Prayer Summary for Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mary led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to share a couple things about the blood. I have something from Mark Hankins. It’s an older book entitled, “The Bloodline of a Champion.” He uses Psalm 105:37 where the Lord brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, out of the wilderness, also with silver and gold. There was not one feeble person among their tribes. How many of them were there? Well, there were over one million. If you include women and children, there may have been maybe 3 million. So out of approximately 3 million people, there was not one sick among them. No high blood pressure. No cancer. No running noses. No arthritis. Nobody was limping. Nobody had bad eyes. And nobody had bad teeth. Everyone came out strong and health.

I love it.

The subtitle of these paragraphs is “The Benefit of the Blood.”

Now only were all the people of Israel healed, but God brought them forth with silver and gold. This simply means that God doesn’t just want you to come out of Egypt, or in other words Satan’s control or his dominion, but he also wants to heal your body and bless your finances. These are the benefits of the blood. It goes on to say that he gave them the lands of the heathen. This means they learned something about applying the blood that not only redeemed and delivered them but also took back everything the Devil had stolen from them and more. I love that part too. They were healthy in their bodies and they had money in their pockets. As you can imagine, this was a happy group of people. That’s what the Bible says. It says he brought them forth with joy. So if they had joy and it was His joy, they had supernatural strength. When they applied the blood, God liked what He saw so much that He rained down doughnuts from heaven every morning. God brought them out in grand style because of the blood. As you begin to understand the benefits, you’ll take these scriptures on the blood and exercise your faith, you will do this not only through knowledge of what the blood has done for you but by releasing your faith and by speaking what the Word has to say about the blood. Speak it. Sing about it. Anytime you feel like the Devil is messing with your body, tormenting your mind, or coming at your family, you ought to find every song you can on the blood of Jesus and sing them all throughout your house. Find every scripture you can and speak them over and over again, because the blood of Jesus will put the Devil on the run.

One of the ladies this morning reminded me that a year ago, sister Billye said it would be a good idea to drive around every school in the neighborhood and put a line of blood around the schools. You might say, “I don’t have any children going to school so I don’t know if I have authority.” She said, “Yes, you do. You pay taxes on that school. You have a right to plead the blood.” I like that.

Hebrews 9:7, But the high priest alone once every year not without the blood which he offered for himself and for the errors of the people. When you apply the blood of Jesus, not only will it put the Devil on the run but it will also put a stop to the enemy and get your stuff back. There are things the Devil stole. And we want those back. Devil, we use the power and authority that’s in the blood and declare this morning, we want our stuff back. And when do we want it back? Now! God has given us power over the Devil. We tell him to bring our stuff back.

If the Devil has stolen anything from you, you can say, “Devil, the blood of Jesus is against you. Now my health is springing forth speedily and my money is coming back into me. Right now!” The high priest would go into the presence of God once a year but not without the blood. The blood purchased every aspect of your redemption and salvation. As a matter of fact, the progression in the Old Testament was so simple that when the blood was shed the fire of God would fall, the glory of God would be seen, and the voice of God would be heard.

There’s one other quote from Andrew Murray. He said the blood that avails so powerfully in heaven and over hell is all powerful in a sinner’s heart too. It is impossible for us to think too highly of or to expect too much from the power of Jesus’ blood. Did you get that? You can’t expect too much. No one can say, “What are you doing? You’re expecting all these things through the blood?” Yes! We overcome through the blood. The blood, the blood, the blood of Jesus in and through and by the blood of the Lamb! Thank You, Jesus, that You went all the way. The power of His blood that He shed it will continually set us free in these days and it will bring back the things that were stolen from us. Finances that were stolen, maybe it was a wrong investment, whatever it was, if it was stolen from you, we’re declaring today it’s coming back. By the blood of the Lamb.

Mary led group in singing about the blood…


We apply the blood to this nation, from border to border
Thank You that the blood keeps the destroyer back
We apply it to every position of authority in this nation
Beginning with the President
The blood is active in the Church… greater revelation concerning the blood
This nation is one nation under God
We thank You that that vision is still clear… one nation covered by the blood
Cleansed by the blood
Let every wrong and atrocity be washed clean by the blood
Father, we use the blood over the body of Christ
We take authority over demonic forces that have snatched gifts away from the body of Christ
We call them back to the Father’s house this day
We say “Return to Father’s house.”
Father, we thank You for the mercy and compassion that will flow and roll over them even now
There are those we have in our hearts that we lift before the Father
We’re declaring that that blood is working on them… apprehending for that which they have been apprehended
They’re part of our body and we call the life force that’s in the blood to flow to those body parts
Bringing life and revelation to come back to the Father, encompassed by Your mercy and grace
We make room for them… we receive them back into the family without condemnation
Without guilt or shame… cleansed by the blood

Mary led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

As Mary would sing “come” it was almost like the Spirit of seeing and knowing which was declared many years ago through Kenneth Hagin that it would come into greater manifestation in the days to come. I can see people having a “suddenly” moment. It was almost like a lasso of blood that went out and their eyes were suddenly opened. “What am I doing here? I’m out of here.” It is an awakening. How the revival in the church moves out of the church in an awakening and people wake up. It’s a supernatural awakening. We declare it all over the earth. Words that were sown in the hearts of those that have been asleep, they’ll begin to pop up and will wake up and turn around. Completely. Then those around them will come too. Many are waiting on those that they’re under so to speak to see what they’ll do. We lift up those that have responsibility for others that they would be awakened. A paradigm shift. The Spirit of God is calling on you and you and you on the other side of the globe… Kenneth Copeland prophesied years ago that whole nations would come in, in a day. Is that possible? By the blood, it is.


Snatched out of the hands of the enemy
Snatched and back into the Father’s house
With feet established on a firm foundation, never to be back again
Fitly joined in the body once again
Fitly giving their supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ
Functioning and flowing and giving… operative and demonstrations of the spirit and power
Hands and feet reaching and touching and going into the highways
Going into the dark places fulfilling the great commission… one and all, from the least to the greatest
Each one about the Master’s business
Because they have received, freely yielding to the Spirit
It’s the great giveaway… giving what we have freely received…
Giving and giving and giving and giving of our time and money and the gifts, talents and abilities
Giving it all way
Seeing and seizing every moment and opportunity
More and more and more into the realm of consciousness
Consciously aware of the Spirit… aware of the call… aware of the opportunity… aware of utterance given for the moment
Speaking to one, laying hands on another

Pastor Ray shared…

Time is different for us than it is for Him. So this man said he was with someone that exited earth. He was older. This man that was with him in the room said he just closed his eyes and he lifted up his voice to the Lord in prayer and he thought about God being timeless. He prayed that back in the man’s life there would have been someone that brought the Word of the Lord to him, told him about Jesus and being saved. He prayed a prayer that back somewhere that would happened. Out of his spirit, He heard the Lord say, “there was someone and it was you.” What? He said you are the answer to your prayer right now. He said, “Then the Lord brought to his remembrance that he had visited this man in the past and it was the last time he had ever seen him. He witnessed and brought the Word to him the last time he saw him. He was the answer to his own prayer. Let’s pray in the spirit right now, praying for people to come back.


We break those holds on them
Set them where they should have been
We pray over the eyes … open, open, open… to see what needs to be seen
Turning these things around… changing positions
They would forget why they left… and wake up wide alert and can’t wait to get back
Open doors of opportunity to get back in to where they should have been
Restored! Hallelujah!

Father, we call for an atmospheric change
To those places where these are going back to
An atmospheric change… an atmosphere of love and mercy and grace
Of welcome to the family… back to the Father’s house
That means a table spread… in the name of Jesus, we believe You for that
Across this nation in every denomination, back to the Father’s house to the table
Sit up to the table and partake
Father, we’re calling for spiritual sustenance to be delivered to the body of Christ
Fitting and appropriate an equipping for this day and hour
Equip the body to receive the body part… nothing missing, nothing broken
That would be bones set in place, Father
Strengthening, the fullness of the stature of Jesus
Thank You for all those things coming together
As the body is strengthened and restored and awakened by Your Spirit and filled with Your love…

Erika shared excerpt from book, “The Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy and the Greatest Revival of All Time”

Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. James 5:7

Many believe we are in the lull before the storm. While some expect the coming of the Lord will be preceded by a great falling away—“Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”—most Pentecostals are looking instead for a great last-days revival that will sweep the Gospel to every nook and cranny of the earth just as it is described in this vision given to Tommy Hicks. As the case will probably be, we will see both—a great divide forming between believers and nonbelievers so that differences are evident, and the final choice of either accepting or rejecting the Gospel is clear and conscious. Everyone of accountable age will have had a chance to hear and decide for themselves whether Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, raised from the dead by the Father, or not. This is the work of our day and our time. As we said in the beginning, God is not through with us yet.

Unfortunately the talk of end-times prophecy has left many looking for what you might call the “spiritual ejection button.” It is as if we are flying around in the most powerfully equipped aircraft doing incredible stunts and acrobatics every Sunday morning, but when an old WWI biplane of the devil flies onto our radar, we are not ready for attack, we are instead shouting, “Lord, rapture us.” We look at world events and look for deliverance from the earth rather than letting it inspire us to offer deliverance to the earth. We are looking for our own escape instead of making sure that when that escape finally comes, we save as many with us as possible.

It doesn’t take great spiritual discernment to see that the great giant in Tommy Hick’s vision that turns into thousands of people who spread throughout the earth is the Church—not a church, not a denomination, and not a nation—but the entire body of Christ spread throughout the earth. Christ, the head of that giant, enters the picture to stretch forth His hands to save and to endue with power, yet many pull back from this rather than embracing it. This prophecy is for all of us in our time. Will we be among those embracing the call of God on our lives and accepting His power to fulfill it, or will we be among those pulling back from Christ’s hands reaching out to us?

We must follow the same steps David du Plessis did to fulfill the prophecy given to him in order to fulfill this vision given to Tommy Hicks. We must meditate upon, pray over, and ponder the vision. We must see how the vison aligns with scripture and follow that pattern, taking heed to how we behave and what we teach. We must follow God with all of our hearts and obey immediately when He tells us to do something. We must lift up Christ in all we say and do. We must stir up the gifts within us for the profit of all. We must walk in faithfulness and humility as well as love and forgiveness. And we must give ourselves wholly to that vision and calling so we can accomplish all God has for us to accomplish—fighting the good fight, finishing the race, keeping the faith. Then when God finally does hit the rapture button to take us home, we will go with many, many new friends who will remember what we shared with them for eternity.

It is our hope that through this book you have learned a few important things. One is the significance that prophecy can have and how we should follow it to fulfill the will of God. Another is about how to judge prophecy and make sure you are following truth and not being deceived. Lastly and most importantly perhaps, is that we all have a part in prophecy and while God will supernaturally and sovereignly open doors for us to fulfill His will, it is up to us to go through them. Clearly the rewards are for those who will go through, and the regret will be for those who pull back and do not.

All indications are that God is in the process of gathering His body on the earth for a final assault, and the greatest revival of all time is in the very near future. It is our prayer that you will take your place in it just as God directs. We hope this book helps you into the position God has prepared for you for such a time as this.

God’s best!

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