Prayer Summary Report Thursday, December 11, 2014


Morning prayer began with anointed worship that brought the presence of God which was manifested by laughter and victorious, overcoming prayer.


That spirit of seeing and knowing, we yield ourselves for the more
Recipes… all of the ingredients just right
It’s greater, and it’s more, it’s supernatural
We speak to those elements and declare they line up right
The order, in line and on time
Those are operations now
We pray over them, we call increase in those God-given operations
It’s clearing out the way, speaking over those plans
Their successful destinations, successful ways, rolling it out and making a way
We speak over the ways
It’s a fresh breeze
It’s the wind blowing, we return to it
(lots of laughter)
There is a way
Bring it forth,
Birth it, birth it, birth it
More to go, further, beyond where we were yesterday
Steady, steady, contending, persevering
They are keys, that bring access
It’s beyond that, it’s bigger than that, it’s greater than that
It’s a breakout and a pay day (laughter)
It’s a pay day!
We call it, we call it, we call it
We call it forth, command it, command it
There’s a mandate for it, there’s a call for it
Step into it, breakthrough
Come forth and come through, we command it in the name of Jesus
Then there is Your presence right there, that touch, that situation that has to change, Your touch and presence changes
We receive it for the body of Christ, Your presence
The touch of Your presence brings change
[The tone of prayer was victorious]

Pastor Ray teaches…

I just read this morning from the book by R. Arthur Mathews entitled, Born for Battle. He said, “To pray in an emergency is altogether right…” Which it is. “But to pray only in an emergency cannot be right because this limits prayer to the area of our own self-awareness in the events of life. It makes prayer a convenience, something to which we are driven by our human perspective on the crisis, not something in which we are drawn and energized by the Holy Spirit.”

I wanted to read that because of the way Miss Jerre started out with worship; we kept lifting Him up, magnifying the Lord, giving Him glory. We exited out of our brains and entered more into the spirit. Mr. Mathews went on to say, “Prayer must start at God’s end, for isn’t that the control center of all that happens? Therefore our relationship with Him and our attitude toward the things He allows to disturb our lives is more important than passing on information to Him. Because of this, our first duty is to make sure we are really in that lofty place by His side with the right attitude and with nothing in us to prevent Him from hearing us or to prevent us from hearing His still, small voice. It is only from that place of closest intimacy that we may learn what the will is that we are to pray will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

I had this thought when Miss Jerri was singing about how the Lord sits in heavenly places and laughs. I was thinking of the Lord sitting in heaven listening to us pray about a problem… If we’re only praying about that problem with what we know in our minds instead of praying by the power of the Holy Spirit, I think that’s the thing that would make Him laugh. We often think we’re praying about something, and we don’t even have a clue. We’re actually praying about something else. I thought He must think it’s funny when we end the prayer group and we say, “You know what I think I was praying about? blah, blah, blah…” and He’s probably laughing and saying, “You didn’t know you were covering something over in Africa. You thought you were covering something in your own house.” It’s so much bigger than what we a lot of times think. I’m not making light of it. And I sense that today, just the joy in Him knowing that we’ve overcome and what we’re praying about is happening. It’s not happening way down the road or in the sweet by and by, but it’s now! Isn’t now the right time? Hallelujah! I just love His presence. When His presence is here, everything is here. It’s all here, because it’s all in His presence.

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