Prayer Summary for March 14


Father, we repent for praying “care prayers”
We ask for You to clean the slate
Lord, we ask for grace for us and the body of Christ to pray right
We must have Your love, joy, and peace
Father, we roll all of our cares on You today
We repent for taking those thoughts and holding on to them in a negative way
Cleanse our whole beings and fill us with You
When You are in control then love, joy, and peace reign in us in the Holy Ghost
Thank You for grace that establishes us in our faith
We want to produce good fruit that is substance to those around us
That they may be encouraged and walk before You knowing there is hope
For the world to see that there is something different about us
We step up to a higher place in You today
There is no circumstance that is greater than You!
All things were accomplished and completed on the cross
Through prayer, we get in agreement with heaven
We believe today is the day of victory, salvation, restoration, and freedom!
You get all the glory today!

The remainder of Morning Prayer was spent in praising and worshiping the Lord.

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