Prayer Summary for Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ms. Jeanie shared…

I was asking the Lord how He wanted to get started today. He started reminding me about what the body can accomplish when it’s in agreement. And then He reminded me of the elections. So if you think about that, the entire body of Christ was on board for our country and we held fast. We did what had to be done and everything turned out better than what we had even expected. If you think about the generosity of our God and how much He loves us and how much He longs for agreement; how much He longs for us to agree with His goodness.

I am going to read Kenneth Copeland’s word. Pastor Ray had read this a week or two ago. But then I am also going to read a word for 2017 from Bill Johnson from Bethel. And you will notice similarities. Meaning You will notice there is agreement in the body of Christ. We are coming together. So we came together for the election because we saw our country was in trouble. But now I believe we are coming together because we are starting to really realize how good our Father is. That we are going to now come together to take dominion. Not to get out of trouble but to take dominion. So these words are for 2017 and we are in 2017 right now. So these words are for today not the end of 2017. You know sometimes when we read a word for 2017 our mind can go to you know December 30, 2017. No it’s for today right now.

So, Father, we just thank You that You are here and the You are with us.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Copeland on September 30, 2016

(2017, right now today, today) … is not going to be anything like anybody has thought up to now. (today is the day of) …Fabulous Outpourings from Heaven.

“Notable miracles…at the hands of not only ministers in the fivefold ministry, but just among the people. (that’s us) Believers will lay hands on the sick and notable miracles (are)…done. (We’re believers. We are not doubters. We are believers). (We) …watch for the children (today). (We) watch for the children coming forth with miracle-working power manifest around them. And they are just children. And they will be just children. And I’m not talking about 15 to 20 year olds. Of course, they’re involved. But,” saith The LORD, “watch the little ones. A child shall lead them.”

“Many things are going to be happening in the kingdom of God in 2017 (which is today)…

The following prophecy was given by Bill Johnson from Bethel Church for 2017

2017 is the year of breakthrough, unprecedented, unparalleled breakthrough. The most significant year of breakthrough you’ve ever had in your life (today).

Mr. Mike shared…

As we were praying and trying to understand where the Lord wants us to go today… We heard yesterday a prayer for unity. And there are many churches that have words and prophecies over 2017. All of them are very encouraging. On one of them someone had referenced John 17. So I looked it up and you know in John 15, 16, and 17 Jesus is giving a long, long, long speech, prayer, whatever you want to call it. But what stuck out to me is in John 17:11 the second half and this really jumped in my spirit based on what they were talking about yesterday. You know because God loves numbers so I thought 17, I will go with that. And this is in the Message translation. And what I love about this is this is what Jesus prayed for the whole body. This is Him going to His Father on our behalf. The Word talks about how He is ever interceding for us. Even before He got there He was also praying and this is what He said.

Holy Father, guard them as they pursue this life that you conferred as a gift through me, So they can be one heart and mind as we are one heart and mind.

Meaning Jesus was in unity with His Father and His desire was that we would also be in unity not with the Father alone but each other. He understood the power of what unity could really bring. You know a lot of people talk about it and we pray about it and I know that’s what we are striving for. And I think even just the things we see happening in the world. There is a reason for dozens, hundreds of denominations, different sects. But I remember Jessie Duplantis talking one time many years ago. He had a sermon about unity or uniformity. And I can’t remember the whole part of it but the part that stuck out is there is a difference. A lot of times people in the Church say they want unity but they are really looking for uniformity. Meaning everybody has to do everything exactly the same way. We have to believe everything the same and thus all the division in the different streams, if you want to call it that, about healing or prosperity or finance or let’s mix some of the law in here and think that we are actually being holy. But really unity is just being unified in one with the Father.

Jessie was even talking about making reference that he preaches in all these different churches. He preaches in Catholic churches, in Methodist, and he said they do talk about the differences. He kind of boils it down to “do you believe that Jesus was the Son of God,” kind of really narrowing it in. And if they could agree on that, then that’s where we go with our agreement. There is always going to be discussion. There is always going to be debate about this thing and that thing. We are all wrestling with the Word because some things in the Bible really seem to contradict themselves. And because we are all different, not everyone is going to have exactly the same things.

So what I love that even before He went to His Father, He was praying for us that we would be one. And I loved in this version when it said in heart and in mind. It’s not just our heart but we are also kind of thinking. I still don’t quite understand what that means but because He said it, there was something that He was looking for that wasn’t there at the time but I think also that He knew that we would be struggling with all until the last day when He comes back. And then of course we all get to see where we were right or where we were wrong. But all that gets washed away and it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s about the unity.

Just another thing I found in regard to God being into numbers is the number seventeen. A few places the number 17 actually means victory. So, whatever that’s worth, I am not sure yet. However, those are things that encourage me to kind of see how much God really wants unity.

Ms. Jeanie shared…

And how the Father responds to the Church when she is in unity. It’s an opportunity for Him to pour out His goodness.

Ms. Annie led us in singing “Father Make Us One”

Father, make us one
Father, make us one.
That the world may know that You have sent Your Son
Father, Make us one.

Behold how good and how pleasant it is
When brethren dwell in unity
Where the Lord commands a blessing
Life forever more

It’s just like the oil of Aaron
That ran down to the hem of his garment
The oil of Jesus, the anointing
Life forever more


Father, thank You for the revelation that You are our Father
You have freed us to be childlike
Freed us to walk away from childishness ways
To believe You
We just gaze upon Your goodness
Sit upon Your lap and receive Your goodness
In the revelation that You are our Father
Let the body of Christ be free all over the world
To see You as the good, good, good merciful Father
That You are and always have always been
You are steady, You are kind, You are mighty
So abundantly generous toward us
We are no longer orphans
We don’t need to compete
Thank You, Lord, right now that the body of Christ is an example to the world of unity without competition
An example to the world of honoring one another
We arise and shine and the nations come to us
A royal priesthood
Lifting one another up, edifying one another
For the times are short
That we take dominion and the world takes notice
For the earth is crying out for us to know that we are sons and daughters
We respond to the cry of the earth now
And we take our place as a royal priesthood

Annie led us again singing “Father Make us One”

Ms. Jeanie shared…

Annie, when you sang “unity” I saw puzzle pieces, the gifting and the callings of each person in the body of Christ and how precious those things are to the Father. He put those in us. And I saw them fitting together in unity and creating this beautiful picture for the world to see. And then the nations coming to us and getting on board, saved and sanctified. I think about Pastor Lynne’s vision that all of America will be raptured. So we see each person in America as one of those puzzle pieces. You know how when you put a puzzle together and there is one piece left. It’s just not right. It’s not quite right. Every piece is important. Every piece is important and if the pieces compete with each other, they actually wear down each piece. So in unity, in fitting together, the Bride is coming together in her fullness even right now in America.

Continued praying…

Father, we honor the giftings and the callings that You have put in each one of us
I thank You right now that You open our eyes and our hearts to the preciousness of one another
The importance and the value You have placed on each of us
And we get in our places and we fit
In our places, not in isolation but in unity
We are not made to be the puzzle piece outside of the puzzle
But right in there fitting and finishing the picture
Edifying and holding one another up
So we humble ourselves right now and we receive Your goodness and we receive Your fullness
Expecting unparalleled, unprecedented breakthrough on behalf of one another
We celebrate breakthrough in the body of Christ today
We celebrate victory!
We remain Your children and You our Father
And we believe You

Continued to sing “Father Make us One”

Ms. Jeanie shared…

I just heard Him say that there are still people in My house that think they are orphans. So, Father, right now we just intercede for those in the body of Christ that just because of woundedness, just for whatever reason have been unable or hindered in receiving Your fullness. We just welcome them in. We love them in the Kingdom. We love them into the Kingdom. The earth is crying out for us to know that we are the sons and daughters. And so right now, we tell the orphan spirit to go in Jesus’ name and we receive the Spirit of Adoption in Jesus’ name. A child that knows that he is provided for, a child that knows he is cared for, a child that can celebrate who he is because he trusts his father.

Continued praying…

We say no to a competitive spirit
No to all insecurities
Father, I thank You that You heal the insecurities in the body of Christ
That has kept us from coming together
You free us to celebrate each other
Free to intercede for someone else’s breakthrough before we get ours
You make us one
We can’t do this without You, we won’t do it without You and we don’t want to do it without You
I just saw that Father – that an orphan wants to do it without a parent because they don’t trust the parent
Thank You right now, Holy Spirit, that You minister to each individual in the body of Christ
That they learn and have a revelation of Your goodness and come into and receive that Spirit of Adoption
Unity, unity
It’s the Father that makes us one
He sent His only Son
He didn’t send His only saint
We are sons and daughters
We belong to the Most High and He made Himself to belong to us
We thank You and we honor that in each other
We fear the Lord in each other
A tremendous honoring in the body of Christ – let it come forth today
Laying down our lives for one another
We let the hand be the hand
We let the mouth be the mouth
Unity, unity, unity
For the sake of the world
You died for the world, Lord
We receive our commissioning right now as Your sons and Your daughters
Locking arms and taking dominion with childlike faith
You said it was finished and we believe You
You said this is the year of victory of unparalleled breakthrough
And we are not waiting for the end of the year
Today is the day that You have made and we rejoice in that
Thank You, Daddy
The Twin Cities, twins have a Father
We declare over the twin cities “You know your Father”
We know that we are Christian because we are loved
And they know we are Christians because of our love
We have a Father that is Love – You are not just loving but You are Love
It’s Who You are, You can’t help to be anything else but Love
You expect the best and so do we
We expect the best today
We expect the best from each other – we call out the best in each other

Continued singing “Father Make Us One”

Ms. Annie shared…

The greatest miracle you will ever see… What’s coming to my mind is Jesus forgiving on the cross. As they drove the nails in His hands He said “Father, forgive them.” That’s the greatest miracle. And He has called us to lay down our lives the same way in love for each other. That’s the greatest sign that the world will know that He sent His Son. They are going to know that He is real when they see His love.

Ms. Jeanie shared…

If you think about the eternal infinite mystery it is to us, His love for us. I mean when I dwell on His love for me I sometimes get giddy because it’s astonishing. And His generosity and it’s when we turn, anytime we turn because He values us so much… He gave us free will. I mean that alone is amazing.

We can choose to love each other. He doesn’t force us to. But when we choose to lay down our lives in love for Him and for each other, that’s when the world will see that He sent His Son. And they are going to know.

Think about the value He placed upon us to give us free will. When we respect other people’s decision to choose, we place such value on them. You know we respect them, don’t try to control them, manipulate them. We just respect and honor who they are. That’s what He does with us continually. So we just meditate on Your goodness right now.

Continue praying…

Identifying with the Spirit of adoption
It’s You in us doing the work
We rest in the work that You do in us
She city shining on a hill
You are doing things that we never seen before
Unprecedented and unparalleled
Because we belong to You and You belong to us
I am my beloved and my beloved is mine
Meditating on the mystery of Your goodness, Father
And we receive it, Lord
Thank You for increasing the body’s capacity to receive
Where we are in a continual state of overflow and love comes easy
We tell the resources to come in
Continuous overflow – from a place of rest
Rest in Your goodness
Celebrating Who You are, celebrating one another
I declare that Pastor Mac gets in front of the church and says “You don’t have to give anymore”
We have so much to manage
We speak the blessing over our pastor
He knows who he belongs to and that, Lord, You belong to him
Jesus, we think about how vulnerable You became so we could be close to the Father
The Word said You didn’t even look like a man
We honor that sacrifice today
And we receive that Spirit of adoption
We expect fullness today
Thank You for it
Father, we expect breakthrough because You expect breakthrough
That’s what the Kingdom is about – being one with You
When we are one with You and each other there is so much that we can accomplish
You wouldn’t have prayed it if You didn’t want it to happen
So we thank You that as we continue to pursue You and believe You
Not just know what the Word says but truly manifest what Your Word demonstrates
The world will not be able to turn away or marginalize
Lord, You were on that Cross and complete pagans stopped and were wondering and recognized something different about You
Even noted in the Bible that the centurion who wasn’t a follower but recognized authority
He recognized dominion that church first would realize and continue to believe and move in believing You for what You said, what You said we can be, what we can have
We take dominion over evil
We never take dominion over men
The world takes dominion over men
I believe the cry of the US, even though they might not know it, is that there will be a demonstration of a true godly love and a true dominion over the things that are wrong and evil and twisted and especially even the half truths
Jesus saw right through it when He was tempted by the Devil. The Devil even used scripture but He knew what he was up
He knew His purpose
Lord, that the Church would know her purpose
Demonstrating what Love really is and what taking dominion over the birds and the fish and the seas and the land really looks like
It does not look like oppression
It does not look like manipulation
Lord, there is a love the Church needs to see and demonstrate
Thank You, Lord, that the breakthrough is in every single area this year
Starting today, starting in January, there is no better time to start something than right now
Lord, the plans have been laid
You already set it out
It’s like watching the end of a movie
If You know what the end of the movie is, you can see a situation and be in the middle of it and think “That’s nothing, I know how it’s going to end”
The church will come into such a unity of what You have meant for us, Lord
There are signs and wonders, Lord, that the world cannot ignore, cannot put aside, cannot brush under the rug

Ms. Jeanie shared…

I was thinking about a friend of mine who had a review. Her boss said to her “I want you to write down everything you did well this year and I want you to write down everr area where you need improvement this year.” She easily wrote down every area where she needed improvement but she struggled with everything she did well. So she brought the list to her boss and her boss ripped up the list of areas she needed improvement and said let’s focus on the areas you did well. And that’s our Father. But an orphan spirit would struggle and focus on the areas they need improvement. My heart’s cry today is that we focus on the areas that we do well in one another and we focus on the areas we do well with the Father. Because if the Father is doing the work in us, we can rest in that.

Continued praying…

Focusing on the goodness of God
It’s easy to see what the enemy is doing in this day
How hard can it be for even the Church, the ones that believe in Him, to continually focus on and pull on the goodness of God
What He is doing – every small victory, breakthrough, every time someone overcomes
Father, that we would see not what we didn’t finish but focus on what we have done
Every breakthrough is worthy
Every breakthrough should be celebrated
Rejoicing always occurs in heaven when a heart turns to God!
We focus on every little victory and in doing that we receive more and more and more
You set a table before us in the presence of our enemy
If we focus on what Jesus has done for us, there is nothing the enemy can do to us
Breaking a wall never happens when we are looking back
It’s only when we are looking forward in unity
And if we are all pushing, it’s easy
Father, thank You for this time together
Everyone coming with their supply
Holy Spirit, You love when we come together to celebrate You
Because You celebrate us
Thank You that this day has already been blessed
We agree with You that we are blessed
We take that with us walking through every situation today
With the knowledge of how amazing You are, how much You love us, how good You are, and how much You are behind us
And we thank You, Father, for just the opportunity to gather in Your name
In Jesus’ name, Amen

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