Prayer Summary for November 7, 2014


Thank You for Your manifested presence that makes all the difference in the world
Things that needed to be rearranged, they get rearranged
We lift up the name of Jesus and magnify it in us
Thank You, for the name, we magnify the name of Jesus

Pastor Ray Kelly introduces Bulle…

The sister of Pastor Marie Helene-Moulin, Bulle (French for Bubbles), is over the prayer ministry in Pastor Marie’s church in Nice, France. She will share a teaching with us today and then lead us in prayer.

Transcript of Bulle’s teaching:

Bonjour! It is a privilege to stand in front of you and as Pastor Ray said, “We are friends.” But it really is more than that, we are coworkers for His kingdom. I have the opportunity to thank you too, Pastor Ray and Sandy and your Pastor Mac and Lynne Hammond for coming overseas; and honestly, we wouldn’t have done it without them. Why? Because when you are in Europe, sometimes you feel really alone and to have that connection, to have that provision of any type… they gave in every way. He has been making a huge, tremendous difference for us. But you are part of it, because I know you have been praying for France, and I’m telling you, your prayers work. The fruits start to show up and it’s such a joy. You have a reward over there. And I want to tell you that, because sometimes when we are in a bench praying, we don’t see immediately the results. But I’m telling you, your prayers work. So I wanted to tell you, “merci beaucoup.” I have a heart to share with you and it’s quite something, because I know you are well taught here. So I’m going to do what is in my heart. You know what? Without prayer, the churches are just an expression of the mind of a man or a woman. But with the prayer, the Church on earth is an expression of the thoughts of God. And that’s really what we want. And there are arrangements, there are settings, there are ways, there is gold that only can be found in Him. And we have the privilege to be a coworker with Christ. We have the privilege to be part of His work, which means speaking out those plans that are in Him, speaking them out as we are going to do in order for them to be established on earth. And Proverbs 20:5 says, “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.” The Message version says, “Knowing what is right is like deep water in the heart; a wise person draws from the will within.” Do you want my French version? My French version says, “Project. Thoughts.” And I thought it was very interesting because that means that in my heart, there are projects, there are thoughts, and there are strategies that are within me and you. Whoa! It’s sad to say that many Christians don’t have a clue that there are treasures in them. I want you to connect with that. In you. The Devil sometimes beats our heads with “You are worth nothing.” Wait a minute! That verse says you are carrying treasures; if it belongs to God, that means it’s treasures. So when I read that verse, it reminded me of John 7:38. Do you remember what that verse says? “He who believes in me as the scriptures said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” Those two verses are of the same kind. Have you noticed that it says rivers of living waters. It does not say stagnant waters. That means where there is living water, there is life coming out. That means those projects, those plans that you are carrying in your heart are going to produce life. What kind of life? Not of this world. The life of God. So whenever you pray out those plans full of the life of God, they bring life on earth. It’s exactly like in the natural waters where we find fishes because they create life and those thoughts in your heart, because they are in those water of life carry living things. Well, if I put John and Proverbs together it means that I have waters in me which are life and in them there is plans, thoughts, strategies that are going to bring life wherever I speak them out. So you see, when we pray for a church and we really put those thoughts of God, the plan of God, the strategy of God in the natural realm, well… notice in those verses, it says that those plans are coming out of our heart. It does not say “out of our soul.” Well, many people when they think about plans and “God, what do you have for me and my church,” they’re trying to find them in their soul. But according to scripture, it’s from our spirit. Many people when they pray, they pray unto God thoughts that come from their soul. Well, if we do that, it’s like trying to find fish on the ground. That doesn’t work. If you are trying to pray out thoughts that are coming from your soul, it’s like trying to find fish and you’re praying for some dead fish. But because we are praying from our spirit, it’s going to be fresh fishes. And sometimes we try to present plans out of our soul and really your soul is a dry, dry ground. So it doesn’t work. No wonder. But that is another thing. Those verses are so rich. Notice that those verses say, “He who believes in me as the scriptures has said,” it does not say “out of the throne of God” will flow rivers of living water. It says “out of your heart.” And I think how the Lord has been kind to us. It purposely didn’t say because it’s true they are coming from the throne of God, but He had been kind to us to say, those thoughts are coming out of the throne of God but He purposely wrote it “out of your heart” because He wanted to make sure we know where to look for them. A lot of people are trying to see where plans are, the thoughts of God, they want to see it written in heaven, in the sky. “Tell me what I need to do. Tell me what to pray and I need a sign.” But the scripture is saying “out of your heart.” I think it’s kind because we could have known that there is plans to be prayed, but we didn’t know where to find them. The scriptures are precise. Look in your heart. That means if I want to pray those plans, the thoughts, I need to connect with my heart. That is the first key, is connection with your heart. And I think it’s very interesting, did you notice that in that verse, it said that it’s deep waters. Well what does that tell me? That plans are emerged in my spirit and if when I pray, I only stay on the surface, I won’t get them. But I have good news. We have a way to go into deep waters. So if I want to discover those thoughts, those plans, those strategies for my life and church, I need to go in the depth of the Spirit. Well, verse 5 says a man of understanding will draw it out. Another version, “A wise person draws them from the well within.” My French version says, “An intelligent man will know how to draw them out.” My French is a little more blunt so you have to be intelligent to do it. That tells me very good news because religion has been telling us “Wooo the thoughts of God are so mysterious, you can’t have them.” I’m coming from a religious background. I’m telling you, ohhh, mysteries. We can’t know the plans of God. Those thoughts are so high that we can’t find them. Well they are high, for sure. But the good news is that we can find them. We can find them. Why? Because he said an intelligent man knows how to draw them out. From where? From his heart. He found that place. So I was wondering, “Well, what is an intelligent man?” That is a good question, don’t you think? Because if I am intelligent, I will be able to do it. But if I am not intelligent, I won’t be able to do it. We have the answer in the Word. So 42 is telling us, “The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children to see if there is a man who is intelligent, who seeks Him.” So that means according to the Lord, I mean… the Lord doesn’t see man as men see themselves. An intelligent man is somebody for the world with big degrees, education. And you know what? To withdraw the plans, the projects of God for the church and for your life, you don’t have to have degrees. Who cares about degrees in that case? Each of us has a heart. Oh, I love that. Each of us has a heart and so each of us can draw out those plans. The only condition is that you have to have a heart that is seeking Him. Why seeking Him? Because a person who is seeking the Lord is going to learn how to follow Him. By seeking, you find Him. By finding Him, you have to follow Him, otherwise you won’t seek Him more. Do you understand? So the person able to follow Him is a person who will have found Him and learned to follow His Spirit. Well, that led me to Romans 8:26. “In the same way the spirit also helps our weakness, for we do not know how to pray as we should but the spirit intercedes for us with groans too deep for words.” That tells me what? That is the Spirit and all of us know the Lord, if you are here then that means you have been seeking Him. If you are praying, you have been following His Spirit. And it’s how we are going to draw out of our heart things that need to be prayed. Fresh fish to be drawn out of our spirit is by following His Spirit. As we pray from our hearts connecting from our hearts, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, it’s going to lead to what? To one thought, to one image, to one word, to one impression as we pray. And by speaking out what I see, what I hear, when I pray when I am connected to these deep waters, when I speak out those words, I bring them up to the surface. And now I go to the depths of my spirit by one word that I pray out. Then maybe I will see an image. Let’s say we decide to pray for missions. As soon as I pray for missions, I hear maybe a word. France! So I start to pray for France. And then I see an image. What is that? It might be a group of people so I start to pray for a group of people and then I have the impression that I should pray for finances. So I go to pray for finances, then I see maybe another word. Do you see how I am moving in the depth? It’s simple. We just have to follow Him. And really as I do that, as I am speaking out, I bring up the thought and image and I’m bringing up to God those things. And in the natural, you see, praying is like swimming. It’s fun. It’s great. There is a lot of variety in praying. When I swim, there are different types of swimming. You can do the board. You can do the breaststroke. Or I can dive. But those types of swimming are not for the same purpose. As in prayer, I can stand still in front of God. I can share out of my heart. Or I can do the business. I call it the “business of the kingdom.” I can pray those projects. Well, for me, praying, doing business with God is like diving in the depths. But you know what? If I go hunting for treasures, I’m not going on the board. That doesn’t work. It’s true. Treasures as in depths, I will have to dive and when I dive, you know what? I am going to swim with much intensity. I’m going to swim with much purpose in my swimming. Everything in me is going to climb toward the depth and when I dive… I see in pictures that when you dive you are… It’s not boring. And if we want to pray in depth, we have to first follow those words, those images which are like buoys and you go from one buoy to another. But the way to go is to go with intensity in your heart. It’s not a matter of shouting. It’s a determination in your heart. You see a buoy… Buoy, by the way, is French! You go after the buoys and you go in your heart with intensity. We go after the buoys with determination. We go with everything, when I pray I see a buoy so I go toward that buoy. And then I speak out and with the help of the Spirit, we pray His plans. So that is really what I had in my heart to share with you. Now we are going to dive here. I love prayer and thank you so much for praying for us. So let’s all dive together in the depth of the Lord.


Father, in the name of Jesus, we love You and expect You
We know we are welcome in You and You are always waiting for us to cooperate with You
Coming with expectation and waiting for the leading of the Spirit
I lift up the Church and Your thoughts about the Church
Depths are coming up to the surface, calling up those dreams
The words that you put in his spirit
The words that are made for this hour
Coming up in many hearts
We move forward and advance
To go beyond and to march and march
For what he has been called
We say enter, he’s going to enter
All of them, we say all of them
The alignment, one, two, three, step by step by step
Name after name after name in Jesus’ name
Leaders that will lead, one, two, three, on time
Opportunity, open, open, open
We believe for direction for the increase
The Church is alert and awake, rousting out all the opposition by the blood and in the name
Resources from heaven… abundance and increase
All the places
It’s connecting
These are new days, steps by faith in the Spirit have got us in this new
It’ll be wave after wave after wave

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