Something has begun to happen and it’s good. And we just stepped into it. I believe we stepped over into it. Not just for us personally but corporately for the body of Christ.

Continued praying…

Oh, we thank You for it, Lord
We can’t really put words to it but it’s good
Well, see you tomorrow, thank You for coming

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