Prayer Summary for May 2

GPAN 5-2-14


We are Yours, Father, washed in the blood
We are so glad You’ve made us Yours!
No weapon formed against us will prosper because You, Father, take care of Your own
All sufficiency in all things includes all things!
Father, thank You that we can rest our minds on Your goodness
What a friend, confidant, and protector You are to us
Thank You, Father, that You make all things new through the blood of Jesus
New in our minds and new in our bodies
No more of our way of thinking but Your way of thinking
Thank You, Father, that every morning You give us new mercies
We see in a new way, our eyes have been made new
We will never be the same, in Jesus’ name
Rejoice, rejoice!
Walking in newness of peace
A door has been opened to us to go into the new
The angels are waiting for you to walk out into that new place
We release ministering spirits now to assist us to walk out into new places
Father, we embrace the anointing to see the new, in Jesus’ name
We call every wall of division in the body of Christ to come down
Calling every member of Your body together, compacted in unity in Christ
This is a new day with new responsibilities
We remove every obstacle and call every door You have for us to be opened by the blood of Jesus
Jesus, be Jesus in us today and every day
Thank You, Father, that You restore us to unity because of Your great mercy and grace
We ask You, Father, to give us Your thoughts concerning our brethren in Christ
Calling disjointed relationships in Your body to be restored
One heart, one mind, and one purpose
We put the past behind us, in Jesus’ name
Father, we ask that You bring the body of Christ to its fullness; nothing missing and nothing broken
Thank You for restoring joy to Your people, Father!
You are able to reach those we pray for by Your Spirit
Thank You, Father, that we are able to say, we are Yours
As children of God, we are so blessed!
Father, thank You for empowering us to be the ones that lead others to You
We plead the blood of Jesus over the future destiny and race of every member of Your body
We apply the blood of Jesus over every area we may have missed
Thank You, Father, for empowering us to go all the way to the finish in victory

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