Prayer Summary for November 6


We are fervent in prayer!
Your house shall be called a house of prayer in all nations


I mix faith with my tongues
I pray fervently in tongues
You love me, Father, steadfastly
You never leave me nor forsake me
You are the God who hears and answers my prayer
And that makes me happy
Because things are going to change today
Because we are going to speak as the oracles of God
Declaring words from heaven, holy words from heaven that change things
I hear the voice of the Good Shepherd
And no other voice will I hear
I hear the voice of the Good Shepherd
And no other voice will I hear
And I rest in Your love and power
I trust in the name of Jesus, today and every day
The name above every other single name, Hallelujah

Praying in tongues….


I see a picture of a heart. Just as there are different chambers of the heart, you need to exercise the different parts of your heart. Prayer is a part of the heart that needs to be exercised. Declaring who you are in Christ, but it all works to complete the picture. And the blood of the Lamb flows freely and cleanses. If I get weak on one part, the Holy Ghost will say, “Do this.” He always knows the right thing to do, hallelujah! Let’s just worship Him some more, exercising the parts of our heart.

Continued praying…

Bringing the substance of heaven to earth
We are depositors!
In the dark places—light be there in Jesus’ name!
So thankful for Your unfailing love—we look to You alone
Yielding and achieving Your purpose
We recognize today who You are; You are high and lifted up
Deep calling to deep; we enter into our place in You, our authority
Hearing You all day long and transformed into Your likeness
Signs and wonders following Your direction—miracles!
Changing the hearts and thoughts supernaturally
The work is being done—completed and perfected
Breaking away from the former things
Those limitations are being removed now in Jesus’ name
You write upon the tablet of our heart the new things
And tell us who we are in You
Rewriting the history of our past—You make us brand new in You
A clean slate to write upon
Thank You, Father, for showing us great and mighty things to come
You place our feet upon a rock and hope is born
An anchor of our soul
You are the lover of our soul, Lord
Your love for us abounds—above what we can conceive
You wait for us to open our eyes in the morning that You might walk with us
Thank You, Father, that every gift and spiritual blessing is in You


It makes an absolute difference in how we get out of bed. It somehow feels better to jump out than barely slide out. We can start our day in a more positive way if we jump out. It’s a positive way. I heard in my spirit, “Don’t blink.” When the devil speaks a negative word, remember Philippians 4 that says you can do all things through Christ. So when the devil says you can’t, you say, “I can!” When he says you never are going to be healed, you can say, “I was healed by the stripes that were taken upon His back. Jesus is my Healer, Deliverer, and Way-Maker.”

The accuser of the brethren is working day and night to tell you things that are not true. But we have his number so we say, “No, accuser of the brethren, we bind you and take your lying devils out, casting you down. We take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ In the name of Jesus Christ.” One day I said, “I take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ for my whole life.” It really did something in my life!

If the Son has set us free, we are free indeed. How free are you? As free as you want to be!

Spiritual song…

I am free indeed, I am free indeed, I am free indeed because Jesus set me free
I have the mind of Christ. My mind thinks things of a good and honest report
Washing of the water of the Word, washing of the water of the Word
The thoughts and the intents of my heart, as I think so am I
My heart thinks, that You, Father, that You have made our hearts unto You

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for no limitations, no boundaries
We see it—blinders removed and eyes opened
It’s an easy place when you are in the grace
Thank You, Father, for never leaving us
That Your grace is sufficient to move mountains though us
Finding our place and flowing in the river
The current takes us easily to our destination
Receiving all sufficiency in all things through the blood of Jesus!
Proclaiming the goodness of God!
Rivers from our belly converging with the rivers from heaven
We let the rivers come out!
Thank You, Father, for this day
We give You all the glory and praise in Jesus’ name

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