Prayer Summary for Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jerre led worship…

♪ You are welcome here… Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere… Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for… To be overcome by Your presence, Lord… Your presence, Lord… Holy Spirit, You are welcome here… You flood this place and fill the atmosphere… Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

While we were worshiping Him, I kept hearing this inside me. It’s not like a “thus saith the Lord.” But I’m hearing that we are to be prepared to be blessed beyond measure more than ever before… and never be embarrassed about it. If we’re embarrassed because we’re blessed, we’d me missing the mark. Are we not children of the most high God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords? We don’t push things in others’ faces. We humble ourselves before our King, Jesus the Lord of everything. But as we’re moving through these days, the transfers will begin to be transferred. Yesterday at noon prayer, one of the ladies came in and started praying about gold, jubilee. And the more she prayed about gold, at first I was like, “Yes, I know that gold is coming back in. Silver has been in for a while. Gold is coming back.” But that’s not the gold! We began to pray about gold bars. The transfer of the wealth from the sinner to the righteous. We’re been made righteous by the precious holy blood.

Yesterday, Miss Cindy was talking about times when we miss it, He actually… well, maybe you should say it.

Cindy shared…

The other day, my Father woke me up and said that there are times when we stumble and fall and miss it. But He said, “I will make those times to turn around and propel you even further than you would have been had you never stumbled.” It’s His grace. It’s just when you do stumble to have the humility to not lean to your own strength but to lean on His grace. Because in doing that, you receive abundant grace to take you further than you would have been had you never stumbled. He showed me the scripture that says where sin abounds, grace does much more abound.

Pastor Ray continued…

I like that because a lot of times I’ll think, we believe to be restored and be back where we could have been when we missed it where we could have been. Let’s use this as an example. Somebody gets steamed up, marches out of the church and leaves. Maybe it’s because of offense, whatever it might be. They just go the world’s way for a while. It could be a year, two years, ten years, or more. But we believe because of what the Word says, like Cindy shared, for them to come back in, they can be restored and be where they could have been, where they should have been. But God’s grace will take them further than where they should have been!

Jerre shared…

Somebody said to me, “I want to get back in prayer but I’ve been gone so long. I don’t know if I would know how to get back … I would be out of the flow.” I said, “Oh, it’s like riding a bike. You get back on and you remember.” It’s easy.

Pastor Ray continued…

I saw something that Pasty Cameneti had in her book, For Such a Time as This: Praying in the Last Days. It’s just a couple pages but it’s to the Church that she’s talking about change. She said:

[Begin quote] Prophecies are going to come to pass in these days. We will be able to watch them on the news broadcast of our choice. Many of these prophecies will not be fulfilled by the Church directly. They will, however, be fulfilled by the Church praying. Anointing, power, direction, and influence from God will be issued through our prayers to people in authority: kings, leaders, people of influence, people in civic authority, and military people.

Through prayer, the Church will issue and dispense the anointing by which these people will fulfill the prophecies, in much the same way that Elijah and Elisha dispensed the anointing.

Just what is our potential in prayer? What are the capabilities? What can God do when we pray for kings and all who are in authority? Sometimes the kings we pray for may not be men after God’s heart like King David. They may be a “Cyrus” kind of king or even a “Pharaoh” kind of king. Nevertheless, God can do amazing things with our prayers when we obey what is said in 1 Timothy 2:1–2.

Proverbs 21:1 says that God can turn the heart of a king. When we pray, God communicates with leaders and influences them in a variety of ways.

One way God speaks is through dreams. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream which made him sick and unable to eat or sleep (Daniel 4). Pharaoh had a dream which only Joseph could interpret, positioning Joseph as second in the kingdom (Genesis 41).

God confused the counsel which was to be given to King Ahab so he would do the wrong thing. God arranged for him to believe stupid counsel (2 Chronicles 18). The same thing happened with Absalom: he believed the wrong counsel (2 Samuel 17). Originally, these men had dangerous plans, but their schemes were foiled when they believed wrong counsel. Do you see what tremendous advantage we have as we work together with God?

In the case of King Ahasuerus, God used a beautiful young Jewish girl backed by prayer. Haman’s wicked scheme was sabotaged and a “road was built” for God’s glory to be manifested.

God also used unusual signs and wonders. What about writing on the wall? That would get the king’s attention, as it did in Daniel 5.

A divine appearance of Jesus Himself changed one man of great authority, by the name of Saul, into Paul the Apostle and the writer of most of the New Testament (Acts 9).

Too often, we only pray for those in authority when circumstances relating to the government begin to crowd in on our lives to threaten or hinder our happiness. Even so, this may not evoke a prayer, but a complaint.

We are not called to complain; we are called to reign! And not just until the situation is tolerable and then stop. We are to earnestly continue reigning, so that more is brought about than just happiness and ease to our personal lives. With the Holy Spirit’s leading, we can be more precise, focused, and effectual in our praying, making tremendous power available for God’s plans to prevail in the earth in these last days.

Let’s be inspired to pray and do our part in preparing the way of the Lord. Surely, we too have been brought to the Kingdom for such a time as this! [end quote]

[If you would like to purchase Patsy Cameniti’s book, For Such a Time as This, please contact LW Store online or call 763.315.7015.]

Pastor Ray continued…

One thing that Pastor Lynne always taught us was to always be praying “out front” and not be so in need of a catastrophe to fill up the church. We saw that on 9/11. But it didn’t stick. A lot of times we can be moved that way and we pray for those in authority when we get into some kind of pressure. I like it when Patsy says, “We’re not called to complain; we’re called to reign.”

Jerre shared…

I just heard in my spirit, “Turn the complaining into prayer.” If you’ve got something that’s frustrating, don’t sit there in the frustration, but grab it and change it through prayer.

Pastor Ray continued…

We’ve been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this. What time is that? The last days!


Thank You, Father, we do worship You
We will not be ashamed by the blessings that You’ve brought upon us
That You’ve predestined us to walk into
We will not walk in pride but will continue to humble ourselves before You
In You, we’ll abide, rest, take our positions, use our authority that You’ve given unto us

Pastor Ray said…

I can hear the Lord encouraging us to stand and to be bold. I can hear Him encouraging us not to be the way we were before in times of old, but stretch forth now into new times and days. Never to go back to the old ways. But continually press out ahead into what today we can say is new because it’s never been here before.

Lord, I can hear You calling each one of us to labor correctly, to rest and trust in You, to give You all the praise and all the glory…

Jerre shared…

I have this in my heart. You know how it says to pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers, but we think of that as the missionary but in my heart, it’s like there are “prayer laborers” that need to step into their places. And there’s an army of prayer laborers that need to come forth and step into it. I don’t know the hindrances. There are many. Because the Devil would lie to them in a lot of different ways, saying, “You can’t do it because…” But we know God is calling them. We know that it’s imperative for them to come for this day and hour.


Father, we don’t know how to pray about that as we ought. But we lift up prayer laborers, like You said, Father.
Bring them into the fold, those that have fallen away
Bring them back… their supply
There’s a necessary supply there
Really, there is no one that’s exempt from this call
Father, You’re calling all
If My people… Your people, Father
The call of the Spirit into their hearts to turn them
You can turn the hearts of kings, You can turn the heart of Your people, Father, to come and do their duty
It is a command!
You cannot be silent anymore… it’s imperative!
There are many benefits—the quality of their lives depends on it
Raise them up!… there’s a calling there
The deep that calleth to the deep
Apprehend them and open their eyes and open their ears and hearts
It is spirit and truth
For everything is born from this place
Loose the angels—there is a prophetic proclaiming that will come
Take your place in the battle—you must in these days take your place
Yield, yield, yield—there are assignments, individual assignments
Take hold, take hold and see
Don’t back down! Don’t back down, but rise up and stand tall. Persevere! Penetrate the darkness… Don’t you see? Never turning back…

Jerre shared and prayed…

I saw the keys of the kingdom and I saw that one of them was a prayer key. We stand against any hindrances of the evil one with the blood of the Lamb. Hindrances to the choice of taking up the prayer key of the kingdom. The blood of the Lamb is against you, Devil. Light and revelation be! In Your body, Father… the prayer key, the prayer key…

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw this too as we declare and we believe and as we read from Pasty this morning, influence through prayers begins to change even the positions of authority that looked like they would never change. And they didn’t even know they were changing. But they changed. But when you said, “The key of prayer,” the Holy Spirit influence began to file on the key of prayer. You know how in the natural where you have a key that doesn’t work. You take it back to the store and they’ll give it another run through. They kind of brush it up and smooth it out. They make a way for that key to open the door. So by the influence of the Holy Spirit, our prayers are being changed. He said for us to just believe and receive a repair, a renewal, a change. A Holy Ghost surgery within the hearts of men and women, children of the most high God. Miss Jerre, as you’re calling them in, calling them forth into the place of prayer, the influence, the sharpness of the prayers and the pray-ers is beginning to change and ramp up.

Jerre shared…

I remember when Pastor Lynne would talk about the sin of prayerlessness … It planted something in us. When we were praying about the prayer key, I thought about this. I have a key to my home and you don’t have that same key to my home. Everyone has their own key. It made me cry because some people weren’t using their keys. They sat idle. And those keys are key to their lives in God. It’s key to their home in God. It’s an individual key. Everyone has their individual keys to open that door in the spirit to commune with Him. And many people hurry here and hurry there, doing this and doing that, and the prayer key lies idle. It just made me cry that it would lay there and not be used.

Father, we’re asking for revelation for Your people to pick up that key and open the door to the breath of God, open the door that has been ordained of old, that it would not be a dead Christianity. But that it would be born in You. The key to our heavenly home, the sanctuary in the heavenlies, that key is the prayer key…

♪ Open eyes by Your Spirit, Lord… Open their ears… Help them to see and know the calling where they should go… ♪

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