Prayer Summary for June 3

A Word of the Lord came forth:

“Steps, increases, a moving upward begins in a place of yieldedness, in a place of peacefulness. Yielding, and yielding, and yielding again and again will bring you up to another position, and will cause you be thrust out more accurately into the plan. Not just casually, but yielding and yielding, and yielding, and yielding again.

“And so the progression will be like steps upward, and momentum will increase, and power – great power will be released. So yield again and again, even in the place of hearing accurately, or the Church, for the body is rising every day. Closer and closer, and closer we get. Moving and moving and moving with our eyes on the Book. Reading, and reading, and reading. Receiving, receiving, receiving, and receiving causes the ascendancy to move, to expand and increase.”


There is a sense of newness and an entering into new territory
We have been equipped with the power of God—throwing limits out of the way
Proceed further—go beyond you have ever gone!
Fulfill your purpose!
See and speak by the Spirit
Declaring a permanent change, never to go back
By the Spirit, we see things revealed
Speaking forth words that work and words that reveal
Revelation coming around the bend
Many coming to the understating of it
Hidden things coming into the light and mysteries being revealed
Things being lined up in time
We are branching out, receiving an increase
Moving out into uncharted territory
There is a release into freedom—it is increase, victory, health, peace, and joy
A full supply of resources coming our way!
Knowing the right way by the Spirit
Entering into more of the seeing, saying, and receiving
Father, we magnify who You are—we are rich in You!
Through You, there is nothing we cannot do!
Because of You there are signs, wonders, and miraculous events happening every day!
No more cares or worries—they are released and let go of by the blood!
Father, thank You that there is a road and there is a plan!
We worship You today, Lord
The full force of Your glory and power is working on our behalf
We receive what has been given unto us
The presence will be there at EVERY turn!
Father, thank You for the Holy Spirit and the blood that Jesus shed for every one of us
We declare Your favor to go before us today
Jesus is Lord TODAY!

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