Prayer Summary for Thursday, October 01, 2015

Jerre led in worship…

♪ To my living God, hallelujah… To You my King of Kings, hallelujah… The God of every god, hallelujah… Oh God of all gods, we lift You up in this place… We lift You up in this place, O Lord… And we seek You, we magnify You in this place… We magnify You, there is none like You… Holy Spirit, You are welcome here… Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere… Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for… Overcome us today, in Your presence, Lord… ♪

Pastor Ray prayed…

Thank You, Lord. We know, Father, that just spending time in Your presence changes us. It rearranges things within us and for us. Just spending time with You… We love You, Your presence. We’re opening up ourselves for more of You to spend that time with You. I repent for not doing it more, not spending more time in Your presence.

Pastor Ray shared…

I’m reminded of a prophecy that Pastor Lynne gave years ago. It’s in her first book, The Master’s Calling. It’s about God’s presence. The Holy Spirit said if your marriage is not good, spend more time with Me. There’s a list in that prophecy from the Lord about difficulties that really… yes there are other things that can be done, but the main thing that should be done is to spend more time with Him. That is good instruction for us to live by.

I wanted to go over part of this prophecy from Brother Hagin. It’s older. I have a pile of prophecies that he spoke forth throughout his years on this earth. I don’t want them to be lost. This one is about the glory. Actually he talks at the end of this prophecy about the rivers flowing out of us. I’ll read it in a minute.

I pray over this prophecy. Just like the Word, Your written Word, You’ve also spoken by and through Your Spirit to those on this earth that stand in the office of prophet. When they speak what You speak to them, we receive it like we’ve received Your written Word. So we receive this word again.

It’s from the year 1980 and there’s so much that I can’t read the whole thing this morning. There are so many good things for us today, the day we’re living in right now. So we receive it by faith as instruction about what will come, is coming, about what we should do. He begins by saying…

[start quote]
Kenneth E. Hagin: 2/3/80
We’re right on the verge of the greatest move and manifestation of the Spirit of God that this world has ever seen. We’re right on the edge of it. Just like one standing on the creek bank about to jump in. And if you will give the more earnest heed unto those things which you have heard, not only those things which you have heard about faith, and those things which you have heard about healing, but also those things which you have heard about the Holy Spirit, and the things which you have heard about angels, and the things which you have heard about divine visitations, for remember that it was prophesied by Joel of old that “in the last days,” said the Lord, “I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams, upon my handmaidens will I pour out my Spirit and they will prophesy.” So not only will it be so that the young men will prophesy, but the young women will prophesy. The anointing and the outpouring of the Spirit of God shall be great and amazing in these days. But there shall be visitations of angels. Be not afraid, but yet, take heed even in these areas. Satan himself has at times come as an angel of light. …

So in these days there shall come a mighty manifestation of the Spirit, and the work that God intended should be done in these last days shall be accomplished, for the time is short and things must be speeded up. And so you will learn much faster spiritual things than those of yesteryear, and you will develop much faster, and it will be so with some that they’ve just virtually matured overnight… And the manifestation shall come, and the glory of the Lord shall rest upon thee, and His glory shall be seen around about, and the cloud of God will come and fill the house of God, and yea, it shall seem as though the whole building has filled with smoke, Because you see, the glory of God shall be in manifestation, and yea, great shall be the noise thereof, of praise and adoration that will go up from His people, and it shall be noised abroad, and men from afar shall heart it, and men from afar shall hear of it, and men from afar shall come and behold it. For the Lord shall be in manifestation in these days in all the ways that He ever manifested Himself, both in the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, plus, the multiplying of the Spirit and power of God of these days. For as men grow wicked and more wicked, and as Satan because he knows that his time is short, and all of his cohorts and evil spirits go about as never before to devour, so the power of God and the glory of God shall be increased and shall be multiplied. And it shall flow like a mighty river, flow like a mighty river. Yea, the Spirit of God will flow like a mighty river. And many, not only hundreds, not only thousands, but millions shall be swept into the flow of that river, and shall flow forth in praises and glory. For the glory of the Lord is in manifestation, the glory of the Lord will be seen on the face of His saints. The glory of God shall shine forth until men will walk into a place of business and people will fall on their knees and cry out to God, though he said nothing. And women will walk into a place of business and people will fall on their knees and cry out to God, though she opens not her mouth, for the glory of God will shine through. Yea, the glory of God will shine through. Yeah, the glory of God will shine through. For the manifestation of His power and the manifestation of His glory is reserved unto this hour. Hallelujah!

And if it could be told, if it could be told in a way that you could see it, even with the eyes of your spirit, if it could be displayed at this moment before you in a tangible form that you could see, even with your physical eye, it would be very difficult for you to believe that which shall shortly come to pass. It would be very difficult for you to accept it. But as you walk with the Lord, as you prepare your heart, as you feed upon His Word, as you listen to what the Spirit of God says, your heart shall be prepared, and your mind will be changed until you will flow in the supernatural as naturally as a bird will fly in the air. And you will flow in the supernatural as naturally as a fish will swim in the water. And you will flow in the supernatural as naturally as you breathe the very air. …

And now concerning your finances, concerning your finances as an individual, concerning your finances as a group, concerning your finances as a school, concerning your finances as a church, concerning your finances as a minister, look not and think not like the world thinks, and like humans think, but think in line with what God has said, realizing what all you need is here in this realm, in this world and there are hidden treasures even in the ground that men have not discovered as yet and things are here and God has put them here for your benefit, for the church’s benefit, for His people’s benefit individually, and so there shall come revelation in these areas, and there shall come guidance in these areas that will bless many, and use your faith in the area of your finances, just like you did in the area of your New Birth, like you did in the area of healing, those same scriptural principles of faith, and the money will flow. Yea, speak to Satan and don’t be afraid of him. Don’t be afraid of the circumstances. Don’t magnify the circumstances. Don’t talk about and build up and magnify the lack, but talk about the supply. Talk about the source. Talk about the Great One. Talk about the Good One. Talk about the Merciful One. Yea, for His is good and full of mercy. And you will see, as you command Satan to take his hand off your finances and claim every need met, that you will come to the place that you will go out beyond the needs and even unto your wants, and they shall be met. … But command Satan to take his hand off your finances. And though timidly at first, speak unto the angels. Oh, do not pray unto the angels. Speak unto the angels as you would speak unto the one that was to serve you and say, “Go, Go, ministering spirits, and cause the money to come.” … Not just a little bit of money. Not just a little bit of money. Not just a trickle, but much, much, much money, great money. …

Remember that it is written “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Rivers. Not a river, but rivers of living water. The Spirit flows like a river. The Spirit falls like the rain. The Spirit in the New Birth is like a well of water in you springing up into everlasting life. But the Spirit flows. Now find out which way He is flowing and flow with Him, and go that direction and the flow shall be increased. … And there will be a mighty Mississippi of His power that will flow forth to bless humanity in this hour, and in the next hour and in the next. For not many hours are left. And so, flow on, Spirit of God, flow on. Flow, oh man. Flow, oh woman. Flow with the Spirit. Flow with God. For the Lord is moving in this hour. Move with the Lord. But all cannot be told. And all, at the moment, will not be told. But whether it is told or untold, it will come to pass, because God’s plan shall unfold. Hallelujah! [end quote]

Pastor Ray shared…

Are we ready for that? It’s His presence. It’ll be seen and felt and received.

Jerre shared and then sang…

Pastor Ray, you talked in the prophecy about His Spirit being poured out on all flesh. I found this scripture the other day and it just “got me.” David prayed this scripture. It aligns with what you’re saying. I know we’re to speak things that are not but we’re to speak things of light in the gross darkness. So this is what David prayed. It’s a psalm so I’ll sing it. ♪All the kings of the earth shall praise Your name when they hear the words of Your mouth, O Lord. Yes, they shall see of Your ways, O Lord, for great is Your glory, O Lord. ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

When you sang that, I began to see the United Nations building used for another reason. Kings, heads of nations, not standing up and coming against another nation or whatever, but just what the Word says. All the kings of the earth will praise His name when they hear the His words. And then they shall sing of His ways because great is His glory.

Erika led prayer…

We’re looking for that, Father. We pray for a great and effectual door to be opened and even though there be many adversaries, Father, You open the effective, effectual doors for the Church for Your glory and presence to roll in, in that supernatural, all-consuming way. Men have barred You from places, Father, but we pray that effectual doors be opened.


Filled with Your power and anointing to go forth to step through those doors
Declaring there is only one true God and king of the whole earth
To proceed along the way
We pray ahead today for doors to open
More and more and more to be opened up
Including eyes to see, Your people to be enlightened
Supernatural progression in to the Spirit
The feeding and leading of Your flock
Leading them by still waters
Nourished in the Word and the Spirit
Not to hoard it up but to be a distribution center for the glory of God
For the power of God to be seen
Mandate of the Holy Spirit, dispensers of the glory and the truth
The Word and the Spirit
Hide the Word in your heart and deliver it by the spirit
Spiritual gifts, anointings dispersed
Freely we give… we are yielded to Your Spirit to the smallest inclinations and whispers of Your Spirit
This is the way to walk in it
Bringing about the glorious transformation and the glorious translation of the Church of the living God

Pastor Ray shared…

Speaking of translations, that came up Tuesday in prayer. We were praying and that came up and here it’s coming up again. Get ready! It’s part of the plan! We can travel without getting on a plane. In the spirit, we travel to other nations now. But there will be a day when our feet will set upon another soil. We’ll be translated there and then translated back. We’ll do what we’ve been called to do. We’ll speak what we’ve been called to speak. A message from heaven! And take authority over defeat. Maybe it’s a king that needs to wise up. You could be the one to bring the Word to him. Is that too big? No!

Jerre shared…

I just heard in my spirit. We always looked at “translated” as a guy in prayer going somewhere. But I heard the word in my spirit, “mass transit.” So let’s get out of the box and enlarge our expectation. We could all just go to Africa one morning. Is God big enough? Yes! Mass transit, my, my, my, my! An army of prayer warriors in a spot! It’s out of the box.

Pastor Ray shared…

One of the meetings with Billye Brim, there was a whole story about this man that was translated. In that meeting, the village that he was translated to, one of the men from that village was at the meeting in Branson! He received from a “translator.” All the more, we need to be shining bright. Super bright. How can we be like that? Just walking in love, being filled and filled and filled.

In our meeting last weekend with Billye, she said that the Lord told her “you need to get drunk.” People that were just visiting might have thought, “What kind of a church is this?” We need to be shining bright. That’s what brother Hagin was talking about. His glory and presence. This morning prayer has been going on for many years. When I first started coming, I wasn’t yet working at the church. Years ago after prayer was done, I would have to drive quickly back home because I’d either have work to do or a customer that was coming to purchase a sculpture. A lady showed up. When I opened up the door, she goes, “Oh! You’re so bright.” And it wasn’t the sun shining. There was a glow. She wasn’t saved and she didn’t understand; she just saw a brightness.

One other time after coming from morning prayer, I left the building and got in my car but I couldn’t get out because there was a semitrailer blocking the road. The driver got out of his truck and asked me, “Could you tell me where such and such company is located?” Sure. I told him to get in my car. When he got in my car, I thought “This guy will be saved.” So I took him around the industrial area and showed him the building that he was supposed to go to. After that, I took him into the church bookstore and got him some materials and prayed with him to be born again.

Erika shared…

We need to move into that.

Continued praying…

You gave gifts to men
You gave ministry gifts, operations and diversities to the Church for demonstrations
That’s what we’re moving into

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