Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, June 1, 2020


Father, we lift up our country, and we lift up the United States of America
We lift up all of the Governors, and all those in positions of authority, Lord
Pleading the blood of Jesus around our borders, from North to South and East to West
Covering each and every one in a position of authority with the blood of Jesus
Yes, we believe in the power of that blood, we believe in that authority You have given us
We are Your children, and we are members of Your body
Father, we pray and lift up our President; grant unto him wisdom of every kind
Surround him with those that would speak words of encouragement to him, Lord
We believe for right words to be spoken directly to him
Yes, You are speaking to him exactly what to do, and when to do it
Calling for protection around President Trump, his family and the White House
In Jesus’ name, we declare all of those in positions of authority to be protected by the blood
Yes, right decisions will be made now!
Thank You for the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit
We call for those things that are wrong to be turned around, get in line, in Jesus’ name!
Declaring the name of Jesus over America; Jesus is Lord over America!
One nation under God, indivisible!
Thank You, Lord, for moving, thank You for revivals beginning to take place in America
Calling for Your anointing, Your presence, and Your power, Father
We put a stop to every evil work that would try to come against our country
Yes, we bind spirits of strife and hostility, casting down all division in Jesus, name!
Holding the blood of Jesus over every situation, Lord
Calling those things to get out, be cast down and get out of the way
We pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding
Thank You for the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit through the church, Lord
We lift up the church, and we declare that we are moving up and taking our place of authority
Yes, we speak words of peace and grace
Calling those things that are not, as though they are now in the name of Jesus
We believe for a turnaround, declaring those things to be turned around
Give them eyes to see and ears to hear, Father
No, no, no!
Calling for order, order in Jesus’ name!
Simmer down, calm down now!
Let all the things that need to be changed, be changed
Let all those thing that need to be removed, be removed
Let all those right decisions be made now!
We humble ourselves before heaven today
Restore, restore, calling for restorations in Jesus’ name
Restoration days and restoration times are ahead
Open, open to Your perfect will open to Your perfect plans, Lord
We lean not on our own understanding, but we lean and trust in You
Bowing our hearts, our lives our futures before heaven today!
Thank You for the move of Your Spirit, Lord
Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place, we welcome Your presence, Father
We believe for the manifested presence of Your Spirit to surround Minneapolis today
Hidden things be revealed, we uncover those evil plans of the enemy and cast them down
Thank You for Your peace; thank You for Your presence
We want a touch of Your Spirit, You are the comforter, and You will comfort those that are hurting
Comfort the family of George Floyd and the people that are in Minneapolis
Let them sense Your presence and Your touch
Give them eyes to see Your goodness and Your mercy, Father


Pastor Ray shared a post from Billye Brims Blog on May 29, 2020:

Minneapolis-St Paul Area and “The Soul of This Nation”

On our Wednesday 8 AM Prayer Call, someone from Minneapolis urgently asked us to pray about the tragedy that occurred Monday May 25. A video recorded the senseless choking to death of George Floyd by one policeman while others stood by doing nothing to stop it.

I immediately thought of a word from the Lord that I’d received about God’s plan for the area. I said to the prayer call participants, “I’ll see if I can locate it, and I’ll post it later.” But without even getting up from my prayer chair, I looked into a woven basket at my feet. It contains Bibles and things I’m studying along with a couple of small note books to write prayer notes or things I receive from the Lord. There it was!

The word came a year before while I was watching the Sunday, April 28, 2019 service at Living Word Christian Center in Minneapolis with Pastor Mac Hammond preaching. He had been under media scrutiny for statements he’d made about the Lord’s working a miracle for a young boy who was thrown from the third story of The Mall of America. As I watched, the following word came to me. I telephoned Lynne Hammond sometime later about it, but otherwise, I had not shared it until our prayer call this past Wednesday. Here is how I journaled it:

Sunday, April 28, 2019
as Pastor Mac shared.

Minneapolis is a major battlefield—an arena of great proportion for the soul of this nation.

That’s why I have stationed my strongest soldiers there—most pointedly in the realm of prayer. This has been my mode of operation through many years.

The end of this age will reveal My victory through the saints in the Light.

For darkness—which seemingly operates unchecked—shall not, and is not overcoming the Light.

All the nation shall see and benefit from what I am doing in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis – St Paul
Prayer Warriors Through the Years

I could see it! When the word came, I immediately thought of several things, present and past, the Lord had caused me to know about His stationing prayer warriors in the Minneapolis – St Paul area.
Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond

Right now, the Pastors Hammond, and particularly, Lynne, are mightily used by the Lord, both to pray—and to shepherd and teach powerful Spirit-led pray-ers. I can name several of those prayer warriors, but I don’t want to leave anyone out.

Phillip Halverson
And then, someone I consider to be the most powerful man of prayer I’ve ever known, Brother Phillip Halverson, lived in St Paul. (This is just my opinion for I am not one divinely commissioned to rate pray-ers.)

Lynne Hammond and I learned from this man who prayed on a level, and in a realm of the Spirit few have ever touched. In a recent blog I wrote about the space scientist Clyde McGee. Brother Halverson was used by the Lord to pray over “the birds” before he met Clyde. When the two met they discovered Phil had been praying over the groundbreaking technology God was revealing to Clyde and two other men. When I prayed with Brother Halverson, it was difficult to pray. This was because I was listening. As he moved in the Spirit, words in English would come out. Often he prayed about something and you would see it in the news some weeks later.

Included here is a video so can see how this man prayed. We made this 5-minute video in an extraordinary gathering of praying saints in Los Angeles in 1983. We called it “Secrets of Intercession.” The meeting came about because of a word of the Lord to me through Kenneth E. Hagin. He’d walked into my office and told me that the seasoned pray-ers I fellowshipped with were going to start going home to Heaven. He said, “If you don’t get out of them what they have, we are going to lose it for the next generations.” Hence the LA meeting.

Dr. George Washington Carver Prophecy

This great African-American genius of science who literally saved the agriculture of the South was born to a mother who had been a slave. His “secrets” were learned from One he called, “Mr. Creator.” Rising at four o’clock every morning he communed with the Lord. And later in the day taking no book but the Bible into his laboratory he worked out what Mr. Creator had given him.

In his wonderful book, The Man Who Talks With the Flowers, The Life Story of Dr. George Washington Carver, Glenn Clark records:

“My third meeting with Dr. George Washington Carver was the fitting climax of them all. He had been invited to speak as the high point in a Crusade for Christ being put on in Minneapolis.” [The author describes the supernatural meeting in detail. In his introduction of Dr. Carver at the meeting, Glenn Clark ended with, “…no one ever sees him without a flower in his buttonhole and the love of God in his heart.”]…

“The next day I took him to the chapel in Macalester College. His address there was just as wonderful and carried us even further than the address before the larger group the night before. When he closed, they applauded till I began to wonder whether the next period classes would ever have a chance to meet. I finally raised my hand to still the enthusiastic boys and girls and said, ‘Dr. Carver has an encore. Great as he is as a speaker, he is still greater as a man of prayer…so I am going to ask Dr. Carver to put his blessing upon us in a closing prayer.

“As we rode to the station, Dr. Carver said, ‘Last night as I rode to the auditorium I was holding a little white flower in my hand all the way, and in the silence while we rode, I was talking to it and it was talking to me. It told me some wonderful things. And the flowers have never failed to tell me the truth. It told me that there is going to be a great spiritual awakening in the world, and it is going to come from people up here, from people connected with you and me, from plain, simple people who know—not merely believe—but actually know that God answers prayer. It is going to be a great revival of Christianity, not a revival of religion…a revival of true Christianity. It is going to rise from the laymen, from men who are going about their work and putting God into what they do, from men who believe in prayer, and who want to make God real to mankind.’”

Personally transmitted stories about Billy Graham, Dr. Lileon B. Yeomans, Dr. Frank and Irene Lindquist and others are a part of my God-given memory bank of His workings in Minneapolis – St. Paul unto this day.

The Soon-Coming Great Awakening

With all my being, I see this greatest of all awakenings and harvests on the horizon. Therefore I know that the enemy of God and man is going to do everything in his power to stop it. He too has seen how God has marked the Minneapolis – St. Paul area for a great part in praying in the awakening.

So, I know, without a doubt that behind the riotous aftermath—and possibly even behind—the initial incident is the prince of the powers of the air and his cohorts.

But I also know without a doubt that these evil spiritual forces can be stopped by the believers in the area using their God-given spiritual weapons. Especially THE AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER. Sitting in their seats at the right hand of the Father and taking authority over the powers of the air, forbidding them to operate. This is something that has to be done daily. Not just ascribed to by head faith. But practiced by doing the Word of God.

Yes, the devil has great wrath seeing his time is short. But we overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Combating every word of the accuser of the brethren morning and night with the weapons of our warfare that are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds!

The following prophecy Minneapolis – Where I35 and the River Meet was given by Constance Fischer on October, 2002:

As we have been praying for AMERICA, the Lord has shown us that He means to bring great REVIVAL to this nation! GLORY TO HIM! Who was PRESIDENT of this nation was vital. As we were praying during the election battle, the Lord showed us TWO HIGHWAYS. There was a HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS, life, or a highway of death. And in the natural, the Highway of Holiness was represented by the actual I35 (which runs right through Austin, TX, where G. Walker was Governor)! For in Isaiah 35 (I 35), the Lord says:

“And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness…” For God means to bring a move of HOLINESS and pour out HIS SPIRIT in this nation!

The time of wandering is over! GLORY TO GOD!

As we “walked” the way of prayer, the Lord then began to show us that this move of His Spirit was like a RIVER, with a great force, and a great movement and a definite direction…HIS River of Life, flowing from the throne room of HEAVEN! And even as He showed us a highway in the natural, He showed us a River in the natural—the Mississippi—at FLOOD STAGE! Then one day He said, ‘Where I35, the Highway of Holiness and the River meet is the place this REVIVAL will begin!’ I looked on the map and it was MINNEAPOLIS! GLORY TO GOD!

Continued Praying…

We have been called for such a time as this
No, we will not follow the plans of men, but Your plans, Father
It is a river of life and not death
Yes, we will bring life wherever we go
Casting down all depression and anxiety
By faith we choose to rejoice in You, Lord
Hallelujah, we worship and honor You
The joy of the Lord is our strength today!
Glory, we give You all the glory and all of the praise
We are free and we are in victory
Things are working out right, they are turning around
Thank You, Lord, for the Holy Ghost
We will remain overflowing with the precious glory from heaven
Calling for and contending for a paradigm shift in our nation today
Yes, we will see things heaven’s way
Thank You for the peace that surpasses all understanding
We pray for all of those in authority, and we cover them with the blood of Jesus
Praying over the National Guard, protect them, Lord
Father, we repent for what happened in our city
We do believe for the best that is to come
Calling for revivals to break out, and the church would what you have called them to be
Your name is above every other name
We declare the name of Jesus over every city in our nation
Every knee shall bow to the name of Jesus
Giving You all the glory, honor and praise today!

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