Prayer Summary for May 3


Father, we are so grateful to be called sons of God
Thank you that we have been washed with the blood of Jesus
You said You would never leave us alone
We are so thankful that the very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us
You have given us everything we need to finish
Father, we are looking for Your reappearing
You are raising up the Church
Our eyes are clear to see
Thank You for stirring us by Your Spirit
We lift up leaders, for them to have Your vision
By Your Spirit, we pray for keen sensitivity to finish this race
We make adjustments as we go
Being filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory!
There is a marching and a stirring in the body of Christ
Many arising and taking their place
Applying the blood over all of the receptacles in the Church
Supernatural aid and assistance
The uncompromised Word of the Living God bringing restoration
Ministers operating in the pulpit with freedom and liberty
No plot or conspiracy can be formed against the five-fold ministry gifts
We speak to situations and circumstances and declare “Peace! Be still!”
Body of Christ, take up the call!
We are calling for each one to wake up and stand up!
Unwrapping the fullness of the anointing
The wind of the Spirit blowing this day
Treasures be revealed and uncovered
Father, open that up in Jesus’ name!
Calling for implicit obedience!
It is about a great transfer
We lift that part, Father, give them endurance to press through
Parts being aligned right now
The plan has been charted out, now is the time to begin seeing and understanding it
We keep moving ahead
Speaking against any nervousness in decision making!
It is not too late to move ahead
Rejoice, for He has made a way for you!
We take authority and dismantle the machine that has laid itself against the Church
A new movement and motion!
There is a great deluge of Your Sprit
It is time to go, so don’t hold back!
That assignment is to be fulfilled now in this item!
We have grace to go and grace to do
Everything we put our hand to prospers!
Lift up your eyes and see that the harvest is ready!
Seeing the lips of people as doors that continually pray things out in the spirit!
Diversities of tongues
Taking off the limits now
There must be new ways of doing things-the new wine skins must arise
Shake the Church again!
Enemies shall not stand-they are coming down!
Seeing a green light for the Church, and she shall not be stopped again!
It is time for transformation
Not leaning on our own understanding, but obeying the direction
Pleading the blood over locations
We plead the blood of Jesus over the platforms that the ministers are to stand on!
There are a lot of cities that have not yet responded to the call
Lord, we humble ourselves before You!
We build an atmosphere of peace

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