Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, June 14, 2021


Thank You for the blood, Lord
Thank You for the power in that blood that was shed on the cross
Thank You for the cleansing power and that we have overcome
We are overcomers in, by and through the blood of Jesus
Yes, we testify about it, we declare it and we believe it, Father
The blood has made a way for us, and we will walk in the fulness of it
We plead the blood and surround ourselves today with it!
Hallelujah, we thank You for the blood!
The blood of Jesus lives, speaks and is working today


The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on July 27, 1977:

Theme: And so it shall be that the Lord is raising up, and will raise up a spiritual army who will go forth with the power. For there is an army of the Lord that is being raised up in this day and in this hour. Some have called them a “New Breed.”

Some way or other, the last day or two, and particularly today, over and over again in my spirit, in my inner consciousness, the Spirit keeps repeating the words: “The power of the Lord. The power of the Lord is present to heal. The power to heal.”

Some way or other, in my praying, in recent times not just today but before today, in recent times, the last few months, I’m at a place where I was in 1953. I’m conscious of the fact that he wants to bring me further revelation concerning the power, the power of God, the healing power. I get right on the threshold and I haven’t picked it up yet.

Well, let him bring it any way he wants to. But there will come further revelation. I’ll prophesy a little bit for you. I’ll give you a word of wisdom. I’ll give you a word from the Lord tonight. You remember I told you.

There will come a time and we are right on the threshold of it., when the revelation concerning the power of God and concerning how to activate faith will come through.

There has been revealed truth and light and revelation in line with God’s Word that comes as you teach the Word and as you study the Word. Even as the teacher, as some who sit here have taught, suddenly out of the pages, there leaped words and thoughts and revelations concerning the same truth that they have talked about 50 or 100 times. And they have seen it in a new light and a new way and rejoice in it and share the truth with others.

But there will come further revelations concerning the power of the Lord to heal and faith to operate that power. That it will seem as though the church almost immediately will rise up as a spiritual giant.

And there shall be a release of power in our day and in our age that man has not seen before.

Oh, the power was there all the time just like electricity was all the time in existence but no one knew about it. So out of all the years (hundreds or thousands of years), electricity was in existence, but no one knew about it. The power of electricity was in existence from the time that God created the worlds but no one knew about it. Finally, it was only discovered in the history of our own life. And after it was discovered, no one knew how to harness that power. How to utilize that power. How to put that power to work. But men with relentless energy set their face to discover the secrets of electricity. To discover the secrets, to harness electricity to put it to work. And men discovered those secrets and put electricity to work.

Power that has been in existence from the eons of the past. And so the power of God has been in existence for God always existed. He is eternal. He is the beginning and the end. And his power to do wondrous acts and deeds has always existed. Some of us have stood in the edge of that power. Some of us have spoken words that brought men back from the dead. Some of us have spoken words that caused crippled people to run and jump instantly. Some of us have spoken words that caused people to rise up off a death bed and be healed instantly. I have done it right here in Oklahoma before several hundreds of people and they rose up instantly healed.

Some of us have stood in the edge of that power, but ah there is coming an hour, there is coming an hour. Gird up your loins and rejoice. Oh ye people there is coming an hour, there is coming a day and it’s not far off when the truth, the full truth, the whole truth, the revelation of that truth that shall come here. Line upon line, precept upon precept shall come into full revelation.

And men upon this earth shall walk and talk and act like God. For they will live in the power of God, motivated by the power, motivated by the Spirit.

Some will mock and laugh. And religious people and even some who have been filled with the Spirit will say, “They think they’re somebody come. They think they are God.” No, they’re not God. They’re only children of God. Ambassadors of God who have been sent to do the works of God! Hallelujah to Jesus! Praise God forevermore! Praise God!

And you have only seen a little. Oh rejoice in that which you have seen. Rejoice in that which has been manifested. Rejoice in all that has come to pass. But you have only seen a little, just a little of that which will come into full fruition, into full manifestation in the hearts and lives.

The hears of men shall rejoice. Yea, their hearts will literally dance for joy and their lips shall speak forth words of praise. Yea, you will see the lame leap like the hart and dance. You will see the blind see. You saw a small manifestation tonight. But you will see greater manifestations.

Continued Praying…

We know the battle has already been won!
The power in the blood sets us free, and it looses chains of darkness
Now in these days and these hours, we will have greater revelation about Your will and plan
We have not come this far to sit back, and to keep looking back
But we will continue to walk in victory, in Your will and in Your purposes for our lives
The church has not come this far, not to go all the way through and step beyond the threshold!
You have granted unto us a greater revelation about the power to heal and to change
Thank You for Your mercies, for they are new every morning!
You are so good, and we come by that precious, holy blood
Yes, You have made a way where there seems to be no other way
We are children of the most high!
Entering in, we will stay contending and we will call those things not as though they are!
Ministering spirits, go and work on our behalf in Jesus name!
No, we are not going in that way, but we are leaning in to Your plan, Lord
Holy Spirit we welcome Your presence in this place
We will continually stay strong, covered in the blood, and empowered by that blood
The name of Jesus is above every other name!
There is power in that name, there is freedom in that name of Jesus
We are walking in the new days, we are walking in the new plans
Every part and every detail, we lift them up to You, Lord
Lifting up our nation, and we cover America in the precious blood of Jesus
The blood of Jesus is over every leader and over everyone in positions of authority
One nation, under God, indivisible!
We are marching, we are above and not beneath, we are the head and not the tail
Yes, we worship Your name, Jesus!
You alone are worthy, Jesus, You alone are worthy of all of our praise
We yield to You, Father
Yes, You are working all things out for our good
Prayer changes things!
It is time to enter into more of Your presence and more of Your glory
We will continually stay stirred up in You, Lord
Father, we lift up our leaders and those in positions of authority
The same power that is in You is also in us and we thank You for it
We command change, the devil is defeated!
Change is coming through me and you!
Declaring that our cities are moving more and more in Your way, Father!
We use the authority that has been given unto us, and we use the name of Jesus
Sudden turnarounds and changes are taking place today
Those things are beginning to operate more and more in the right way
We pray over ministries, and we plead the blood of Jesus over them
Lifting them up, and praying over the leaders, we call forth strength unto them, Lord
Praying for the fire of the Holy Ghost to begin hotter than ever before
Wind of the Spirit blow, rains come!
The oil of the Holy Spirit will flow!
Praying over the cities, praying over the streets!
We stand with the blood, we plead the blood
Praying over colleges and universities, praying over the homes, Father
Cover one suburb to another!
We pray over an advance, change is coming!
Thank You, Father, for a shaking loose, things are opening up
Open in Jesus name, open up to signs and wonders!
Declaring that every city, and every church would be opened up!
We are preparing the way through prayer
It is time, and we move out the clutter that is standing in the way
Every work of darkness has to flee in the name of Jesus
We are creating a way, Lord
You are coming in full fire and full glory!
Yes, we have to have all of You
Calling forth utterance and prophetic words
We worship You, we honor You and give You all the glory!
Open now in Jesus name!
The hand of God is moving in this nation and around the world
We lift You up, and we pray that You would have Your way
Higher Lord, we look to You, help us to see and help us to hear, Lord
You are the God of heaven, and we invite You into this place
Yes, You are preparing us for all that You are about to do!
Declaring You to open spiritually to the move and the awakening of God
We love and worship You, have Your way, Lord
You are the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords!
Thank You for Your plans and Your will today

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