Prayer Summary for March 4


Father, we are grateful for Your Holy Spirit
Thank You that You have caused us to live in this hour!
Get more and more glory through the Church
Our hearts are yearning and aching to see the unfolding and growing up of this great giant!
We are expecting to be led by Your Spirit in the things we are to say and pray
It is our cry that greater peace would come to the souls of men
For there to no longer be arguments over commandments and laws
Help us to rise over into the government of Your love!
Father, we desire for Your distinguishing mark to be upon Your Church
Each one full of Your love that casts away all fear and shame!
Free to operate in the giftings that were given by You!
Help us to not pressure others to perform or be anything other than Your beautiful creation
We want more of You and less of us—always leaning into You
Our ears are tuned to always hear Your voice
We are looking for Your Church to shine brighter from one degree of glory to another
Lord, we want to be so in tune with Your will and plan
By Your Spirit, You must open our eyes and touch our hearts for us to see what You see
Come in power in this hour, Father!
The multitudes need to see You—not just the lost, but the multitudes of the body of Christ
We are looking for a great transformation
Let Your resurrection power hit them this very hour to set them in motion and bring purpose and direction to their lives
We pray for visions, that there would be a refreshing there!
Visit those who have been in ministry year after year and let them rise with a new passion in their eyes
Seeing entire denominations coming into the great plan
Help us to recognize the anointings on them and them on us that we may celebrate and cooperate with each other!
Jesus, shine through us!
Let the oil of Your Holy Spirit overflow in our lives
Father, cause a consciousness, an awareness and acuteness of the soon coming of Your Son to reside in our hearts
We don’t want the ripe fruit to rot in the fields!
There must be a great change!
Help us to seize every moment and opportunity to reach out to the people around us!
It is about the souls of men!
Bring to our remembrance from where we have come that we may bring others
We plead the blood of Jesus over every area of our lives!

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