Prayer Summary for November 4


Lifting up Your name, Jesus
All power and authority are in Your name
Speaking that name “Jesus” today
Bringing about change—Jesus, we magnify You!

The following excerpt was taken from Contact With God by Jeanne Wilkerson


Psalm 56:8 says, “Put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?” That means that the true tears of believers are filling up a bottle before the golden altar of glory. That golden altar is the altar of prayer. When we approach God in the spirit through prayer, we appear at that golden altar.

God collects your tears when you cry over the abominations in the land, and He records them in His book. CPs. 56:8.) That means the very hour you call for help, the tide of battle turns in your favor. Of this one thing you can be sure: God is for you! And if God is for us, no one can stand against us. (Rom. 8:31.) Isn’t that marvelous! The following is a prophecy the Lord gave me about the benefits of prayer. Even though this prophecy was given to me, it can apply to your life too. The same God who gave me this promise also gives it to you.


The Holy Spirit says the following to the body of Christ:

I have many things to finish in you before that hour comes upon the land. I have many things to give you if you will allow Me to. Therefore, listen to Me and hide thyself from the noise, the din, the chaos, the ruin, and the wreckage of the world. I will show you things to come, and you will know and see things vividly. You will even be able to see many things in Technicolor, as it were. I will put double emphasis upon seeing things in the spirit.

I will no longer hide from thee that which I am about to do. If you will obey my Word and hide thyself away with Me, you will never see the indignation that is coming upon the nations of the world.

My preparation of My church for My appearing will be very, very intricate and detailed. You will not draw back any longer. When I reach out to you and My voice comes to you, you will be like My child in the Song of Solomon. When the voice of the bridegroom was heard, they ran after Him. Thus shall it be in this hour—the hour that all the other hours have pointed toward. This is the day that all other days have spoken about. This is the day that all the prophets longed to see but were not able to. This is your day.


Throughout the years our intercessory group prayed, God taught us marvelous things. He taught us things I’d never heard anybody teach before. That is why prayer is so important to the Christian walk. It is like the air we breathe. We need it!

Can you live without breathing? Of course not! I often say, “Just try living without air. You’ll be on the floor in no time.” You can go without food or water longer than you can go without air.

What air is to the body, prayer is to the spirit. By praying, you take in sustenance for your spirit from God. You’re breathing in the very life of God. And the same Holy Spirit that gave birth to your human spirit maintains the life within you. That is why prayer is so vital.

Once you understand God’s plan, then you have to set it into motion, and that is where prayer comes in. God expects you to pray to set His plan in motion. It is not enough to simply have a Bible study. That is wonderful, but you must follow it up with prayer. You must have the Word, but it takes prayer to animate the Word, to make it alive. And it takes prayer to execute God’s plan. It takes the Holy Spirit to live this life within you.

I have sat under some of the greatest leaders in the body of Christ. For example, I sat under Smith Wigglesworth, Howard Carter, and Stanley Frodsham. I have sat under some of the “Garnaliels,” or noted Bible teachers, in the kingdom of God. They have taught me how to enter the presence of God to learn His voice. The great leaders of God will tell you when something is nonsense and frivolous instead of godly and genuine. In a great prophecy I once heard, God called the excesses of fleshly behavior “chaff” instead of the wheat kernels of wisdom. God said the following:

I will never bless the chaff. Don’t come and offer that to Me, because I don’t want it. It doesn’t please me; it only pleases your flesh. And if you are not careful, you will bring up a generation who loves nothing but that which pleases the natural senses—not the spirit, but the flesh. And when you begin to draw people out of this excess, taking them over into realms of God, where real life dwells, they will revolt. They will revolt because they would rather have the flesh than the true works of the Holy Spirit.
Ps 56:8

Continued praying…

Thank You, Lord, so much for the wind of Your Spirit
You are the air that we breathe
Opening ourselves up more to take more of You in
Yielded—hearing and seeing more
Paying precious attention to Your presence

Fear has no place in us—no room for its plans. Fear, be removed by the blood of the Lamb and in the name of Jesus! Fear must be removed concerning the future, questions about how it will turn out and unfold, fear about what we are to do and say, about who we are… In Him, we are above and not beneath. Fear has no place in us, through us, or around us, so we move out and away from it, shaking off the words that were spoken. No, in the name of Jesus! For we have been given the Spirit of power and might to continue in the things that have been ordered and planed. We are destined to fulfill the completed part of our destiny into the Spirit of Seeing and Knowing.

The Spirit of the Living God has His home in us
Enabling us to walk through and walk on
We are co-laborers together—greater cooperation in these days!
Untangling, organizing, rearranging some things
Moving together with Your Spirit
Every member, every part!
Using the name of Jesus—call it, speak it, and believe it
Spirit-given operations
Lifting sheep up—help for the sheep!
Freedom and victory
For the sheep will go and the sheep will flow following the Great Shepherd
Esteeming the power in Your precious Holy Spirit
Not backing off but pressing ahead every day together
Directions—new directions
Words that line up with the steps
The rearranging has already come—it will not be the same
Announcements, declarations!
Prepare, prepare, lift, and push forth—calling it through
Calling for the new and expecting to walk in the new!
Staying fixed on it, steady and bore sided
Praying over the timing in that
Uncovering secrets and mysteries then declaring and then walking in the timing thereof
It’s the secret place—each one entering in
Covered by the blood of the Lamb
The Church on display before the world causing great a great wonderment
Watch for the doors that are open just a crack and pray—even when the name of Jesus is mentioned
Goodbye to the past and hello to the new!
It’s an easy entrance—a beautiful day
Messiah—King of kings and Lord of lords

Annie singing in the Spirit…

♪ For you will hear my voice, a whisper
A small still voice like a whisper
And I will tell you all the things your heart is asking about
And that whisper you hear is going to make you want to shout!
So just listen, I am speaking in your heart
All those things you’ve been longing to hear
Like a whisper, gentle breezes, mighty waters ♪

The following prophesy that was read yesterday at 8:30 prayer. Please take some time to read and pray it over. The Lord is directing us to take some things and throw them away; to lock the door on those past situations. We are called to focus on the future. Our future is bright and we overcome all the time. The blood of the Lamb is working for us today.

This word came on December 8, 2014.
“Shut the door on that. Shut the door, lock it, and throw away the key, for that has been finished and you have been set free. Close the door, lock it up, and throw away the key, for you have been called to walk in victory. That, that has been opened before will try to stop you from entering into and walking out more—the more that I have called you to walk out. There are many more operations by My Spirit that will bring about change, not just in you but through you. Changes that will take place, that have been predestined for this month to take place. So lock up the door, throw away the key, and walk with Me. For by My Spirit, I have called you to operate in and through Me. I have called you to be free and walk in absolute, total victory. So see yourself seated with Me in heavenly places, full of great joy, full of peace, full of comfort, and full of My strength. And do everything you can do to keep yourself walking in My love. My love through you will bring about absolute total unity in My body, for it is through Me and by My love and My power in you. Do not let one second go by without being filled with Me. Do not question what others have done. Don’t question what they have said and what it looked like. Just stay seated with Me in heavenly places above all of the lack, all of the doubt, all of the junk, and all of the strife, and you will walk in victory with a brand new shout. For what you say will be from Me, and what you hear that is from Me, but what you declare will bring about great peace in the places that I have predestined for it to come forth in these hours, these days that you are living in. It is a season of My grace. It is a season of My comfort for you. Take it by faith, walk in it, and receive it. Healing is there too; restoration is in it. It is all My power, My glory, and My presence,” thus said the Lord.

Remember the first part: shut the door on it, lock it up and throw away the key. For it’s already been finished and you’ve already been set free! Free, free, free!

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