Prayer Summary for October 17

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Father, we thank You for Your faithfulness and for Your mercy
Your Word is true, You will never leave us nor forsake us
We know You are with us, You are for us, and You are in us
Thank You that You have placed us here for such a time as this
Yes, we come together in these days and in this hour to pray
We pray that You would stir our hearts with a passion today
No, we will never grow weary, but we will continually move forward and ahead
You paid such a high price to pour out Your Spirit in this hour and in this day
Lord, we thank You for the Holy Spirit, and we thank You for Your presence
No, we will not be defeated, but we will  move ahead in the things You have for us
We stir up the spirit of prayer today; thank You that today is a new day
You are granting new mercy every morning; thank You for the blood of Jesus
The blood of Jesus is making a way where there seems to be no other way
We are stepping forward into a brand new day, and You are causing us to triumph
Declaring that this week will be a week of triumph; thank You for breakthroughs
No weapon formed against us shall or will prosper in the name of Jesus
Devil, you are defeated and you are under our feet in Jesus’ name!
We call for triumph today, we declare advancement and victory today!
Yes, we call for healing to cover our bodies; You bore our sicknesses and our diseases
You have made us whole, and You have given us a full supply of Your Spirit
Healing and strength is being released in these days
We release revelation knowledge for decisions that need to be made, Lord
Calling for a release of encouragement and hope; thank You for help from heaven today!
Praying that there would be a divine flow; heavenly flow is being released now
Father, we call for rivers to flow
Rivers of healing, rivers of life, and rivers of answers and solutions to flow!
Thank You for Your favor and Your well-timed help from heaven
Declaring a flow from heaven into our homes and into our workplaces
We agree for a release of heaven’s flow today to be unhindered
Yes, we receive life, healing, and a refreshing
Pain, you must be cast down in the name of Jesus
Trauma, depression, thoughts of suicide you must go and be cast down
We open our hearts to a new report and a new sound
Grant us eyes to see what You want us to see and to hear what You are speaking
Lord, You say that we are healed body, soul, and mind
Thank You that things are moving and changing in a God-ordained way
We command the hand of God to be released, for favor to rest on us today
Yes, we are blessed so we can be a blessing
Bless the Lord, hallelujah!
Glory be to God, we command a shifting to hopeless situations
We speak to situations, and we command you to move in the name of Jesus
Commanding for every work of darkness to be exposed
There is a release of angels to go forth and to work on our behalf
Be released, ministering spirits, go forth and expose that darkness
We cast down every deceptive ploy and assignment
Father, we send light and truth to those communities and churches today!
Thank You for light and revelation and the exposing hand of God
Calling for breakthrough, commanding a shifting to take place in these days
Speaking peace over those captives, we call for a comfort to be over them, Lord
Emotions, calm down!
Yes, we call for peace to flow, for change to come
There is a breaking up, things in this nation are being broken up
Open, open, open!


The following excerpt is taken from Angels Armies by Tim Sheets:

The Divine Turnaround

WE DECREE, in Jesus’ name, angels are loosed to take hold of bad circumstances and events on life’s journey and turn them around for our good.

Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. …And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:26, 28 KJV).

The word helpeth is the Greek word sunantilambanomai. It’s a phrase that means “to take hold together with” (Strong, G4878). The Holy Spirit and His angels take hold together with. Angels circle the saints to get hold of things with them. I know they have gotten hold of things in my own life. Angels are assigned to grab on to ugly situations that we are grappling with and turn them around for good. It’s a part of their job description. They are hovering over believers today, attending their lives, waiting for them to declare their freedom and exercise their authority. They are waiting for them to decree what God says in His Word. Angels watch and listen so they can turn things around according to our decrees.

A remnant is beginning to understand that we have an angel army assisting us. Mighty angels with strength, skill, wisdom, and power are available to partner with us in releasing the Kingdom of Almighty God on the earth in greater measure than ever before. The world has never seen anything like it. Hell has never experienced anything like it.

In many ways, the church has never done anything like it before. New things are on the horizon, things that will startle the world. Christ’s Kingdom is going to flow in authority and power with signs, wonders, and miracles exponentially seen!

Even though we face difficult times and situations that turn ugly, sunantilambanomai, Holy Spirit, and our angel network can get hold of it together with us and turn the ugly to lovely. Understanding this sets our faith and anchors our souls. While the angels may not be able to bring things full circle to be the same as they were (some things are never going to be the same as they were because of relationship changes, covenant breaking, or even death), and while it may be different than what you wanted or expected, angels assisting Holy Spirit can turn things around for you. You are never sentenced to a problem if you are an heir. It is a season – not a sentence! Trust God, declare what He says, and angels will start turning things around!

We are told in Daniel that Lucifer and his angels seek to change times, laws, or seasons. If bad angels do that, how much more can the good angels, anointed by God, change your season? Seasons change. Seasons can come to an end and angels are here to help change and shift the season. I can testify that angels have changed the season many times for me. It’s part of their job description.


I believe that angels are hovering over me now waiting to be loosed on my behalf. Thank You for their help and assistance to bring Your goodness into my life, changing my seasons and bringing great breakthrough. I ask now for Your great hope to fill me afresh as my season is shifting in Jesus’ name!

Continued Praying…

Father, we thank You for a shift in circumstances and situations
Declaring promotion today over the church
Promotions in freedom, from one season to another
Calling for a shifting in this nation and in this land
Father, we declare a change from what is wrong to what is right
We loose Your hand of help into our land
Praying for that which is broken to be made right in these days
Calling for those hopeless situations to be redeemed in Jesus’ name
Yes, You are restoring and healing those things that need to be restored
We call for healing, health, and wholeness in the name of Jesus
Declaring mercy and grace over America today!
Father, we pray for there to be a uniting in this nation and in Your church
Yes, we will contend all the way to the very end
Calling for a greater momentum in these days and in this hour
Thank You for signs, wonders, and miracles to take place in this season
You are leading the way, You are the head of the church, and You will lead the way
We pray that You would be exalted in this land
Praying that there would be a change in the hearts of Your people
Yes, we will continually move forward in the plans that You have for us
Change and redemption is on the horizon, and it will take place in this nation
Praying for our ranks to grow, we pray over those in positions of authority
We hunger for more of You, and we speak those things to come forth, Father
Your kingdom is working together in unity and agreement
There is a releasing of glory, a releasing of the power of God, and a releasing of miracles
The door is open, prayers are being granted
It is time to go, it is time to rise!
We turn those situations in our government today, we cast down every stronghold, Father
Praying for angels to be released and for Your hand to dismantle operations of the enemy
Works of darkness be cast down in Jesus’ name
Light is exposing the darkness, and those ministering spirits are being released today!
Casting down every demonic strategy that is meant to take America down
Those things are turning more and more in Your right way
Declaring there to be a supernatural release of Your hand in America
We send out light to disrupt every strategy of the enemy
Yes, we call for a release of Your Spirit over those in positions of authority
Father, You are pushing back those things of the enemy
Calling for America to move more and more in Your ways, Lord
Pleading the blood of Jesus over the Senate, and to our nation’s capital
We pray and send light to the judiciary branch, and to every house of congress
Yes, You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
Contending and standing in agreement for a shift to take place in these days
There is a shift taking place in positions of influence in the time ahead
Prepare our nation, we will be ready, Lord
Let our nation stand strong and ready!
Yes, we want to be used by You, Father
Open up our nation, we will be ready and we will be receptive to You
We pray for a supernatural move of Your Spirit to right what is wrong
Father, we pray that Your will be done in these days
Yes, we are hungry for more of You
No, we will not stay status quo, but we will continually move ahead in Your will and plan
Thank You for the harvest of souls to come into Your kingdom
Have Your way in us, we call out to You and we pray that You will do what needs to be done
We love and worship You; we bless and honor You
Glory be to God, You are so good and so faithful
Be Jesus in and through us, Father

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