Prayer Summary for Friday, April 01, 2016


Thank You, Father, for churches that are built upon Your Word and they’ve never faltered, never gone back. For however long they have been in ministry, they have stayed strong and connected and founded on Your Word. We lift up pastors of ministries. Thank You for the roots that are connected deep in You. Thank You for the Word that is coming from them. No stoppage.

We pray strength over the ministers and ministry gifts
We plead the blood over the pastors in the state of Minnesota
We lift them up
We pray they know the way to go
We lift up the vision of these pastors in Jesus’ name
They shall prosper in whatever they do, not leaning on their own understanding
They rely upon You
We bring them before the throne
We pray over their families—husbands, wives, children, and grandchildren
We declare their needs are met in Jesus’ name
Money, resources necessary to carry out the vision
We make a demand on the power for them, on resources for them
We call forth resources and connections and divine intervention
We call now the anointing, moving and flowing
In their families, in their congregations
Bring their minds to a place or revelation
Their spirits… feeding their minds with revelation and peace
Filling them with utterance, words that deliver, words that draw out, words that pull from heaven
Every necessity
Be strong and strengthened
It’s time to see—a new set of glasses, it’s time to see clearly by the Holy Ghost
It’s time to see the plan and purpose of God
Step away from the plans of man but step into the river and anointing and flow where provision resides
Come in, come in, every single one, come in… enter into the rest
Let that burden be removed, let that heaviness be lifted off of them… release it. Let it go!
Let a refreshing and peace come… Let them be flooded
You stand strong
Don’t stop, but stand strong in Jesus’ name
We come up alongside you and declare you can do it
A turnaround
We hold up your hands, your arms, we hold you up in Jesus’ name until it changes, until it turns in your favor
You are not alone! Ministering spirits, you go and bear them up
Let them see, open their eyes to see, surrounded on every side
Go the right way, go the right way
Resting, resting, trust, trust in the Lord, put your trust
Nope, nope, nope, you won’t quit, you’re not going to stop, you will finish, you will complete it
We hold you to the plan, stay there! Stay in your place!
In the name of Jesus, Satan, you take your hands off of those pastors, you let them go in Jesus’ name, you loose them in the name of Jesus Christ, you loose their minds, you loose their bodies in Jesus’ name. The blood of Jesus is against you, they will be held in their place in Jesus’ name. The blood of Jesus shall keep them and hold them fast into their calling. We will not let them slip or fall or turn away. We hold them to that place. For the sake of the body and for the sake of the harvest in Jesus’ name
Now, now, now in Jesus’ name, be loosed now in the name of Jesus, be free now in Jesus’ name!
Every encumbrance, be removed
Closing in on some things, on the edge of some things
Rolling off every care, no anxiety and free to walk in victory
Every shackle be loosed
We’re covering the pastors in Minnesota
We come against division in Jesus’ name
You come down in the name of Jesus
Separation, be removed, the body come together, pastors come together, unity and peace
We pray for a loosing of the gifts, divine operations
Every dry place be saturated by the glory of God
We declare increase in these ministries
We pull up the stakes and put them out further
We declare greater influence and turnarounds
Led and directed by Your Spirit

Pastor Ray interjected…

I have it inside me to lift up New York City and the surrounding area all around there. While we’re praying for pastors here, I keep getting that city. It keeps coming up.

Continued praying…

So we bring New York City before Him
We call you the city of peace
We plead the blood of Jesus over you
I declare you are the city of peace, be still in the name of Jesus
Come into line
I command you to back away, back off, get out of there in the name of Jesus Christ
In Jesus’ name, No, No, No!
We pray over every water way, every port in Jesus’ name
We pray for all the authorities… the police
We pray for things to be revealed, hidden things to be uncovered in Jesus’ name
We declare a fresh move of the Holy Ghost there
Appointed… called and set apart… for a purpose… part of the plan… operations… tunnels… in all of the tunnels… in the right, in the right, in the right…
Tread stone, tread stone… stay, stay, stay there… wait, wait, wait…
Now, now, now, now… out, out, out, get out, get out, get out!
Get out of there, get away from them…
Come into order… mighty, mighty
Over the borders…mark, mark, mark
Orders, divine orders, clear understanding concerning the orders for the days we live in
Thank You, Father, for the power of the blood
Embassies, we plead the blood of Jesus over our embassies all over the earth
We cover every part of them, protection over our embassies
Thank You, Father
All glory and honor belong to You
Our ears are opened by the Spirit… You show us the ways to go
Great illumination by Your Spirit
The embassies, covered by the blood in Jesus’ name

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