Prayer Summary for Thursday, March 31, 2016

Morning prayer began with worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I was thinking about “a new day,” you know, new steps and new plans for a new day. Just because we ate dinner last night, doesn’t mean we don’t need to eat dinner again tonight. It’s a new day and it’s necessary for us every day to yield and open ourselves for more of His presence. Maybe yesterday the presence seeped out of us. Maybe things got in the way and we just let go of it. Maybe words were spoken that tried to take us in a wrong direction. But this is a new day, and we need more of Him—more of the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord, we need You and are yielding to You.

Continue yielding to the Lord in worship…


We bask and walk in the strength of You, Lord
Thank You that You called us and appointed us to live for such a time as this
It’s an honor and privilege
Thank You for molding us and we are changed from one degree of glory to another
We are being conformed to Your image and likeness
We are hearing and seeing and obeying You and we delight in You
We respond to the slightest inclinations of Your Spirit
We move into the orders by the Spirit
Some are very close and near positions of authority
We apply the blood to those that would be counselors to positions of authority in the governmental realm
We ask that You would cause them to speak and give counsel straight from the throne of heaven
Counsel that would stymy the minds of men
You have called and appointed men and women for such a time as this
Revelation of a definite plan and call, an awakening unto that with the urgency of the Father upon their hearts
You speak through them
A voice crying in the wilderness, preparing the way
More alignment of and by Your Spirit
Some on the scene, are no longer on the scene… removed from interfering
Great change on that scene
The order and the status
Arrange that, Father, the sequence of the events and the timing so to speak
Sequential events and operations and manifestations by Your hand
Your hand be upon them, Dear Father
Your hand be strong upon them, turning whatsoever way
Let us cooperate with the moving and the stirrings of Your Spirit, even in the night seasons
No, no, no, not man’s way or strategy, not that course
Get off of that course and onto the divine highway for our God
To reach the highway of our God
Illuminate that by revelation through Your Spirit
Wisdom to comprehend and to act and to implement
I bind confusion in Jesus’ name
We say peace be still, be calm
Hearts united, moving for the great plan of God, aligning
No, we put that down in the name of Jesus
You will not raise your ugly head, in Jesus’ name
We hold the blood of Jesus against you! Shut your mouth, in Jesus’ name
We speak peace, peace

Pastor Ray interjected…

While you were praying, I saw many on the other side that have gone beyond and entered into their heavenly home. It seemed like they were leaning over further, more than ever before, watching over the Church. For the Church in these times must be raised up, must enter into the plan and purpose that it’s been called unto. I saw ministries, whole churches receive a paradigm shift. Yes, the Easter celebration was beautiful and many new people came into the kingdom. Thank God! But now is not the time to settle back, sit down, take a break. Now is the time, especially for the pray-ers, to press on. Just like that picture of those in heaven watching us. In a way we could say they’re encouraging us to “Go on! Go forth! Yield. Obey! Take the steps you can take!” So we lift the Church. We put the blood over that complacency, being worn out from all the work and all the things that have had to be done. We speak for the Church of the Lord Jesus and pray over the parts and the calls for the individual churches. We pray for greater cooperation among the churches to receive the increased strength to press out further.

Continued praying…

A command to stand in the place and to speak and say and pray
Call a “prayer day”… it’s called a day of prayer
The days of prayer to pray and to speak
Divine utterance
A Holy Spirit flood—the spirit of prayer
There’s no other way—we must pray
The work must be done
Assignments given and received and carried out—“Yes, Sir, we will and do…”
Yes! Yes, you can!
Undergird them with your prayers
It’s the great exchange, Father; we lift it
A great covering, a great covering, a great covering—a blanket
Will we? Yes, we will. It shall be done…

[At this point, prayer is being sang.]
♪ At every corner, at every season and occasion
With all manner of prayer and supplications
My son, my daughter, each one new—new steps—greater authority
Each one enter in today, take the steps, yield to the plans
My son, my daughter, dreams, dreams, visions, yield a little more
Cooperation, that will get you to your destination
Lean not on your own understanding but trust all the way
We see the way, we will walk in that way today
Yield and yield and yield
Money, resources, we command them to come forth
We loose the ministering angels and say “Go get the money and bring it our way to the church today!”
Ministries, all over the earth, baskets filled up to overflowing
New accounts, new land, new buildings too—it’s a sign and a wonder
We’re yielding for more
We enter in by faith
Aid, help, supernatural assistance, ways that have already been prepared
We step into it, we step by faith right into it ♪

A perfect fit, just like a glove, prepared for this day and this hour
Anointed and appointed for such a time as this

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